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Aaw needs some info

March 19 enents


March gathering time?

Ya can we please get updated 02.Mar.2005 21:16


I don't want this to be another last second protest in which no one comes. Please, I beg you, at least post something on indymedia. I know plenty of people that will make flyers for this protest. But we need some information to start with

Info 02.Mar.2005 21:52


I got the flyer mailed to me from Radical Women.

The theme of March 19 action is "Saying No to War and Occupation: Teach-in and Peace March, 2 Years Later." The teach-in is at 10 a.m. at the PSU campus ministry/Koinonia House, 633 SW Montgomery. The march begins at 2 pm nearby.

For info call the Peace and Justice Works 503-236-3065. Cosponsored by Peace and Justice Works Iraq Affinity Group, PPRC and others. Endorsed by War Resisters League-Portland, Women's Int'l. League for Peace and Freedom and others.

Thanks 02.Mar.2005 22:14


Can someone write an article about all the information about march 19th? Like from where to where, what time to what time, after protests, desired clothing, desired equipment. We should have this pop up as many times as j20 did. We are running out of time here. I'd do it, I just don't have the full info. I will, however, call up that number. If I get enough information I will make an article about it.