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9-11 False Flag Operation

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This is a must see video.

9/11 is an _Expression of a Deep and Abiding Crisis in the Capitalist
World Order:
9/11 a CIA- MOSSAD False Flag Operation
by Ralph Schoenman
www.globalresearch.ca 18 February 2005
The URL of this article is:

 http://globalresearch.ca/articles/SCH502A.html CLICK TO VIEW VIDEO

9/11 is an _Expression of a Deep and Abiding Crisis in the Capitalist
World Order

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Official 911 story is insult to intelligence 27.Feb.2005 12:54

Maxwell Smart

The first question to ask about any unsolved crime is this - who benefits? Clearly the only beneficiaries of this highly sophisticated black op are the fascist elements in our government who seek to establish a permanent state of war in the oil rich countries of the middle east that are not currently under U.S. control ,and a military police state here in America.

What a coincidence that the Patriot Act was already drawn up and ready to be implemented months before the Sep. 11 attack. And what a coincidence that the neo-con Project For A New American Century document entitled -Rebuilding America's Defenses- called for a Pearl Harbor like attack a year before one actually took place. It is becoming more obvious with each passing day that our country is now under the control of a group of high level criminals who will stop at nothing to get what they want.

Add to that a complicit news media that simply repeats what these lying thugs tell them to say and you have a picture that is as ominous as anything George Orwell could imagine.

If there is another "terrorist attack" in the near future (something that seems all but inevitable given the constant warnings from our government) don't be surprised when they start rounding up people who write remarks like the ones written here.

God help us all.

A highly recommended video... 28.Feb.2005 04:13

Tony Blair's dog

that should be obligatory to everyone interested in the 9/11
crimes and surrounding frauds.

Many thanks for posting!