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Economic Hit Men Plan Instant Economic Collpase (updated)

what the monetary elite and its henchmen are truly doing to the world.... there is nothing more frightening than active ignorance - Goethe
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What the monetary elite and its henchemen are truly doing to the world
The Money Files is a site that aims at educating people about the inner workings of money. If you want to understand politics, you must grasp this because as long as it is ignored, all we can do is replacing an evil with another one. Luckily, the concept of "honest money" is much easier to comprehend that one could ever guess. So Please help us spread the word... time is running out. We cannot avoid the demise is going to take place within the year but can prevent "them" from restarting their scheme over and over.

Instant (global) Economic Depression... When? within the year ahead. How prepared are you? Global crash daily updates at:  http://www.moneyfiles.org/temp.html

Do you know everything about money - and the monetary elite?
3 U.S States target monetary reform, who will be next?

Undeniable Facts With Debtism

Economic Justice And Solutions

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The Fed is in conspiracy with the Bank of Japan (nothing short of rape of the American taxpayer, who will have to be skinned alive by the Treasury)

The Debt Threat: How Debt is Destroying the World.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions

'The Coming Collapse of the Dollar' - The Final End Game Of Decades Of Debt Accumulation.

(02/28) Hotel "Debt" California: Congress seems determined to make sure that individuals enter the world of Debt Slavery

(02/23) Instant Economic Depression

(02/11) China and the Final War for Resources - "What's coming will be more devastating to the U.S. economy than any nuclear strike

(2002) People's Tribunal: IMF/WB & Accomplices Accused of Pilagism And Genocide

(03/01) The superdollar, name given to an almost perfect forgery of an American banknote (the counterfeiting was all done at government level)

(02/28) Is Kafka Running Korea's Currency Policy?:
 link to quote.bloomberg.com

(02/25) Roach: Think again... Alan Greenspan

(02/22) Debt Trap Dynamics: Time To Think The Unthinkable

(02/22) The Mutant Debt Monster That Ate The World

(02/08) Roach: Confession Time (Greenspan made the connection between the excesses of America's property market and its gaping current account deficit)

(02/25) IMF urges policies to minimize disruption caused by falling dollar

(02/23) Roach: Global: Out of the Blue? - Not surprisingly, the spin doctors are hard at work dismissing the case for downside risks to the global economy

(02/25) Carbon ru$h at World Bank - Kyoto has ignited what could become one of the world's biggest markets - carbon emissions - with a value that could be as high as US$250 billion. And guess who's cashing in?

(02/25) The global warming scam

homepage: homepage: http://www.moneyfiles.org/temp/html
address: address: USA

and that is why 02.Mar.2005 05:42


You need to know the work of GATA and be on their list. Overcome fear through knowledge. Forget your "party" affiliations and get hip or be left holding the bag. The talking heads, the debating, the war...is to keep you one step further from the truth, untill it's too late.

If people recognized 9/11 as a hoax, we would be united with one purpose. Insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over and expecting differen't results. The anti-war movement will not stop this, it didn't before. The "save the poor" won't stop this. Pro-choice for women, will not stop this. Unions will not stop this. There is only one thing that will stop this insanity, holding people accountable for their actions or their inactions.

Untill then, get some insurance and quick, the dollar lost roughly 8% of it's purchasing power last year. It's going to get worse. Get on their list and find out what your wall street salesmen don't want you to know.

Do you see this, it's the writing on the wall
Do you see this, it's the writing on the wall

also be careful 02.Mar.2005 05:56


Of the gold opportunists. If they are charging for information, you don't need it. If you plan on purchasing gold, make sure you use REPUTABLE and VERIFIABLE sources, not newbies on the scene with "fake" vaults and price gouging. I will not endorse anyone here, but I can tell you that if you like the work of GATA, to use the people they work with. I've written this in articles here before and it's time to start listening up.

You don't buy insurance because you want your house to burn.