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Pics From Today's Justice for Janitors Action

For more info, and to sign up for announcements of similar actions go to the JWJ website: www.jwjpdx.org
check out the security camera
check out the security camera
janitors speak out!
janitors speak out!
another brave janitor takes a stand
another brave janitor takes a stand
the police were certain we were going to try to go inside...
the police were certain we were going to try to go inside...
Abother lively action in the fight for justice for Servicemaster janitors.

homepage: homepage: http://www.jwjpdx.org

a few observations 02.Mar.2005 18:48

was there

Today's rally was another spirited event organized by Jobs With Justice. One thing that always stands out about their actions is the enthusiasm of the participants. People shout the chants and let you know they mean it! At this event, many people were armed with whistles, and the No War Drum Corps was in attendance, so at times the din was nearly earsplitting. Nothing speaks like passion, and the folks at this rally were speaking up, and speaking up loud!

"Blowing the Whistle on law-breaking companies" was the title on the flyer they were handing out. It featured a photo of Jason Barber, who works as a janitor for Servicemaster Swan Island, the corporation targeted by today's protest.

From the flyer: "[Jason] cleans a luxury downtown office building owned by Melvin 'Pete' Mark. Jason and his co-workers report that Servicemaster has threatened and intimidated workers who blow the whistle on poverty wages (some Servicemaster jaitors earn as little as $26 a day). Servicemaster is awaiting hearing on these charges and it is still under investigation on others.

"A charge has also been filed with the federal government alleging that Pete Mark's company attempted to silence Jason and his co-workers in their efforts to ise out of povery. Pete Mark is a civic leader in Portland. Is his company doing dirty business and contracting with law-breaking companies?

"Call Melvin 'Pete' Mark: 503.233.4777. Tell him to respect the law and hire a responsible cleaning company."

There were a couple of people there with a video camera and microphone. One of them was wearing a "Portland Indymedia" press pass, so hopefully there will be video about this action?

Rally was Organized by SEIU local 49 03.Mar.2005 11:56

Jobs with Justice

Just to clarify, we (at Jobs with Justice) helped organize this, but it was led by SEIU local 49, the Justice for Janitors union. We do lots to support them, and other unions and community groups. What we do is help bring folks together to support each others' struggles. As our pledge card says "If enough of us are there, we'll all start winning."