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economic justice

BEWARE! BEWARE! buyer beware ALERT!

www.havecigs.ch, an internet tobacco ordering service that sell's the
product at supposedly greatly reduced price, & are shipped from their
facility in Switzerland directly to your mailbox.
MY STORY: I ordered 5 cartons of cigerettes the first week of December 2004 and did not rec'd
anything till after the 1st of January 2005, and at that...it was only partial fulfillment of
the order...3 cartons of the 5 ordered and paid for.

I then sought refund of the money for the 2 cartons not received, rather than opt to have 'em
send again, as I'd come to realize dealing with them was a big mistake. I was told that I'd
receive the refund within 30 days, and those days have come and gone...NOTHING!

These people are clearly scam-artists and I am taking this opportunity to inform all of YOU to
be wary of dealing with them. I am preparing info packet to sent to Salem to the State's AG
Office so they can put them out of business in Oregon.

My experience with these people has been totally NEGATIVE and their so-called CUSTOMER SERVICE
is a sad joke. Therefore...it is my humble plea that you do not support these scammers.

Once again...the guilty scammer's are>>>>>WWW.HAVECIGS.CH

((I am posting under "economic justice" for it would be justice to duly inform the TRUTH as to
my personal experience with these people and let potential buyer's become aware and informed))