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TV Exclusive: Portland = TerrorCell USA

It made American prime time TV news last night, but apparently no where on the web.
It made American prime time TV news last night, but apparently no where on the web. Not even here on IndyMedia.

It was reported that Portland OR was one of several cities in the US identified by the FBI as having active terror cells linked to Islanic Extremists. But a cursory glance on the web sites from news agencies ranging from CNN, FOXnews to Al Jazeera show the the story is as invisible as the Emperor's clothes.

No doubt this story wil be replayed to some extent in the local media where these hotbeds of "terrorist activity" were identified.

But could this "story" be a case of corporate media (intentionally or not) working with government in a domestic PsyOps operation similar to that used during the battle of Falluja? That is, by the FBI telling the TV news people that there are terror cells within the US, the talking heads report it, then the Feds sit back and see what happens.

A more likely result from this story would be it's promoting of fear amongst the general citizenry by the Feds and exploitation of the same by corporate media while distributing a hypernarrative that extolls the marginilizing/criminalizing of legitimate domestic voices of dissent against the administration's War on Terror.

What other effects will this "story" have. I guess the networks want you to stay tuned to find out.
that's ok 02.Mar.2005 06:09

eyes closed tight

9/11 redux will be bushes' fault and more laws will not change that. Will people die? Yes. They will die so we can expose the incompetence of our current government, the truth(it's better then dying for a lie). I'm just wondering how they will cover it up this time, or if they will use that as a pretext for the "doomsday" act congress just enacted, where a few people will be left declaring martial law.

Watching them set us up is interesting to watch, figuring out the coverup is the hard part. I'm not sure america will buy, "see, we told you so, now we need curfews and implants to keep everyone safe, we need you to sign up to protect america from the evil-doers, snitch on your neighbors, go to the middle east, it was that damn internet".

MY guess 02.Mar.2005 08:34

since guessing is all we can do

is that the FBI is trying to justify the existence of the JTTF in PDX. They won't allow the city council to vote right now because they know they would lose. The people of this city see the JTTF as a big expensive waste of manpower and time. Seen any terrorist busts lately on the tube? Not since Mayfield- and man what a black eye that was! Nope, they don't have any terries to parade thru the streets so they have to scare us into supporting the continued drain on State/Ciy resources.

WE THE PEOPLE must not forget that this local FBI 02.Mar.2005 09:40

character by name of Jordan

is first and foremost a BUREAUCRAT, and one that is nearing the end of his career by look's of him with
his gray hair and haggard look, and as such, his most pressing need is to go into the retirement phase
of his career with the highest salary/etc. etc. he can garner in order to boost his eventual retirement
grab from the public's cash register.

Given this, he therefore is what we "bureaucrat watchers" call a TOADY MINION in that he'll do whatever
his so-called "superior's" tell him to do...maybe not gladly or willingly, but by God...he'll do it!

Don't forget he was sent here into "exile" for some career infraction ((why does Portland get all of the
bureaucratic rejects anyway I wonder...just sets us for confusion and silliness)) and he, himself, is
being watched carefully by those who yank his strings, and when they yank hard enough, this dude will do
whatever tap dance they want of him.

So...for us out here, what does all this mean? Myself, I'm not about to get all that upset, worried or
exist in a state of fear over whether the PJTTF exists or doesn't...I don't give a rats ass for them, as
they're reputed to be end-of-careerer's slidding on out on the "gravy train" and so far, their "work"
((such as it is))is NOT impressive by any standard, and so the thing to do is set back and be as much
amused at this evolving farce as possible...enjoy the comical drama, for that's ALL IT IS! Cheers!



the little shrubs who cried wolf!

Maybe I'm not clear... 02.Mar.2005 10:32

Father Time

Maybe I'm not clear on something related to the PJTTF... Whenever I hear people talking about it, I get the impression they think it will go away if Portland pulls out. My understanding is - and someone correct me if I'm wrong - that it WILL NOT go away. There are other local agencies involved, and as much as we'd like to see it, the Feds certainly aren't leaving the state any time soon.

Right now, at least according to what I've read both here and in other places, there are only 2 Portland popo on the JTTF. So my question to everyone is: *if the JTTF is not going away* (and this being true is key to my position on this), aren't we better off having the two cops there so that the city has at least some knowledge of what the JTTF is doing? I say this because, while Portland cops certainly leave alot to be desired, they are generally more progressive than their counterparts at other local agencies who participate in the JTTF (at least some are openly gay, they don't all look alike, etc).

My fear is that if they're removed, the city of Portland will have absolutely no oversight or knowledge of what the JTTF is doing, becuase the Feds will have no obligation to keep Portland informed on any level. Again, don't get me wrong - if the JTTF goes, huge party at my house and you're all invited. But if it's not gonna go, aren't we better off having the slightest chance of keeping tabs on the red squad as opposed to having absolutely no idea what they're doing?

I guess I'm seeing it as lesser of two evils - please tell me if I'm whacked out or totally off base on this issue...

What if there is 02.Mar.2005 12:13


I grew up in SW Portland in the Capitol HWY and Barbur area where there was a mosque 1,000 feet from my house for 18 years. There is some funky stuff going on there. It's sort of hard to explain but it would not shock me if there was a cell there. My friends from Turkey needed to go to the mosque while in Portland and I told them they were in luck with one on the corner. They said that they had never seen anything like it. It was much more dirty and un kept than anything in there poor town. They also said it was much much more conservative and angry than even some full islamic countries, so yeah the FBI might suck but it does not mean there are no terror cells in Portland.

Not a conspiracy 02.Mar.2005 14:03

Man on the street

The FBI planted a false story in the press. Nothing new for the FBI they have built thier reputation via the media since day one. They want funding for the Joint Terrorism Task Force so they can go after the tree sitting terrorist. They have investigate more than one peaceful nonprofit organization I have been involved with.
The FBI needs this money so they can harass anti war protestors. Few things irritate neo-cons more than a rational person publically making a sensible statement.

Indigo 02.Mar.2005 16:28

Another devisive tactic

While I was low on the totem pole, I did serve in the armed forces, and knew well enough to observe everything that occurred around me. In my opinion, this is yet another effort by the bureacrat/media partnership to "instill fear in the hearts of men". It doesn't take a realistic threat in order to create hysteria. For example, while attending the protest against the TV skinheads, my neighbor, (who is significantly older than myself), was more preoccupied with pointing out people amongst the protestors based on their physical appearance, (aka "non-mainstream); speculating as to whether/not they were skinheads. Her energy, then, was redirected from the cause toward a witchhunt. I suspect that, intentional or not, this media coverage will have the same result.

Become a special agent for the FBI at home!!! 02.Mar.2005 19:09


yesterday i was in hillsboro waiting for the #48 bus at the TC on 185th when another bus pulled in with a disturbing advertisment on its rear. It was a picture of a middle aged brown womyn with a message that read: 'Become a secret agent for the FBI!', that in your spare time you can spy on your fellow citizens for the FBI and get paid. i remember vaugely hearing about this a month or two ago when this whole b.s. with that fukker jordan was fresh. apparently the FBI is marketing this to 'housewives' or other folks who have alot of time on thier hands who spy on thier neighbors through the blinds. i think that the bus was the #53???


Why I Posted 03.Mar.2005 05:06


When I saw this bit of dubious reporting on the TV, they (NBC Nightly News) put up an e-map showing the cities that contained these alledged terror cells. The one that really caught my eye after Portland was Baltimore.
Baltimore? The only think scary that I know of in Baltimore is that film maker John Waters lives there. So from Pink Flamingos to Red Herrings I became skeptical about the validity of this story.

Seroiusly, I wondered if these were areas where legislation by the local governments against the Patriot Act was pending.