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Stop the War

It looks like an announcement of a draft could come as soon as the end of the month according to several sources and Sy Hersh reports that June is the month we attack Iran. We all need to do SOMETHING! I dont want to fight in the war and I dont want anyone else to. We need to take to the streets, we need to demand the war is ended. All the troops need to come home! Lets storm the barricades! NO WAR! END THE WAR!
okay 02.Mar.2005 20:35


you first! We'll be right behind you as you storm them, er... to the side of you... bullets tend to go right through folks these days.

I totally agree 02.Mar.2005 23:19


but when are the rest of the chickenshit Quaaluded sheeple going to?

they're too busy watching the final episode of "Friends" or eagerly anticipating what the next Hummer commercial will be like . . . and they secretly ENJOY and are REASSURED BY the idea of a 'background' permanent 'war on terror', makes 'em feel "righteous" and "purposeful" especially with the constant drone of BushCo./Fox/CNN/ tellin' 'em how great and glorious a "struggle" it truly is . . .

face it, the USA is a nation of pampered, mass-brainwashed automatons who actually BELIEVE that 9/11 was a SURPRISE ATTACK . . .
caricature of today's Average American (for real)
caricature of today's Average American (for real)
their hero
their hero
ok, convince 60 million of these guys . . .
ok, convince 60 million of these guys . . .