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Head Negro In Charge

Is Cornell west part of the problem?

Its time to move...
End the War
End the War
Black leadership take its people off to prison.

Tuesday March 1, 2005 6:47PM

Head Negro In Charge mp3

02-11-04 A recent book about the Head Negro in Charge Syndrome by Norman Kelley, which deals with the lack of authentic Black leadership gets examined on tonight's show.

Also, Tracey James, Gerald Smith, and Reggie, talk about the Ward Churchill media lynching by punks like Bill O'Reilly.


A great information source:
Head Traitor in Charge 01.Mar.2005 19:43


Slavery over others has been practised since the beginning of mankind. Following is one example of a man fighting his enslavement with all he had left; his will to be free. We could all learn from this one man's determination.

Ode to a Black Man and Brother called "George"

The following letter was written to the Jewish owner of an African Black Man called "George." It exemplifies the courage, spirit and dignity of the Black Man as he fought his Jewish oppressor.473

Reading, March 2, 1772
Mr. Bernard Gratz, Merchant in Philadelphia

I took your negroe George, some time ago, home, thinking I might be the better able to sell him, who, after being with me a night, behaved himself in such an insolent manner I immediately remanded back to the jail.
About a week since, I put him up for sale at Christopher Witman's tavern, where there was a number of persons who inclined to purchase him. But he protested publickly that he would not be sold, and if anyone should purchase him, he would be the death of him, and words to the like purpose, which deterred the people from bidding.
I then sent him back again with directions to the jailer to keep him at hard labour, which he refuses to do, and goes on in such an insolent manner that it is impossible to get a master for him here.
I therefore request you'll send for him on sight hereof, or send me a line by Drinkhouse, or the first opportunity, what I shall do with him.
He's now almost naked, and if not furnished soon with some clothes, I fear he'll perish.
Pray let me hear from [you] and, in the mean time, I remain, with great regard, sir,

Your humble servant,
George Nagel

N. B. He's now chained and handcuffed on account of his threats.

i know, let's pit black christians against white jews 01.Mar.2005 20:28

never heard that one before

ahh, and the "owner's" jewishness is relevant how?

specifying that he was "white" would have made sense, but blaming "the jews" for slavery is, uh, insane. it's like pointing to the vichy puppet government in wwii france and then blaming french people for the holocaust.

Slave rebellions 01.Mar.2005 21:44

Ode to Haiti

Hear a very interesting lecture on slavery and what we owe the hatians for ending slavery...