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The abacus vs the laptop

Somebody has figured out the top 100 gadgets of all time. The Apple laptop Powerbook 100 (from 1991) is Numero Uno -- but the abacus is still among the top 100. My bet is that the abacus will outlast the Powerbook! Who knows? Maybe the abacus will outlast the electronic computer!
This is from BBC On-Line. Entire story is at  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4284501.stm

The Apple Powerbook 100 has been chosen as the greatest gadget of all time, by US magazine Mobile PC.

The 1991 laptop was chosen because it was one of the first "lightweight" portable computers and helped define the layout of all future notebook PCs.

The magazine has compiled an all-time top 100 list of gadgets, which includes the Sony Walkman at number three and the 1956 Zenith remote control at two. The oldest "gadget" in the top 100 is the abacus, which the magazine dates at 190 A.D., and put in 60th place.

Gadgets needed moving parts and/or electronics to warrant inclusion. "In general we included only items that were potentially mobile," said the magazine. "In the end, we tried to get to the heart of what really makes a gadget a gadget," it concluded.

The magazine staff compiled the list and specified that gadgets also needed to be a "self-contained apparatus that can be used on its own, not a subset of another device".

1. Apple Powerbook 100 (1991)
2. Zenith Space Command remote control (1956)
3. Sony Walkman (1979)
4. Motorola Startac (1996)
5. CDI mechanical mouse (1970)
6. Casio QV-10 digital camera (1996)
7. US Robotics Pilot 1000 (1996)
8. Diamond Multimedia Rio 300 (1998)
9. Atari 7600 (1977)
10. Tivo Series 1 (1999)
* According to Mobile PC magazine