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US can't make up it's mind! 2 million for massacres?

Do something! The massacres could be taking place even as we speak... in fact reports have been leaking that shit is going down in nepal. Amnesty International has these same reservations. But we can do something now! Before the mass graves start being dug...We can stop the funding!
The rest of the world has suspended military aid to Nepal. This includes in India and the UK. The UN has thundered against the actions of the King, amnesty international has let out a very strong statement fearing that horrible massacres are taking place inside nepal even as we speak. And as Ambassador of the US James Moriarity tried to speak to the jailed former government (hand picked by the King of Nepal) he was turned away by the army. The US ambassador was told to take his limo elsewhere.

But still, the US can't decided whether or not to fund the King of Nepal would be advantageous. You can help them make up their mind.

Call Earl Blumnheur, the UN, and every other damn person you can think of and say, stop the military funding to the King of Nepal! STOP!

To verify please google nepal.