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The Red Scare at Portland State

Right-wing lashes out against "communists" on campus. Apparently, representing students is now a communist idea.
College Republicans
College Republicans "comply" with guidelines.
Yesterday, March 1, the College Republicans officially and publically launched an anti-Devaney/Woon Slate campaign by creating a display case and locating it strategically in the highest pedestrian area of PSU. The display case had comparisons of the Devaney/Woon slate to communist leaders of the past, namely Stalin and Lenin. They were also listed as Devaney/Woon slate members along with Erin Devaney, Molly Woon, Mary Fletcher, Kayla Goldfarb, and Adas Lis. After much student complaints they altered the display case by removing the pictures of Lenin and Stalin and adding a large red hammer and sickle. They also tried to fit into university policy by advertising an event, which they were supposed to do in the first place. The event that they decided to advertise was the ''Ebony Ball,''a dance held every year by the Black Cultural Affairs Board and the Association of African Students. Once word reached the members of these respective groups, a large grouping went down and demanded that the flyers be removed because it misrepresents the mission and beliefs of the groups in questions. The flyers were taken down. The situation was then mitigated by the College Republicans by adding a small flyer in the corner that discussed the fact that College Republicans do hold meetings. The College Republicans are running an anti-Devaney/Woon Slate campaign because they already endorsed the Barron/Craven campaign because the Barron/Craven campaign is running several College Republican members, one of whom is the secretary for the group, and an NRA member who just returned from Iraq. This display of disgusting partisanship has already been denounced by people from the Elections Committee to the Devaney/Woon Slate. The attack was considered especially grievous upon Kayla Goldfarb and Adas Lis because of their personal family histories. Kayla Goldfarb is a proud Jewish radicalwoman whose family had to flee from communism to escape anti-semetic policies by communist authorities.
Adas Lis's family were refugees from a communist occupied Poland because of the fact his father had a bounty on his head for opposing the Soviet takeover.
It was also sickening that he was compared to Stalin because Stalin's purges killed several of his family members. So if special interests are childcare and
making sure that every student's best interest at PSUis taken care of, then yes. The Devaney/Woon Slate does pander to special interests like the College Republicans and the Barron/Craven slate say. They are just upset because it is not their special interests.

well, you know what they say 02.Mar.2005 01:12

fall of the empire

Brownshirts will be brownshirts.

While this kind of hyperbole will work with certain segments of the US population, on a college campus it just makes you look like a joke. Yeah, the big bad communists are going to take over the world, starting with PSU. Perhaps these kids have watched Red Dawn a few too many times. Oh well I have to admit the irony of this whole thing is delicious. I'll have to thank the college republicans for the laugh.

Oh, and I suspect that the University probably has some pretty strict rules about libel. And if not, well, I can envision some fun to be had...

Perhaps a display about the college republicans "special interest" in molesting young children could be arranged.

Any Publicity Is Better Than No Publicity 02.Mar.2005 01:42


This all will work to Devaney/Woon's advantage.

about this "brown shirt" business... 02.Mar.2005 09:29

if you will recall

the vast majority of so-called "brown shirts" are really LEFTIES and many are extremely so!

How to tell?>>>plot their IQ's on the normal bell-curve distribution graph and you will find
them on the "left side" and a good many are on the extreme side at that!

It's so refreshing to be a RIGHT-sider when it comes to IQ, and I'm glad to be called RIGHT!

How about you?

The 'Bell Curve' is a Proven Pile of Propaganda 02.Mar.2005 11:29

I don't hate being white, but sometimes i'm embarrassed

Ann Coulter Jr.: You DARE mention the 'Bell Curve'. The new Bible of Nazi Junk Science has advocates on campus? mmmmm. Do you know the local skinheads? Even they know better than that idiotic book. C'mon Portland, aren't there ANY Professors willing to take this crowd on? Step up to the plate please.

Same fascists, different day 02.Mar.2005 15:24

Angry Mick

Here's a similar story that appeared in today's paper in Santa Rosa, Ca about an incident at a local community college.

SRJC uproar over Republican protest
Several instructors targeted by student's posting of red stars, state code on teaching of communism
Wednesday, March 2, 2005


Santa Rosa Junior College's oak-studded campus is aflame with controversy triggered by the anonymous posting of red stars and a reference to communist indoctrination on 10 faculty office doors.

Instructors quickly saw the action as a threat to academic freedom, but the student who claimed credit for the protest said it was about left-leaning bias in the lecture hall.

The stars, which unnerved some instructors, were accompanied by a copy of a state Education Code section prohibiting the teaching of communism with the "intent to indoctrinate" students.

"It makes me a little anxious," philosophy instructor Michael Aparicio said.

Ed Buckley, the college's vice president of academic affairs, weighed in with a defense of academic freedom, saying in an e-mail to SRJC faculty that it includes teaching "difficult and controversial material."

But political science major Molly McPherson of Rohnert Park said she had only intended to start a discussion about the personal politics of SRJC humanities instructors by posting the stars.

"It's a big issue," said McPherson, president of the SRJC Republicans, a campus club. "The opinion of the far left is presented as fact, with no alternative."

Some students fear their grades will suffer if they express a contrary view, she said.

The red stars were not intended as a personal attack on individual instructors, she said. "I regret that it was taken that way."

German instructor Sylvia Wasson, said her colleagues were "overreacting" in a flurry of e-mails exchanged on campus since the stars and code citation were discovered on the doors in Emeritus Hall on Friday morning.

Wasson, who had McPherson in four German classes, described her as an A student, a "very bright woman" and a "critical thinker who happens to belong to the wrong party on campus."

Aparicio and others said they found McPherson's tactics "sensationalist," intended to get media attention.

When faculty members called a news conference to discuss the stars, McPherson came forward to acknowledge her action on behalf of the SRJC Republicans, a 75-member chapter of the California College Republicans, a statewide group.

SRJC's Academic Senate is scheduled to discuss the matter at 3:15 p.m. today in the Dyle Student Center and may start a move to repeal the Education Code section cited by the student Republicans, said George Freund, a philosophy instructor.

Faculty members were outraged by the stealthy posting and surprised to find the code prohibition on the advocacy of communism, he said.

The code's first sentence says: "No teacher giving instruction in any school ... shall advocate or teach communism with the intent to indoctrinate or to inculcate in the mind of any pupil a preference for communism."

"You can't teach social theory without teaching Marxism," Freund said. In all his lectures, Freund said he covers "the best argument for and against" any philosophy.

Marco Giordano, an English instructor, called the code section "antithetical to academic freedom."

"The accusation of teaching communism in the classroom is laughable," Giordano said, noting communism is not illegal and the U.S. Constitution is "indifferent" to both communism and capitalism.

Still, he said, the student Republican's actions were "a little creepy" and a "revival of McCarthyist tactics."

Buckley called the protest "an unhelpful way to express their dissatisfaction" with instructors.

McPherson said the Republicans hope to hold a public forum on the issue. "One-sided education is indoctrination," she said.

Link to original article-
 link to www1.pressdemocrat.com

McCarthyism is all the republicans have left 02.Mar.2005 15:54


Look, the neocons know that the republican party is a dead end. The republican party doesn't stand for anything anymore, and hasn't for a long time. The goal is simply to keep people occupied while they steal as much as possible of the public's money and sell off the country (mostly to foreign nations and investors). The republican party politicians don't believe in capitalism; they believe in mercantilism, corporate socialism, and even feudalism. But to keep people from focusing on their own anti-capitalist positions the strategy being employed is to attack others. It's a good strategy because if people jump to the defense of anti-capitalist theories they can use that to bolster their own anti-capitalist positions (which, of course, utilizing newspeak they call a "capitalist" or "free market" position).

Everyone who's paying attention knows that Bush Jr is the fall guy. The memory of Nixon is still to fresh so a sacrificial lamb has to be put before the people so when they finally get tired of a government whose primary role is in enriching the aristocracy the hope is the US populace will be pacified by seeing George Jr. in jail. That's the role of the figurehead. But to stave off this inevitability attentions must be focused elsewhere, and students have always been willing recruits into witch-hunts. And there are few better diversions than the witch-hunt.

who cares? 02.Mar.2005 18:22


Whoever leads I still will not follow.

turnabout is fair play 02.Mar.2005 20:46


I'd go around and post little Nazi insignia on the Republican flyers. Then of course I would blame it on the Republicans for putting it on their own flyers to cause a stink to distract from the campaign issues.

I believe you... 02.Mar.2005 20:50

Care Bear

Oh yeah, you don't care. That explains why you read the article and posted a comment. You need to try harder at not caring, cuz you're doing a terrible job.

there there poor brownshirt 02.Mar.2005 22:32

fellow traveler

Just pat them on the head and laugh at them. They're just attention deprived white males who don't get enough sex.

Much ado about nothing 03.Mar.2005 02:00


Some people will go through a lot to put something nerdy on their resume.

wtf 03.Mar.2005 19:10

el toro

"Instructors quickly saw the action as a threat to academic freedom, but the student who claimed credit for the protest said it was about left-leaning bias in the lecture hall.

The stars, which unnerved some instructors, were accompanied by a copy of a state Education Code section prohibiting the teaching of communism with the "intent to indoctrinate" students. "

wtf let's give them nazi swastikas.