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Portland-Venezuela Video Alliance - Volunteers Needed

Help translate videos for Venezuela! - "Fuck the Corporate Media" - "Misunderstandings" - "A Call to Media Arms" - "Killer<li>Coke, Corporate Crimes in Colombia" - "A million dollars later" - "Cops of the World" - "Petty Fascism 101" - "Rise up between the lines" - "Li2U news"
Portland Indymedia volunteers have been contacted recently by an public Venezuelan television station (Venezolana de Televisión) interested in trading videos. Inspired by the strong resistance of the people of Venezuela to corporate domination, along with the role that independent media plays in combatting the propaganda of the corporate Venezuelan media, Portland Indymedia volunteers are scrambling to assemble videos to send to Venezuela.

Scripts to the videos would speed up the delivery to Venezuelans, so we're asking for volunteers to view the following videos and transcribe the narrative, along with time and visual queues at approximately 2-minute intervals, or shorter if appropriate. If any of you can translate to Spanish as well, all the better. The idea is to make PDX IMC and Venezuelan videos more available to both our English and Spanish speaking populations via subtitles.

The videos Venezolana de Televisión is most interested in are as follows:

- "Fuck the Corporate Media"
- "Misunderstandings"
- "A Call to Media Arms"
- "Killer<li>Coke, Corporate Crimes in Colombia"
- "A million dollars later"
- "Cops of the World"
- "Petty Fascism 101"
- "Rise up between the lines"
- "Li2U news"

Portland Indymedia has long been trying to find a way to create a relationship with Venezuelan activists and aid in proliferation in independent media. News from the people has played a historic role in Venezuela in the past few years. During the coup and reinstatement of Chavez, a Venezuelan IMCista who was visiting her family during that time said there was no trace of the dissent outside on her TV inside. She felt powerless and silenced. That inspired her involvement in independent media.

Venezuela also holds stories of people inside their houses, wondering what to do about the oil trucks never reaching their neighborhoods. They felt alone and talked to friends and family, who also felt alone. They all asked, "What can we do?" What may have started as a rhetorical question ended with an answer when asked enough times among enough people. "What can we do?"

What they did was get the route of the oil trucks and schedule groups to guard their routes. They got oil to their neighborhoods.

It's not the answer, but it's an answer. People getting together asking "What can we do?" is more likely to produce results we all want than people isolated in their cubes hypnotized by corporate media. PDX IMC and Venezuela getting together to trade videos and make connections breaks that isolation down even more.

What can we do?


homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/videos/

Translate Subtitles 02.Mar.2005 11:00

Anna anitatraviesita@hotmail.com

I am interested and capable of translating subtitles to and from Spanish to English, but the article provides no direct way to get involved. Who do I email or call to get one or some of these videos to help with the project?

getting involved 03.Mar.2005 09:07

patrik angstrom poore babelin2@hotmail.com

re: anna

it looks the request is more for scripting out the narrative of the videos in english, and translating them to spanish, as far as I can tell.

to view the videos, click the link :  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/videos

but anna's point is still relevant: how do we actually get involved in this project.. should we just post our scripts as a comment to this? i'm currently working on a 5 country tour to central and south america to do audio documentaries.. so, not only can i help with this project, i'd love to start working with other folks doing similar projects so we can amplify our energy.

maybe it would be wise to provide an email address so those of us who want to assist in the video scripting could work in a coordinated way.


Good Point! 03.Mar.2005 09:38


You can contact the pdx indy video collective by emailing:


You can also come to any of the resistance showings around town, the most reliable being those at It'sa Beautiful Pizza on the last monday of each month at around 7pm (on activist time). IBP is on SE Belmont Street, around 33rd.