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Election Rigging 101/Divestiture for Democracy Gains Momentum

A coalition has some demands for the voting machine companies and a plan for action.
Divestiture for Democracy Gains Momentum

A week after it was launched, the nationwide Divestiture for Democracy campaign launched by Velvet Revolution is gaining momentum. VR, a broad coalition that includes the Green Party and the Cobb-LaMarche campaign, sent a letter to each of the nine major American Voting Machine companies on President's Day (February 21), asking them to voluntarily open their hardware and software for independent public inspection and analysis, provide auditable, voter-verified paper ballots for all votes cast, assure that there can be no form of networking on their machines, and other actions designed to promote fair and transparent election processes. If the companies publicly commit to all of the above within the 60 days, the coalition will broadly recognize them for their efforts. If they choose not to, however, the VR coalition will encourage all Americans to divest from these companies and those with which they are affiliated, and participate in a massive national boycott targeting them, their affiliates and their clients.


Electoral Justice Teach-ins Going Nationwide

With the resounding success of the two teach-ins about Electoral Justice in California last weekend, organizers are strategizing how to take the movement nationwide. "Election Rigging 101" was the topic at a teach-in on Saturday, February 26 in Oakland. Documentary footage was shown, and guest speakers included Bob Fitrakis from the www.freepress.org, Medea Benjamin from the Green Party ( link to www.gpus.org), and many others. For more information, contact www.democraticrenewal.us.

Meanwhile, in southern California, Brad Friedman of the BradBlog ( link to votecobb.org.


Good! Excellent work! 01.Mar.2005 17:36

politics as possible ?

SOMETHING rational and sane (as opposed to nothing) is happening here in zombie-land. Let's get behind it!

at your local theator ? 01.Mar.2005 18:52

event freak

Electoral Justice Teach-ins shows in PDX? or somewhere around here?