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Yes, the Democrats are Neo-Cons too!

So, you think the Democrats and John Kerry were a good choice to oppose George W. Bush and the war policies of the neo-cons? Guess again.

Populist Party of America
February 17, 2005
Michael Boldin

So, you think the Democrats and John Kerry were a good choice to oppose George W. Bush and the war policies of the neo-cons? Guess again. We've said it over and over at the Populist Party, and it's still holding true today. Although the Democrats and Republicans sound different, the policies they push all end up being the same. One simple example is war. The Democrats are pro-war and pro-imperialism, and they're proving it daily.

Hey Democrats,we're sick of it! Either take a stance for true Peace and Democracy or get out. Maybe you can officially join the Republicans and be honest about the reality our 1-party system rather than just pretending to be an opposition party. Make room for some real opposition to the imperialist American government. Remember what Dwight D. Eisenhower said:

"I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it."

So get out of our way.

homepage: homepage: http://www.populistamerica.com/yes__the_democrats_are_actually_neo_cons

a few come to mind 02.Mar.2005 21:39


clinton, kerry, cantwell, biden, wyden to name a few. just get the voter guide on i want a dictator-
thats the vote to to start the war. Patriot act supporters are a good indicator too.

Broad brush paints over the truth! 02.Mar.2005 21:47

Democrat Troll

Yes, the Democratic Party is far from what we want it to be -- far from where it is going! But nowheres near as far as this article would have you believe. While the Republican Party is 100% for war, Democrats in the House of Representatives are about half staunchly anti-war. And that number will grow as the anti-war movement gathers strength. Here is a clear manifestation of the anti-war movement in the REALITY that anti-war Democrats are building toward a clear majority of Democrats in the House. Why would you ignore that? For what? For lots of high-fives and a big celebration over at the Republican National Committee, that's for what.

The so-called "Populist Party" is appealing to readers here at PIMC on the basis of a dogma that the Democratic Party is useless and beyond reform. I am talking facts, not dogma. Look at the facts: there was a recent vote in the House (109th Congress, roll call 16) on a resolution (H.CON.RES.36) to support military recruiting in institutions of higher education. This wasn't even a bill that would ever become a law -- it was a "dare" by the Republicans to see how many Democrats would stick their necks out and vote against it. It was simply a statement, disguised in terms of "equal access," as follows: "Expressing the continued support of Congress for equal access of military recruiters to institutions of higher education." By the theory that Democrats are as much neo-cons as Republicans, there should have been ZERO votes against the resolution. Here's results of the roll call for Res. 36 --

No Republican voted against it! 223 voted Aye, while 8 did not vote. Among Democrats: 83 voted Nay, 14 did not vote, 104 voted Aye. Bernie Sanders of Vermont (the only Independent in the House) voted Nay. Some Democrats very critical of the Bush war policies voted Aye because it did not seen like the time or place to risk their prospects for 2006 -- for the sake of a resolution having no legal effect at all. Nonetheless, the vote against was more than 40% of the Democratic membership! Counting the abstaining votes, it was about 49%!

Nancy Pelosi, the minority (Democrat) leader of the House, voted Nay. Conyers, Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Cythia McKinney, Waxman, Rangel and Jesse Jackson, Jr., all voted Nay. (And they ARE all unrepentant Democrats!)

How long will it take the so-called "Populist Party" to elect even ONE anti-war member of Congress? The Green Party has yet to accomplish that much! I don't want to sound "trollish" but I have to ask about this "Populist Party" -- who is funding their fancy web-site? And we, the people, are supposed to throw away our prospect of leading the Democratic Party into a successful anti-war movement for . . . what? Yeah, I'm talking practical populist politics here, aren't you?

It's easy to attack Kerry or Clinton, but they are just the dirty bath water: don't throw away the baby!

"Democrats in the House of Representatives are about half staunchly anti-war" 02.Mar.2005 23:08



you can take issue with the October 2002 Iraq War Resolution Vote results below:


by first splenetically claiming that " . . . well, can't you see that 81 democrats voted for it and 126 against??!? . . . "

<< BUT >>

democrats will NEVER be an "opposition" party in our NEVER-TO-BE-ALTERED-___2___ [yep that's two dos deux]-PARTY system until they start PULLING TOGETHER and make their COLLECTIVE votes COUNT for the issues that you , "Democrat Troll", and other shills claim they stand for.

(P.S. - in the US Senate, 29 democrats voted YES and only 21 voted NO . . . )

There is no baby 03.Mar.2005 00:24

George Bender

"It's easy to attack Kerry or Clinton, but they are just the dirty bath water: don't throw away the baby!"

The "dirty bath water" is running the Democrat party, and there are no signs that it will ever be defeated. The Democrats ran a prowar candidate for president in the last election, and all you loyal Democrats meekly voted for him. You appear to have no standards at all that you're willing to back up with your votes. So why should the Democrat party pay any attention to you?

The Democrat party will only change when it is forced to by a significant vote against it, from the left, in the general election. The left had a chance to do that in the last election by voting for Nader, but you people could not bring yourselves to make the break. Until you do, we're all stuck.

Payback Time 03.Mar.2005 04:50

marc mbatko@lycos.com

Chaelan MacTavish's article "And now screwing Americans: Tort Reform" in the PSU Vanguard 2/25/2005 reveals that Democrats lack the principle to oppose "innocent" corporations like Merck. Merck contributed more than $300K and is now shielded from consumer suits. The tradition of checks and balances seems to be replaced by the path of least resistance, the system of revolving doors, in this murky time of payback. Justice threatens to fall by the way side or be redefined as vague equal opportunities.
With a love for life and passion for the future, we can resist the corruption eroding our political-economic system and win people to an anti-authoritarian coalition for distributional justice and inclusivity. Fight poverty, not the poor!


Trojan Horse Politics 03.Mar.2005 07:30


"When our numbers reach gigantic levels, we will then call on you to vote." So, this is the plan to wrest power from the Capitalist Party, aka Republicans and Democrats? And, they will just lie down and take this massive populist assault on the chin? The Populist candidates would get tied up in qualifying red tape and wouldn't even get their feet in the door.

On a lighter note, I wonder what Boldin meant by "legislation that we may be DIABOLICALLY opposed to."?

You folks want to scare the crap out of Republocrats? Vote for an alternate party candidate, one who is not politically aligned to Republicans or Democrats. Nader and people like him would not qualify.