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part 2 of Ward C coverage collection

a colourful post for old times sake; if it don't go through (shows code) please delete the texts are links quotes and comments here and there

Your host: piet the poet,
keeps idiosyncratic score
in this, as of feb 2005, still current and issueing logbriefer
of the real yet sordidways we mistreat our very own shit
and spices it here and there with the impartiality of true grit

This is the second file chronicalling the broohaha surrounding anybody calling the presently evil (righteous one and only correct religiosity and theocratic mission of an) American leadership into question and to account, in particular reference to the demonization of Ward Churchill, next link is the first one I did

WardChurchill.htm(167K - only 52 without the code bloat = flatxt') -- last issue feb05.htm has lots on him and his and the pros and contras too;

2005: last (logbriefer) issue feb05.htm(145K) lots of stuff that went straight into the archive rather than living at my weblog url for a while first . . .so don't hesitate --------

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http://thedailypolemic.blogs.com/.. several items at a blog that doesn't do comments



walterindenver.com/archives/001053.htmlcomments are mixed, from a left and right perspective both ----- follow-up item: walterindenver.com/archives/001057.html




http://politicalzen.blogspot.com/20..tml feb 4th + 2 comments

http://wherewearebound.typepad.com/ several posts, here is an early one: who_is_innocent

Just for the record, I feel neither right nor left have a clue, no depth to either of them as I tried to explain at the end of last issue (once again, 2nd link at top here)

thetearsofthings.net/archives/000303.html see 308 and 299 also - I've had occasion to note this blog before (in reference to Theo van Gogh), I look forward to finding the time to read what he says here ( .. .actually had a quick squinty eyed ((past midnight)) peek and I must say, he will write intriguingly for much past the time I might spend trying to bring him to reason . . if I ever do other than this way now, his style strongly discourages it .. ..oh yeah, I remember now, he warned jihadis that he was armed, that's when he has time off from flower arranging. .. . .This is the rightism I can live with but they don't stop there, more and more bombs((both stockpiled and put to use)) are handiwork of these devils too)

Russ Means, Disney, the Cia/Contras, Ward Churchill and his reservation liquor store! ---- OGITCHIDA, 14.02.2005 16:43 ---- Compilation of the history of Russ Means dropping out of AIM and his collusion with the CIA/Contras, Disney,and Ward Churchill. -- aimovement.org ------- I am beginning to really respect this guy, he speaks an impeccable english and if he faking integrity, I can't tell --- this post contains a bunch of at least 6 year old press releases, a chain of mostly negative reports about Russell Means, the last one starts thus: By Malcolm Brenner - Staff writer --- Where White Men Fear to Tread: The Autobiography of Russell Means by Russell Means with Marvin J. Wolf. $26.95, St. Martins Press, N.Y. GALLUP-I wish I was a Red Man
So I'd know where I came from
Play all day on my drum
But I'm an Evil White Man...
Hindu Rodeo, Evil White Man

Those lyrics synchronistically came over my radio as I was about halfway through Russell Means' self-serving, provocatively-title autobiography, and they pretty well sum up his message: I'd be a nice guy if it wasn't for all of you white m---f---'s out their making my life miserable.

http://thedavidlawrenceshow.com/ward_churchill_003281.html the latest feed from yahoo news blurbed with the first few lines by a (big and bald) radio show host + comments + links to Ward's books - readable colourscheme for sensitive eyes too

redwiremag.com/wordsareweapons.htm undated interview with ward

http://michaelcostello.blogspot.com/2005_02 goes into the false representation of work cited (the Brown on Mandan Pox epicemic again)
via this place I find this link: rockymountainnews.com/drmn/news..l which blames the CU for applying affirmative action to Ward's job application - the very opposite of the positive attention to his work made possible by all the hype hiliting he had to hold up against

useless-knowledge.com/1234/feb/article183.html Ward Churchill Makes Sense

nationalreview.com/comment/goldblatt200502090753.asp Mark Goldblatt wrote an asinine piece

http://frontpagemagazine.com/Articles/Printable.asp?ID=16958 Churchill Affair: A Matter of Hypocrisy---- By Candace de Russy ---- Hudson.org | February 15, 2005

denverpost.com/cda/article/print/0,1674,36%257E158%257E2704682,00.html The Denver Post andrew cohen Churchill's work needs close look

alrite you chitter chatterers
yall are cordially invited to come pick through what I picked the web through for, over a hundred links on topic and a good few gems amongts them, you might wanna have some coffee first

Lots and lots of relevant links; 33 in fact,
for feb 14 it's 3172 ordinary hits

rockymountainnews.com/drmn/local/article/0,1299,DRMN_15_3540067,00.html Churchill met with Gadhafi --- Controversial prof set to make speech at Wisconsin school----- By Charlie Brennan And Laura Frank, Rocky Mountain News ------ February 11, 2005

j-bradford-delong.net/movable_type/2005-3_archives/000293.html feb 6 with plenny comments

hogonice.com/archives/003330.html crazy longish rant which makes even the head of the author spin, these are the last lines: " ---- Some people think Ward ought to be fired before he warps young minds. What's the point? Liberals in academia are like rows of teeth in a shark's mouth. Knock one out, and another one rotates into place, flashing a peace sign and drawing flies. No, I say we leave him where he is and publicly ridicule him and expose his bigotry and hatred and white roots until he becomes a symbol of leftist insanity and drives students to join the Young Republicans. Useful idiots can be useful to the right, too. Look what the Dixie Chicks did for George Bush. ----- If the Gulf War justifies 9/11, Little Big Horn justifies repeatedly kicking Ward Churchill in the ass. ------- Take it for the tribe, white boy."

A blog that is readable eyewise but that doesn't help with believing them, specially not when he claims Ward taught grinders under the weather to build bumps; the proof is here: barking-moonbat.com/index.php/weblog/comments/3375/ supposedly --- his type of language would bring hordes of cheering fieries out . . .if only he used starkly white pages.

smirkingchimp.com/article.php?sid=19846&mode=nested&order=0 excellent blog with lots of comments, 45 of them to a reposted counterpunch article by Doug Giebel: 'The people, the president and Ward Churchill'

'Ward Churchill: Free speech on (one) campus'
Posted on Tuesday, February 15 @ 10:06:11 EST
By John Nichols, The Nation

As a joke some years ago, a friend gave me a copy of Ward Churchill's 1998 book Pacifism as Pathology: Reflections on the Role of Armed Struggle in North America. In it, the University of Colorado professor, who is rapidly being turned into the nation's greatest outlaw intellectual by his right-wing critics, argued that nonviolent political activism -- in the tradition of Mahatma Gandhi and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. -- should not be seen as a force for positive social change. Rather, Churchill suggested, pacifism is a counterrevolutionary movement that unintentionally reinforces the very status quo its proponents claim to be dismantling.

As a Quaker, I was not about to buy into Churchill's worldview, which the friend who presented the book with a wink and a nod well understood. And as a journalist who has covered social justice struggles in the United States and abroad for the better part of a quarter century, I knew enough about how political change occurs to find Churchill's thesis wanting.

But I read the book with interest, and found it to be an engaging enough statement of a controversial point of view. It made me think.

writes multiple items on Ward

fullfledged leftoid with dark green background.

this concludes 15 google and 3 blogpulse pages worth of piet flavored perusal precipitates; so long, see yall tomorra

http://hal.lamar.edu/~BROWNTF/Churchill1.htm Assessing Ward Churchill's Version of the 1837 Smallpox Epidemic -- Thomas Brown -- Assistant Professor of Sociology --- Lamar University ---- Beaumont , TX 77710 -- browntf@hal.lamar.edu ----- Abstract: This essay analyzes Ward Churchill's accusations that the US Army perpetuated genocide. Churchill argues that the US Army created a smallpox epidemic among the Mandan people in 1837 by distributing infected blankets. While there was a smallpox epidemic on the Plains in 1837—historians agree, and all evidence points to the fact—that it was accidental, and the Army wasn't involved.

Update, February 13, 2005:

This essay has been revised since I originally posted it. Some passages quoted by journalists are no longer in it. I wrote the first draft for myself, in a state of outrage over what I had discovered. I still stand by my original analysis. But I think my argument will be more effective without the editorializing. I have stripped most of the outrage, and added some more historiographical context. I want to let the facts speak for themselves

One blogger accused me of misrepresenting what Churchill said where. He has since retracted that accusation, after having read the piece more carefully. But his false accusations are still circulating on various blogs.

The first draft speculated that Churchill *may* have committed perjury. I am not a lawyer, and used the word "perjury" as any layman would, to describe dishonesty in a court proceeding. Given that the technicalities of perjury rules can vary from one venue and one situation to the next, I have removed that statement. I still contend that Churchill's trial brief as published in Indians R Us contains all the same errors that I pointed out in my first draft. Contrary to some web critics' accusations, I have never called for Churchill to be prosecuted for perjury or anything else. Please read more carefully, and be honest in your criticism.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me. Some of the support I don't want or don't deserve. Some of the criticism has been right on the money, and incorporated into my revision.

http://chronwatch.com/... a conservative's sense of humour (with a nice sharp Ward picture)

/819392.shtml-- also at: http://auto_sol.tao.ca/node/view/1174..
Ward Churchill and the Respectable Left -- 2859 words
Macdonald Stainsby 16 Feb 2005 17:37 GMT

Autonomy and solidarity

Ward Churchill: The man in the maelstrom
(interview) By Pamela White
Boulder Weekly, Feb. 10, 2005
------- a commenter: Getting a lot of attention....
Submitted by ridefree on February 15, 2005 - 8:31pm.
very interesting ... torrentspy.com ..... one of the biggest bittorrent downloading sites... has the ward churchill story as the most popular story based on the largest discussion around it ....
Most popular by number of posts...
108(as of the 17th, all but the last comment from the 6th of februari)
---- U.S. professor compares 9/11 to Nazi era
(as of the 17th, all but the last comment from the 6th of februari)
---- U.S. professor compares 9/11 to Nazi era

63 ---- The Bush is at it again...
54 ---- NY officer bites into tasty McDonald's 'g...
34 ---- PlayStation 3 chip to be unveiled today
32 ---- 50 Cent to appear on The Simpsons

Glorfindel of Gondolin
Law, Medicine, Politics: A Blog by Carey Cuprisin
February 13, 2005
A Ward Churchill post for Mom

www.newshounds.us/2005/02/07/how_to_drive_a_fox_host_batty.php#more How to Drive a FOX Host Batty!
This is a follow-up posting to News Hound Deborah's original report about Friday's O'Reilly Factor. Substitute host John Gibson interviewed two of Professor Ward Churchill's students, Chris Maes and Dustin Craun. I thought our readers would enjoy reading a transcript of the interview, primarily because the two young men drove Gibson absolutely crazy, mainly by staying calm, focussed and "on message."
--- found via this page: http://simonandthelefties.blogharbor.com/blog/_archives/2005/2/8/309407.html

alternativeradio.org/speakers/CHUW.shtml Ward on (archived) radio

indianz.com/News/2005/006575.asp short item with nice picture too but all items about WC at this site have a depreciative and nontrustful slant

lyingmediabastards.com/2005/02/the-ward-churchill-experience feb 12 item with no comments (as of the 17th); this blog is left leaning

selvesandothers.org/article8532.htmlRichard Oxman on the 12th of februari with: "Michael Albert's Head Downer: No Alberich's Cloak for Churchill, Please"

discriminations.us/storage/003057.htmlPaul Campos accuses Ward of abusing Affirmative Action

http://www.polizeros.com/2005/02/10.html#a5098includes a pdf list of 130 US imperialoid interventions

http://hnn.us/articles/10157.htmlan overview - Pipes blogs at thisHistory News Network too -- there are 7 more articles on WC at this site: http://hnn.us/articles/10158.html

nativenationsnet.net this postnuke powered service features a good few items here (both pro and contra)

crankyneocon.com/crankyneocon/2005/02/less_disgusting.html HEY!!!! Unbashedly neoconservative 'funhouse'; glad I pushed on to look at the 21st Gooooooooooooooooooooogle page after all, seems to confirm my suspicion that most conservative blogs with dark backgrounds get lots fewer comments, it's the 207th hit with useful links to light reading like: dissidentvoice.org/Articles7/Jones_Protocols-Neocons.htm -- the 12 feb post itself has no comment but points to one that does: http://mypetjawa.mu.nu/archives/066995.php .making fun of fatwahs since june 2004 (uses dark background too) . . now this place is odd, part of the http://munuviana.mu.nu/ folks . Mu.Nu - You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on. .it looks like one of those exodi/migrations to go occupy the totally neglected and underused resources of neighbours due to dutiful and demographic success. EXPAND or you won't know you're alive?!?!?!! .. . .Yet another sorry case of a great principle anthromorphocized into sheer evil? That probably overstates a simple new server synchronization effort.

There is little doubt that the British army in colonial America and New
South Wales deployed smallpox as a weapon of mass destruction. The
Australian case was a simple repeat exercise as the many marines who invaded
New South Wales in 1788 had served in North America in several capacities,
including under the smallpox General Gage.

HUNTER BEAR: For some years now, I've posted regularly on Native people and Native
challenges. To be frank, I haven't picked up much indication at all of
pervasive interest thereof on the basically non-Indian left forums. There
are notable exceptions marked by good comment -- Louis Proyect and a few
others on Marxism, Macdonald Stainsby on Rad Green, Duane Campbell on DSA
lists, Sam Friedman and Bill Mandel on several lists, Dave McReynolds on the
Socialist lists, Joyce Ladner on SNCC, very tangible and broad empathy on
Bear Without Borders [too many good names to list here, individually!], Blue
Green Earth and New Green Canada, Reber Boult on Redbadbear, and certainly
some others.m

A place to hear music Chomsky and Ward Churchill too

getunderground.com/underground/columns/article.cfm?Article_ID=1565 This article is flattering to Ward but the handful of comments are not ----------- this site has a whole new generation of links to urb(in)anity and artsyfartsy stuff, lots of poetry too: getunderground.com/underground/links/index.cfm - - - - - speaking of poetry, their forum has almost 5000 posts dropped into that slot

LP starts a (6 post) thread called 'more incendiary talk from Churchill', I think it's worth quoting in full:

O'Reilly...send word to both the limo liberals and the Soldier of
Fortune crowd...Pataki, Zahn, and Hannity take note...we have another
repugnant quote from W. Churchill:

"I do not agree that the dog in a manger has the final right to the
manger even though he may have lain there for a very long time. I do not
admit that right. I do not admit for instance, that a great wrong has been
done to the Red Indians of America or the black people of Australia. I do
not admit that a wrong has been done to these people by the fact that a
stronger race, a higher-grade race, a more worldly wise race to put it that
way, has come in and taken their place."

Oops...my bad. That wasn't Ward Churchill who said that. It was Winston
Churchill. Sir Winston Churchill. The man U.S. News and World Report called
"The Last Hero." The legend who also said this: "I am strongly in favor of
using poisoned gas against uncivilized tribes." The icon/terrorist who
asked British scientists to cook up "a new kind of weather" for the
citizens of Dresden.

Do you think the good folks at Hamilton College would get any death threats
if they invited Sir Winston to give a talk?

Mickey Z. is the author of four books, most recently: "The Seven Deadly
Spins: Exposing the Lies Behind War Propaganda" (Common Courage Press). He
can be found on the Web at

maxspeak.org: I found a good one too: "I do not understand this squeamishness about the use of gas. I am strongly in favour of using [it] against uncivilised tribes." Winston Churchill, Secretary of State, British War Office, 1919, authorising use of chemical weapons against Iraqis.. in the first of 6 invasions of Iraq by agents of Anglo Iranian Oil (British Petroleum) in the last 100 years. worldofquotes.com/author/Winston-Churchill/1/index.html So now we know where the WMD threat originated: "Chemical Winston." mbs

A repeat with an addition.

http://hnn.us/blogs/entries/10257.html Prof Luker, responsible for a great little linkfilled overview of the left's take on (and ((Burke's*)) part in) Ward's predicament (all the way from academic to trollish ones) has in this (first mentioned/linked) item taken aim at a supremacist citing Blog and Mablog a covenant obsessing idaho outfit where the man gets a friendly nod -- *Burke's PostfirestormScript (feb 8): swarthmore.edu/SocSci/tburke1/perma20805.html

Comments (1) Metis come in all shades

Anyone catch Churchill on Democracy Now this morning? The beginning clip of O'Reilly and Owens certainly puts it into proper perspective. democracynow.org/../18/157211

I don't make the first 500 googlies for Ward Churchill yet but do place 5th out of 134 in Dutch -- that should find me at 568.000 divided by 27

http://milwaukee.indymedia.org/en/2005/02/202826.shtml 2 z-mag pieces and a counterpunch one

202824 rwor.org (revoworkeronline)

Yoshie: you make it sound as if Ward Churchill were the first person under attack from the Right. Among the recent targets are aaup.org/newsroom/press/2003/amSF.htm Sami Al-Arian http://electronicintifada.net/cgi-bin/artman/exec/view.cgi/4/747 Hamid Dabashi historiansagainstwar.org/freedom/genova.html Nicholas http://chronicle.com/free/v49/i32/32a05601.htm De Genova http://chronicle.com/free/v51/i03/03a00801.htm Tariq Ramadan http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article3282.shtml Joseph Massad just to name a few. It is Sami Al-Arian freesamialarian.com/home.htm who has so far suffered the worst fate among individual targets:

mail-archive.com/pen-l@sus.csuchico.edu/msg03521.html So, this charge first appeared in Norman Podhoretz's journal (Nov 2004 Commentary), a prime outlet for reactionary assaults on the academic left, migrated to leftwing blogs and then landed with a sickening thud in the reactionary bourgeois press. It is highly interesting--just to repeat--that the charge was first raised OVER A MONTH before the Hamilton incident.

columbia.edu/~lnp3/msg61455.html Carlos: Actually they did call the phrase "infamous":"Cheered on by Byers, Colonel Chivington made a speech on August of 1864 that included these infamous words: "...kill and scalp all, little and big... nits make lice." ------ I see the confusion now. I am the one who used the word infamous, not the Rocky Mountain News. Their founder promoted Chivington's war of extermination..

61472 Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), American Muslim Voice (AMV) and American Muslim Perspective (AMP) chime in



indymedia.org/nl/2005/02/112864.shtml up to 828K on the Ward Churchill related main wire article, that's a record innit? . .. . and still going!

http://lpdcinc.blogspot.com/2005/02/anti-aim-tide-is-rising.html   pro by Peltier Defense


Peltier Condemned Above Mentioned Artlicle!! - Why do you keep throwing it out?  - AIM 15.Feb.2005 09:13  ------ SO how many times do we have to post Leonards letters condemning Dark Night Field Notes and the article above by Faith Attaguile. She was kicked out of the Leonard Peltier Support Group over it.

indiancountry.com/content.cfm?id=1096410335Susan Shown Harjo (contra)

icdc.com/~paulwolf/index.htm huge collection of gif and jpg files on cia fbi aim peltier, etcetera from the 40s to the 70s


feb 7 Boulder Weekly (long interview with WC)

via indanz.com (shallow clichee contest for the most part) i find an (unrelated) site done by a young native with much sympathy for blacks (enough to copy that dreadful, boastful, mindless musical celebration of prowess)

indybay.org/news/2005/02/1719951_comment.phpSherman Alexie

Training for Change - Challenging "Pacifism As Pathology"
Nonviolent Action As "The Sword That Heals" hallenging Ward Churchill's "Pacifism
As Pathology"By George Lakey, Director, Training for Change E-MAIL THE AUTHOR ...
members.lycos.nl/vadercats/ miscs-n-logs/onChurchill_prntvrsn.htm - 85k

pirateballerina.com/index.php multilink overview of news, facts and views about Ward Churchill - it's a rightwing place with so far all items about WC!

The substantial effort to discredit Churchill'
Native American identity buys into several of
the dominant culture's racist assumptions and
policies, ironically on the part of those who
least stand to be served well by them. As in
the attempts to link him to mainstream,
right-wing or governmental agencies or
organizations, the effort to destroy his
credibility by playing the red race card is
not only in itself racist but based on lies.
The leader of the pack in this connection has
always been Tim Giago, a notoriously anti-AIM
South Dakota publisher who made his mark as
chief propagandist and apologist for the
lethally repressive COINTELPRO-supported
Dickie Wilson régime on the Pine Ridge
Reservation in the 70s.39 As early as 1988,
trying to counter Churchill's exposés of what
transpired on Pine Ridge during the 70s, Giago
used his Republican-backed newspaper Lakota
Times (now Indian Country Today), to announce
that Churchill was an "ethnic fraud" and
"impostor" who "changes his tribal identity
like some people change socks."40

Ward Churchill
Arthur Randolph Erb 04.Feb.2005 04:03

The controversy over Churchills comments does
NOT involve free speech issues or academic
freedom ones. In his essay, he clearly and
explicitly calls the terrorists, combat teams

who made valiant sacrifices on 9/11. THAT is
condoning terrorism and murderous attacks on
civilians which he decries when the US has
casualties in conjunction with military ops.
The big difference is that the terrorists made
civilians the prime target. It also is a fact
that he blames the bond traders for their own
demise. The largest company who lost most
people was Fitzgerald Cantor which had nothing
to do with foreign operations of any US
company. They specialized in municipal bonds
service, and the WTC was owned by the Port
Authority of New York, and has little or
nothing to do with world affairs other than
allowing imports to the US.
I have NO problem with him having his opinion
or expressing it. I DO have a problem with his
being paid at taxpayer expense to do such
things as advocate murder of innocent people.
His essay is also a very poor one which would
get an F from any academic and is hardly of
the caliber one would want from a professor.
So for two reasons, he should be fired. He is
using his post to advocate murder and adhering
to enemies who have murdered thousands of
Americans, and he is also deficient in that he
does a very poor job at what he was hired to
do. It is also disingenuous to assert now as
he is trying to do that he didn't advocate
such terrorism. His essay says otherwise and I
have read it. He also asks if the people who
were in the WTC could have been made to pay
for their supposed crimes in any other way,
and he answers in the negative. THAT is also
advocating such murder.
It is time to restore common sense and
excellence in education and time to get rid of
Churchill. I am also a Kerry supporter and I
hate Bush with a passion. To support or defend
such a man is both absurd and counter

Brown dissed by historian Noah Schahbacker
(via Ahmed at marccooper.com)

"This "essay" by Prof. Brown is flat out false. Which is to say, Mr.
Brown falsifies or deliberately misreads at least two notes in Ward
Churchill's work in order to accuse Churchill of academic dishonesty.
Specifically, Brown accuses Churchill of misrepresenting sources in A
Little Matter of Genocide (among other places). However, by simply
looking at Churchill's footnotes, one finds that the sources Brown attributes to
Churchill and the sources Churchill actually cites are not the same at
all. Churchill describes the incident on page 155 of A Little Matter... ; Brown
asserts that Churchill's source is Russell Thornton's American Indian
Holocaust and Survival. Churchill's description is tied to endnote #136;
note #136, on page 261, reads thusly: "Stearn and Stearn, The Effects of
Smallpox, op cit., pp. 89-94; Francis A. Chardon, Journal at Fort Clark,
1834-39 (Pierre: State Historical Society of South Dakota, 1932)."
Nowhere is Thornton cited as the authority for the Mandans and the smallpox
blankets. As a nod to "peer review" (if such a thing exists on the
internet), I invite (indeed, request) other readers to look at the
sources I've referenced here."

uctp.org/ColumbusMyth.html Churchill on Columbus -- Deconstructing the Columbus Myth- Was the "Great Discoverer" Italian or Spanish, Nazi or Jew-, .. .

sdonline.org/33/ward_churchill.htmSocialism and democracy offers 'An American Holocaust? The Structure of Denial' loooong 6 part 300K article from last januari (Joel Kovel in the same issue)
I posted the first part on http://www.tampaindymedia.org/ a totally fresh look at this new member

took me half a year to find this place: Page Views Since June 19th, 2004: 156789

http://milwaukee.indymedia.org/en/2005/02/202845.shtmlThe Value of Ward Churchill ----- Nichali M. Ciaccio ---- (I write this now in support of Ward Churchill during hard times, but it could have been written at any time. I am greatly indebted to the UW-Milwaukee Philosophy Club for its ideas which have played significantly into this commentary).

In the article, he very correctly pointed out that, as the inhabitants of the land occupied by the United States, we bear responsibility for the actions of the US government. As Churchill states in the piece, "All told, Iraq has a population of about 18 million. The 500,000 kids lost to date thus represent something on the order of 25 percent of their age group." This statement was said over two years before the 2003 invasion of Iraq which has accounted for exponentially more civilian casualties.

Even those of us who provided resistance to the Iraqi bombings and the eventual invasion bear responsibility for the United State's actions. The resistance was not strong enough. Having marches and protests leading in circles was not enough. As Churchill notes, "Be it said as well, and this is really the crux of it, that the 'resistance' expended the bulk of its time and energy harnessed to the systemically-useful task of trying to ensure, as "a principle of moral virtue" that nobody went further than waving signs as a means of 'challenging' the patently exterminatory pursuit of Pax Americana." In short, we cannot feel satisfied that we did enough while the bombings are still ongoing. There is no suburban refuge for the current victims of widespread murder in Iraq. After Churchill's essay was published and war was declared, the murder only had a chance to be further legitimized to the American public under the guise of an immanent threat from weapons of mass destruction.

http://usa.blogs.liberation.fr/2005/02/ward_churchill_.htmlA quand un véritable débat sur le onze septembre aux Etats Unis, sans cette folie de tous bords? --- when will they ever start really talking about 9/11 instead of around it all edges of it

ward-churchill.com/wc/feb21.mp3fresh - quite a repeat of audio I linked to already though

http://wardchurchill.blogspot.com/ ward hater

http://joustthefacts.typepad.com/ I wonder if the live Danny Kaye would feel hi-jacked or at home here .. . . .

http://news4colorado.com/localnews/local_story_055200531.html Ward tweaks an old artwork and sells copies that bear his name and no further credits (whoop(s) by the war(d) party; nice art though, both versions!!!!!) via pirateballerina.com/index.php --- here's another place to see that art . ..whoops, . . . . .spaced out the url, some asiatic chick with m's and i's in her name, a freeper

ghali hassan on ward at informationclearinghouse.com ????

michaelduff.net/blog/2005/02/ward-churchill-makes-me-laugh.html disgusting fatso who compares Ward to an eskimo that should be eviscerated and put in a museum
--- hail hail, oh wonderful wire warrior, you are awesome, I ferret out all the flamewars you caused and see if they alone might not be the deciding factor in global warming, the demise of healthbestowing eskimo excercise and a boringness that would cause said eskimo to die twice as early/soon/fast if by way of mental diet, he was fed what you wrought as a staple

http://homepage.mac.com/duffyb/nobush/iMovieTheater296.html Ward Churchill footage

Ward Churchill is right. Partly.
February 16th, 2005 (this don't show till around 280th googlixplexpot to murk it)
Just for fun, let us adopt the psychobabble of our liberal friends. The 9/11 attacks were a cry of help from Saudi little rich kids begging us to come and release them from the cruel and depraved rule of their fathers. Just think of American soldiers as helping professionals that want to help people.

Ward Churchill is right, but so what? Does he think he can set the world ablaze by riling up some little Saudi rich kids and the Ruckus Society? Let him wait till the Indians get their act together. Ever since Jinnah and the Muslim League they've had it up to here with Islam. Then there are the Chinese. Their house church people are planning to launch 100,000 Christian missionaries upon the world. They have developed a narrative about Christianity as a westward moving religion. It got started in Palestine and then moved west to Europe, to America, and to Asia. The destiny of Chinese Christians, they believe, is to bring Christianity westward across Asia and "Back to Jerusalem." As a famous American said: "You ain't seen nothing yet."

That will teach Ward Churchill a lesson.

---- WOW E ZAUWEE, this fella is a 'spiral dynamics' admiring conservative
roadtothemiddleclass.com/opeds.php?id=95- colourperception fuck ups are as telltale as a fascination for schemes that take 'killering'seriously, iow, close but no cigar, I and probably Churchill too, want no more to be accused of and scapegoatlikely burdened with what you all are up to yarselves: 'set ablaze' -- we want armies dismantled, forest tended carefully and gently so that in a thousand years the first fully optimized gardening plot execution can be admired (mulitple generations and species living in and around millenarian trees!!!!!!!!!!

Eichmann, Milgram, Arendt and Zimbardo
A Psychologist's Defense of Ward Churchill

academic freedom links, 2 of which relate to Ward C

/000084.html /000084.html on Ward C with 13 comments

000085.html 000085.htmlon Ward C ---- here are the comments (except the last one shallowly scolding Ward): As far as I can tell, Churchill was making a very precise point. At his trial in Jerusalem, Eichmann argued that he facilitated the transportation of Jews to and from camps - what went on in the camps was none of his business. Churchill was saying that the WTC inhabitants are not innocent, that since America causes pain/suffering in the world, and since they are the technoratic core of America, they are guilty as well. They cannot use the Eichmann defense and plead that they were only doing their part in ignorance of America's role in the world.

Churchill was not simply calling them Nazis.

Posted by detached observer at February 7, 2005 10:56 AM

I agree that using 'Eichmann' instead of the more common 'Hitler' was intended to conjure memories of Hannah Arendt's "banality of evil." This resonates with his eloquent comments on how they cannot plead "ignorance" since that's just the nounification of "ignore." Personally, I wish he'd invoked Arendt's name to make this point instead of Eichmann's.

I still think that the choice of the term "little Eichmanns" has an anti-Semitic flavor to it. It's a common myth that Jews control the world of high finance, etc. Eichmann sounds Jewish and it conjures up an image of concentration camps in a way that the overused "Hitler" doesn't.

So I think aside from the reason you describe, that I agree with 100%, he had another less noble reason for choosing that term.
Posted by deb at February 7, 2005 11:21 AM

Posted by joshuasharfrightwing extremist jsharf.com/.. search=churchill
38 items on Ward Churchill (no doubt all denigrating)

butterfliesandwheels.com/articleprint.php?num=106 "Chief" Objections: Racism, Rhetoric and Native American Mascots on College Campuses Click here if you want to print, or adjust the appearance, of this article -------- By Phil Mole

jsharf.com/view/archives/000259.html the bomb thrower (with link to paper clipping containing Ward's Weathermen experiences) -- remove the atomic bombs out of your arsenal before prying loose the poor man's backpackbomb my sorry brother; how sad I am not visible enough a scapegoat for you to direct denigrating abuse toward and deflect it from those whose station ou are so far beyond . .. if not be my guest bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I used his own email adress to post

A commenter leaves a link to a US biker in Tokyo who's Ward item http://ridingsun.blogspot.com/2005/02/whats-worse-than-9-11-supporter.html carries comments like this: "Great stuff. And your query about Ward and his gun is spot on; I own guns back home, but I don't feel a need to pose with them." ------ Hey bud, maybe if there weren't any rightwingers and nonselfconfessed supremacists who think very shallowly of their nevertheless decisive edge lending gadget arrays as 'nifty', 'handy', 'good' to have, around, then maybe, just maybe people like Ward wouldn't be provoked into defending themselves and or trying to get back what all that welldeserved genius that takes away grudgelessly, keeps away remorselessly and manages to be offended when in any fashion at all called to account. If the Wardies of the world ever get to disarm you all, and you have learned to love more equitable work whereby large swathes of the human race are no longer falling into the crack categories of 'execrable' (just read at the blog that brought me here) but appreciated and appreciating clientele, we will be able to destroy the last weapons that permit the standoffish, remote, delegate, absentee and worse ways of making and dealing with enemies. Don't keep that macho pace brother, try figure out what macho peace might look like and remember, don't let the means spoil the ends, the postponement of gratification don't mean drudgery ever, it means rising anticipation. Your brother Piet Eichmann. --All americans pretend to not be genocidal which they are nevertheless more than most 'nations' (read mercenary eichmanns) of recent history.

Sharf's pompously named post 'martyrdom lost' says this:

I was able to find an earlier book review from American Indian Quarterly, (Winter96), which is peer-reviewed. Since it's not online, I'll quote from it here. In it, LaValle shows that Churchill simply makes up claims concerning the General Allotment Act, and quotes other researchers out of context and out of century.

Suffice it to say that while the True Believers won't be impressed, there's plenty of evidence that Churchill is little more than a bully, good with insults, but with the facts, not so much.

UPDATE: Instead of including the article in an Extended Entry, I've made it a separate blog posting. Should I receive any complaints from the copyright holders, I'll go ahead and email a copy to anyone who's interested. -------- So, ..... I am just simply to believe that Lavelle uploaded his version (second link down) after the revered knowitall myster Sharf went looking for it??? Should I

celluloid-wisdom.com/pw/index.php?/weblog/entry/wards_beaver_exposed In a revealing article today, The Denver Post takes a closer look at Ward Churchill's scholarship +27comments
http://lawschool.unm.edu/faculty/lavelle/american-indian-quarterly.pdf Lavelle, who I suspect has a long line of shenanigans in his family tree (not least of which is the acquirement of some indian blood, seeing that it resonates so well with the man and he looks the part quite a bit less than Ward)

http://winnipeg.indymedia.org/item.php?id=1111&type=S Ward's forthcoming books

The termination and removal of Ward Churchill
Posted: February 17, 2005
by: Scott Richard Lyons


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