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IRV goes to committee in Salem

Here's a message from Yahoo group "FairVoteOR" for repost wherever relevant --
HB 2638, the bill which would allow cities and counties to use Instant Runoff Voting, has been assigned to the House Elections and Rules Committee, chaired by Representative Derrick Kitts.

This is one of the critical phases of the legislative process.  It is imperative that the bill get a hearing and passed out of committee.
Please contact Representative Kitts at  rep.derrickkitts@state.or.us or by phone at 503.986.1430 and:
***request a hearing for HB 2638
***indicate your support for the bill
If you belong to an organization which can endorse HB 2638, NOW is the time to get that endorsement and make it known to Representative Kitts and the other members of the committee.
The other members of the committee are Reps:  Thatcher, Dalto, Farr, Holvey, Greenlick and March.  You can get contact information for these other members (all of whom should be contacted--the fate of the bill is in their collective hands) at:   http://www.leg.state.or.us/comm/
Please forward this message as appropriate and post to all relevant lists.
Blair Bobier

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