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Help stop the torture and murder of rabbits and monkeys and beagles, oh my!

Contact participants of the Society of Toxicology Conference let the know about the bad science and horrific fate of animal inside Huntingdon Life Sciences! Every year, the Society of Toxicology draws in the worst of the worst from the pharmaceutical field, to discuss, market, network, and sell the latest in their literally toxic field and perverted studies.
The real terrorists have blood on their hands.
The real terrorists have blood on their hands.
This conference is very important to Huntingdon as it provides a forum to drum up badly needed new business.

Last year the event was held in Virginia and activists demonstrated every day at the event, and one protester managed to sneak inside and disrupt what was supposed to be HLS operations manager Michael Caulfield's presentation. The entire conference took note of the incident, and the anti-HLS leaflets found everywhere from bathrooms to HLS's own exhibit booth. After the conference, SHAC USA was contacted by several attending companies saying they had no idea about Huntingdon's history and would certainly not be contracting research there in the future.

This year HLS and the SOTC go to New Orleans and present us with another opportunity to pounce. Gathered below is the contact information for those hotels, restaurants, sponsors, and organizers that are making this ghoulish gathering possible.

The conference goes from March 6th to the 10th. Please take this advance notice to START writing emails, letters, making phone calls, and planning protests to let it be known that no matter where HLS sets foot - we will be there. Lets make this years conference for HLS as unsuccessful as last years!

1. The Event is being held at:
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
900 Convention Center Blvd.,
New Orleans, LA 70130
504-582-3023 - Fax : 582-3088
General e-mail:  m-s@mccno.com

Director of Communications
Sabrina Written

Director of Event Services

Exhibit Services Manager
Mary Jones

Production Services Sales

Director of Technology Services
Don Dimaggio

Marketing & Sales

2. Events will also be taking place at:

- Hilton New Orleans Riverside
Two Poydras Street
New Orleans, LA 70140
Tel: 504-561-0500 Fax: 504-568-1721

- Sheraton Hotel

- Brennan's Restaurant
Phone: (504) 525-9711
Fax: (504) 525-2302

- Mulate's Restaurant

3. Guests will be staying at the following hotels:

Doubletree Hotel: 504-581-1300
Embassy Suites Hotel: 504-525-1993
Hampton Inn & Suites New Orleans Convention Center: 504-566-9990
New Orleans Hilton Riverside: 504-561-0500
Hilton Garden Inn: 504-525-0044
Holiday Inn Select: 504-524-1881
Loews New Orleans Hotel: 504-595-3300
Sheraton New Orleans: 504-525-2500
W New Orleans: 504-525-9444

4. Your Motivation -

The following will get you angry and ready for action. It is also great material to put into letters of complaint to the hotels and conference facilities that are sanctioning such invasive, violating, and disgusting research.

HLS employee Dianne Creasy will be a part of a panel discussion on Sunday from 1:15 - 5:00PM on the topic of "Male Reproductive Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment in Pharmaceutical Development".

The topic covers the preclinical development phase of pharmaceuticals, and how it provides a wonderful opportunity to observe, manipulate, poison, and dissect the testicles of many small animals! HLS and its colleagues on the panel from Pfizer and Glaxo report on the affects on the fertility of rats from testicular injury and abnormalities in the animal sperm.

One has to imagine these researchers are very comfortable with their sexuality to be bragging about their perverted studies of molesting small caged NON-human animals. This sort of topic sounds more like something from the Michael Jackson trial than it does "life-saving" research, but that's HLS for you!

More more info on HLS, its abuses, scientific shortcomings, and plenty of inside pictures visit www.insideHLS.com

Check  http://www.shacamerica.net daily for updates on the campaign to CLOSE HLS!!