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entropic mini protests

example - make five signs bearing phrases like 'your sweatshopped clothing goes well with your artificial tan' - or 'be sure to thank the children in china for sewing your clothes for rice.'
basic idea make a couple signs - stand out by a target - prospect for like minded folks [we have many in pdx] - and hand off your sign for others to voluntarily hold in shifts - even if your signs get put down and left - they will be seen.

perhaps staple some instructions to the signs like [this sign is meant to be held by many others. please hand it off to others to hold near [your target]. explaining the idea, yadda yadda.

what do we think?
great idea! 02.Mar.2005 03:10

Dingo Dizmal

I think thats a swell idea. I feel lucky that I never have to see a Wallmart or Target as I know of none near where I live and where they are is a place I never go due to all the murderus, stinky cars, but hey, you can find "Stupid human tricks" all over the place that can use a sign holder.
One that I really think could go down a peg is real estate developers like Billy Grippo(rape-o) he and a few other swindlers in the N.Mississippi street have managed to boot all the poor, black, old, stupid, people out of the hood and Grippo himself is part of a scam that put some cool old folks out of a building they have had for 40 years or more.
If I see anyone with a sign anywhere that has the ring of truth to it, you can bet I'll take a shift.Y'all may want to wear gloves with this new tactic so we dont pass a lot of flu around the activist community.
found this on scotland indie media
found this on scotland indie media

Great Idea, Make it Happen! 02.Mar.2005 16:15


I like your slogans; they are creative and to the point. Unfortunately, though, a solitaire demonstrator holding a sign is often stereotyped as "too radical" aka mentally ill. Whereas, a collective of individuals voicing the same message is much more powerful. A date, time, location and commitment on the part of a few could improve upon a fantastic idea. What do we think??