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U.S. "Pain Weapon"

The Empire devising weapons to use
against "domestic terrorists"
U.S. "Pain Weapon?" The Empire already has one.
George W. Bush.

The Emperor's Imperial Army has begun to develop a
new weapon that will deliver excruciating pain, from
a distance, that will be used against "domestic

According to official documents, scientists have
received grants to research how pain can be
inflicted on people by blasting them with laser-
induced electro-magnetic pulses. This weapon will
immediately incapacitate people without "killing"

This new device, called the Pulsed Energy
Projectile, is capable of creating intense pain
at distances of up to one-and-a-quarter miles,
and it will be ready for use by 2007.
The P.E.P. has been tested on animals, and has
proven successful in producing intense pain and
"short-term paralysis." The Empire's new "Million
Dollar Baby" releases a laser pulse which
generates bursts of electrically charged gas, or
expanded plasma, when it hits solid objects, such
as human bodies.

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