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economic justice

If you have yet to file, you may need it someday soon

Contact U.S. Senators!

A bill pending in the Senate, S 256, purports to be about bankruptcy "reform". You know what the "reform" means these days -- screw the working people to increase the power and wealth of the corporations!
S. 256

Does nothing to help the majority of people declaring bankruptcy, where the reason and cause of bankruptcy is staggering medical bills resulting from catastrophic medical conditions

Allows credit card companies to get paid ahead of child support

Continues the biggest loop-hole in current bankruptcy law -- millionaires will still be allowed to hide their assets in mansions purchased just for that purpose

Are we sick and tired of this kind of so-called "reform" ? ? ?

It will be on the Senate floor VERY SOON for "up or down" vote: every vote counts!

Contact U.S. Senators from Oregon:

Ron Wyden wyden.senate.gov/contact.html

Gordon Smith gsmith.senate.gov/webform.htm