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PSU Student Alert!!

Talks about Amanda Barron and Lindsey Craven, Progressive Democrats running for Student Body President and Vice President of Portland State University. Their opponents have been asked to run an ethical campaign, but seem to prefer spreading misleading information about the two and have not answered the request.
Beware of what you hear in you classes Portland State Students. There is misinformation about the REAL Progressive candidates going around in the hallways.

Amanda Barron has been working hard to get rid of privacy pirates Higher One, a company that bought social security numbers, adresses and phone numbers of all students enrolled at PSU. She proposed a privacy bill to Senator Ringo out of Beaverton. This legislation has become Senate Bill 643 and requires written consent from each student before the school releases their information.

Their main goal is to stop the outrageous tuition hikes that Oregon Students have been suffering. Tuition has increased over 20% for most students in the past 3 years and we will see another increase of 5-7% this year for in-state undergraduate tuition and graduate tuition. The way they plan to do that first is to lobby and rally hard at the capitol until Governor Kulongoski grants Oregon students a tuition freeze for the next biennium. Direct action, people!!

Priorities for Amanda Barron include full funding for the Oregon Opportunity Grant, Oregon's only need-based grant, more support for childcare on campus as well as expanding childcare services, improving the student health services on campus and making them accessible to all students - including night students, lowering textbook prices at PSU and working to increase transportation options while decreasing costs.

There is only one year to work these issues out, and these are the only candidates dedicated to REAL student issues.


MARCH 7-10, 2005

homepage: homepage: http://WWW.VOTEPSU.COM
phone: phone: 503-804-1154

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piss off psu 26.Feb.2005 21:46


Why the fuck do we care about voting for any dumb ass student who is not really going to help the educational process? PSU is a crappy school that is really just a money making way to screw over young people who are lied about what that degree will give them. THe truth is that that degree will give them debt. The illusion is that somehow they will magically get a job afterwards.

changing it 27.Feb.2005 00:02


Don't worry... someday one of this we'll take some of these degrees and give you a job. COOP BABY!!!

jobs? 27.Feb.2005 01:10


Most jobs out there are got by either lucking out or via network of friends .. usually an unqualified uncle.

Here is the thing about public education: they condition you to do things based on rewards! Mass education is only there to train you for the work force or military unless you are one of the welathy elite (but then you would be going to a school with a name).

If you want education for personal enlightenment then go to a real college where grades and credits do not matter (like at Evergreen).

My recommendation is to think on your own, network with like minded people and knock over the system. Feed and educate the masses.

ok 27.Feb.2005 07:42


Keep raging against the machine, 09m.

Some of us actually try to learn, and are smart enough to gloss over the bs.

Barron/Craven - NOT the Progressive Candidates 27.Feb.2005 14:56

Kayla Goldfarb

As a candidate who is running on the opposing slate to Barron/Craven, I would just like t say that they are the ones misleading people. Using IMC to act as though they are progressive is completely absurd. Instead of using tactless language to tell you why they are NOT the progressives [because believe me I could], I can tell you why the Devaney/Woon slate is the REAL progressive slate. Last year there were two main slates, Harper/Klute [who currently rule] and the Progressive Slate. I ran on the Progressive Slate and won both my positions as at-large Senator and Student Fee Committee member. Our pres/VP and SFC chair barely lost to Harper/Klute, mostly because they completely littered the campus with pink paper for a month straight and also got all of their athletic/Frat kid friends to vote for them. Basically, the SAME EXACT PEOPLE ARE RUNNING ON THE SAME EXACT SLATES this year, with the exception of a few folks [some of which realized who the real progressives were, and switched to our side]. The progressive slate this year, Devaney/Woon, has people who are *actually* activists who care about wiping out the conservative student government that is currently in place. We have non-traditional students running with us who actually represent PSU students. We care about student issues, not furthering our resumes. This is why we ran the progressive slate last year and this year, because we are tired of having conservative student executives!! This leads to corruption and misusage of our student fees! Our student groups are at stake here!

As a member of the Devaney/Woon slate and a concerned student, I beg you not to vote for the candidates who are running with the Barron/Craven slate... unless you are a hardcore Republican [b/c they've got quite a few of them], you absolutely think Homecoming is the most important event, or you want more funding for the Wrestling team.

Don't be fooled by them. Check out the REAL progressive candidates: www.devaneywoon.com

to 09m 27.Feb.2005 17:21

no one in particular

I'm not knocking evergreen, it's great for certain things, but for example, I'm interested in learning about advanced mathematics. From what I can see (and admittedly, I didn't look too hard) Evergreen has maybe one class a term about mathematics. Plus, fuck, I can barely afford PSU, what makes you think I can afford out of state tuition at Evergreen? And I'd have to live in Olympia (sorry, not my scene), etc.

I don't understand your hatred of all other schools. If I want to go to school for personal enligtenment (I do), then what does it matter if the school has grades and credits? I'm there to learn, so I can ignore those things and just try my hardest.

Though, I do admit, grades do help push me to work harder. I'm working full time to put myself through school (and even that doesn't pay for it, I have to take some terms off to save up) and certain weeks are harder than others to get motivated for school. I don't spend time obsessing about grades, but it is nice to have a little extra motivation.

Please stop trying to push your own personal hatred of school onto other people. If it's not for you, that's fine, don't go. I spent 8 years after high school working because I didn't want to go to school either. But now I'm ready and I'm enjoying learning, and I don't see why you think I'm a sellout for wanting to do so.

In re: the election. I was very excited to vote for Barron Craven when I thought it was one person. It's such a fucking cool EVIL POLITICIAN (or maybe EVIL SUPERHERO) name. Now that I know it's two last names, I'm significantly less excited. My suggestion: merge the two of you into one person and possibly gain some evil superpowers. Then you'll have my vote!

Clyde 27.Feb.2005 17:30


shhhhh... I am one of those adjuncts who try to break the mold of consumerized education. And not by having my students get in touch with their feelings with a crappy weekly journal. But by trying to get them to think outside the crap we are all fed.

and yes Raging Against the Machine!

By the way the idea of academia being a haven of left wing thought is crap. Its all conformity and most for points that translate as money. There are some excellent teachers at PSU and many many other places, but after a few years they end up giving up and buying into the conformity out of fear of being jobless and homeless.

Oh Really? 27.Feb.2005 21:35

someone in the know cynical@fu2usob.net

I am running for Senate on the opposite slate, I must say the attempt at mudslinging here is noble to say the very least. HOwever...Misrepresentation is not here a one way street. You cannot as a campaign, pipeline the public full of slight phrased and loft-claimed platforms without having the evidence to back it up. How about the fact that the ONLY direct action on the HigherOne campaign was organized by Erin Devaney (our candidate for president).
Also interestingly, it seems to me a fallacy that someone could think it reliable or valid to claim the refusal of another to abide by a competetors notion of ethical behavior to be an ethics violation. Get over it. I do not have time for propaganda, and attempts to wrench in on others' ideas. SO PSU..make an informed vote on ideas, and on actions. And Barron-Craven...keep your selves in line. Accosting our honor is not ETHICAL!

-A Concerned Candidate

I am voting for Erin Devaney 27.Feb.2005 21:57


Well I have met with Erin Devaney. She seems very concerned over the HigherOne. Infact the second time I met her she was at a booth trying to inform students about the fraud that HigherOne is. I find the Amanda Barron and Lindsey Craven slander here in a space that is outside of PSU pathetic. The poster should be ashamed.


Adas Lis-PSU Student Fee Committee Candidate/Current Senator ahdahsh@yahoo.com

Wow, the Barron/Craven Slate and their claims honestly make me sick. I know it sounds really bad because I also am running for Student Government and have been involved in Student Government for the past year, but I believe with all my heart that Devaney/Woon is the best of the two. What's sad is how diametrically different that they are. Here's where the fight began: Several years ago, a bunch of white conservatives (or extremely conservative democrats) got control of ASPSU. They are still in trouble. The liberals/radicals of PSU were forced onto the periphery of the university and tried to take back PSU. Several of these people were put into the middle of an extreme battle in ASPSU. It revolved around Caine Lowery. Caine had been promised to be appointed to a senate position. The only problem was that the ASPSU President at the time, Amara Marino, wouldn't appoint people of color. Amara's vice-president was Joe Johnson. Joe Johnson is a proud republican who also is the boyfriend of Amanda Barron. This year's conservative ASPSU choice. Amanda Barron and her V.P. Candidate Lindsey Craven were involved in ASPSU last year. They weren't on a slate because they had a much more important role to fill. They sat on the Elections Committee. The very same Elections Committee which had the distinction of being the only one in the history of PSU that was shut down by the ACLU for violations of candidates civil rights. The Elections Committee made a bad ruling, they said that a student wasn't allowed to speak about elections on campus (Free Speech!?!). Amanda Barron upheld this ruling by saying ''I know this ruling is constitutional because I'm pre-law.'' Yeah, right. When I am in my next car accident, I really want a pre-med student too. Amanda Barron, after the failed election, was selected by the ''winners'' to be the Federal Affairs Director. This she did well at this? Guess again. After a year in one of the most important elections of U.S. history, Amanda Barron stood up in front the student Senate and said ''My job really isn't important. It should be cut because I don't have enough to do.'' FEDERAL AFFAIRS!?!?!?! NOT ENOUGH TO DO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! That makes me sick. Lindsey Craven is a whole other story. Lindsey currently sits on the student senate and has lately done several very, very interesting things. About three weeks ago, she said she would fight against a resolution to help food service workers at PSU. The resolution was supposed to send the message that the students of PSU support the workers in their drive to be unionized. She was going to vote against it but didn't because it wouldn't look good for a person running for student government to vote against workers. She also is anti-student group. PSU is charging Native American groups money to hold events on campus, yet not charging athletics. She voted against it. Why? Who knows. I don't know what goes on in the mind of a conservative. Another thing that's funny? They have like five republican/fascists running on their slate. They are officers of College Republicans www.gop.pdx.edu and they write for the Spectator. A neo-fascist paper on campus. One of their members even posted on the ASPSU Listserv this:  http://www.lists.pdx.edu/aspsu_senate/current/0575.html . They are the lest progressive people ever. More is to come!!

Voting for Devaney/Woon 27.Feb.2005 22:21

Another Progressive Supporter of Devaney/Woon Nezahualcoyotl@hotmail.com

I know I can count on Erin Devaney and Molly Woon to fight for 24-hour computer lab, library, and food court access. Erin and Molly are two of the most hard-working and intelligent people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Also, they have a plan to provide free bus passes for all PSU students! Please don't listen to the negative propaganda of the opposition. We all deserve to have Erin and Molly in office.

wait a second 27.Feb.2005 22:54


Though I think PSU student politics are worthless. I am voting for Devaney/Woon.

I find this kinda funny. PSU student politics has always been a miniture of the American crap.. ooops I mean American political parties. This reminds me of the Bush/Gore and even Bush/Kerry campaigns where the candiates are constantly said to be the same by the corporate media or when Bush has no idea of his own and agrees with Kerry. Ofcourse with these little games of claiming "progressiveness" from Amanda Barron/Lindsey Craven and the fact that I have met Devaney in her struggle against Higher One I too am voting for Devaney.

Vote for BarronCraven 27.Feb.2005 22:57

psu student

At least their postings actually make sense, unlike the whining from the Devaney Woon people. Grow up and get a life, losers.

Where are the candidates that will vow to abolissh student government? I will certainly vote for that one.

Whining Student 27.Feb.2005 23:16

An actual PSU Student, not a Barron/Craven 'bot

To the person who complained of whining, wouldn't you whine too if you school was being taken over by lying conservatives who swear they are progressives? Barron/Craven and all their green litter make me sick.

Devaney/Woon Support , the only way to go... 27.Feb.2005 23:33

lolasbaby mlfletch@pdx.edu

As someone who has directly experienced the milquetoast passion and dedication Barron/Craven put toward 'direct action' on the campus of PSU I am a strong supporter and believer in the Devaney/Woon slate! Erin Devaney and Molly Woon have both the experience and dedication coupled with activist dedication to truly push the student voice on campus. Tired of student government selling you out?! So am I, that's why I support and encourage every PSU student to vote Devaney/Woon. TRUE progressives creating REAL change on the campus of PSU!

twisted truth 27.Feb.2005 23:48

Sarah Hendrickson ann@pdx.edu

I am wondering why, if amanda barron is really working twords student privacy with regards to the higher one, does PSU have the LEAST amount of lobbyists in Salem compared to every other University in Oregon? As for keeping tuition low, maybe we should have, once again, more representation in Salem... Why is the current administration afraid of real work? Not just having a title to put on thier resume?

losers? 28.Feb.2005 00:52

an active observer

Didn't we hear the neo-fascists after the election frauds in Nov 2000 and 2004 tell those that were opposed to Bush be called "losers".

If students and teachers really wanted to make an impacted they would create a student-facalty union that was not sanctioned by the university and well strike! A week without the administration's hands on tuition and teachers with students holding free classes in the Park Blocks would break the powers above. This election stuff only buys into the power structure already there.

this is all about resume padding 28.Feb.2005 01:12


Who really wins in these elections are the corporations (the "co-op" bookstore, Sallae Mae, the president and all his bureucrats, HigherOne in Texas and all the other leeches) and maybe the winning students who put the title on their resume.

Who really loses in these elections are the students, teachers and the general public that could have been enriched with truly educated people. Instead we have to have this corporate shit and a dual over petty personalities that may not see the full picture of their education or the corrupt busness that poses as education and that really teaches people conformity.

I'd vote only for those who sponsor IRV for student elections 28.Feb.2005 08:26

second opinion

if you really want to leave behind something important, change the student elections to Instant Runoff Voting, and you will find that "smear campaigns" will be a thing of the past. The whole informal dynamics change, and suddenly its very important to make as many voter friends as possible, instead of polarizing everything and creating voter enemies. Food for thought.

Any candidates working for this change?

better place for this infantile campaign rhetoric... 28.Feb.2005 08:48


... would be the PSU paper.

If you MUST subject us to your posts, tell us ALL of the things you would be WORKING FOR, rather than just touching on a few key issues, and give details, rather than lambasting the opponents and spreading rumors.

Voting 28.Feb.2005 10:02


There is instant run-off voting on the ballot

to student 28.Feb.2005 11:11


very cool.

Here's an idea... 28.Feb.2005 12:12

PSUStudent info-psu@fishbulb.info

Will someone actually run AS A CONSERVATIVE? I know that I'd vote for that candidate, and I think a lot of others at PSU would too. Radicals and liberals think they are in the majority at Portland State because they are so loud and rash, but I have come across countless conservatives on campus who simply go about their business and don't bicker and moan about every little thing that happens.

So here's my $0.02: Run as a staunch republican, you just might be surprised.

in these types of situations 28.Feb.2005 13:20

i always

vote for the hottest candidates...

reflections of the national political scene 28.Feb.2005 14:55


As the Bush administration has so aptly demonstrated the current political landscape is one full of people who know that they would find no support if they were honest about their agenda so they must lie completely and thoroughly to get elected. This has become the model which is now emulated across the country.

I would caution those who want to run as a conservative as the conservative movement in this country is all but dead. The Bush administration in usurping the label of conservatism has bastardized the term. The true conservatives have already realized that the republican party does not serve them and that the libertarian party is often times not much better.

Check out the wonderful Devaney/Woon slate... 28.Feb.2005 15:28

smart voter

Look at all of the lovely progressiveness that the Devaney/Woon slate offers:

[by the way, this is all from memory, I'm sure I'm missing a lot]
Two of which are the coordinators for Queers and Allies [Annie Leonardo and Cameron Vogt].
One of which is a coordinator for Food for Thought cafe - organic, local [Jamie Hogue].
Two of which are organizers for a radical activist group [Kayla Goldfarb and Kento Azegami].
One of which is an active member of campus greens and progressive student union [Darris Mishler].
One of which is the chapter chair of OSPIRG [Amy Connolly].
Three of which are members of College Democrats [Meaghan Mayeda, Jesse Bufton, Sarah Hendrickson].
All of which care about progressive issues.

One of which is a coordinator for the multicultural center and previous organizor for BCAB-black cultural affairs board, NAACP and AAS-association of african students [Sa'eed Haji].
One of which was the equal rights advocate for PSU, an older returning student, native student and a self-identified dyke [Mary Fletcher].
One of which is a coordinator of the Jewish Student Union, a two year member of Students for Unity and one of the only progressive SFC members this year [Kayla Goldfarb].
One of which is a student who speaks/understands twelve languages [Adas Lis].

Vice President:
She is the President of the College Democrats, worked as a coordinator for Votemob!, and worked for David Wu- congressman, also helped bring Michael Moore to PSU [Molly Woon].

She worked for the No on 36 campaign and did voter reg., planned the higher one day of action at PSU, Oregon Student Association intern, and current progressive SFC member [Erin Devaney].

So now we know which is the REAL progressive slate. I doubt that Barron/Craven have 1/4 as many progressively involved folks on their slate. ... and as it seems, they are using their "democratic standing" to try and appeal to certain progressive folks, while their real audience [people who like them] are frat/sorority kids and football players... the fact that they have at least 5 republicans on their slate speaks for itself.

Couldn't say it enough, vote Devaney/Woon!!

Take your play date somewhere else 28.Feb.2005 22:40


You are on a forum that is viewed by many people who have no stake or interest in your election. Many of us are much older and experienced than you. I have to tell you this. You all look so silly. This election is important to very few people... even within the university. The funniest thing about it is that a few years from now it will mean nothing to even the most involved people, the candidates themselves. You just look so silly.

I call bullshit 01.Mar.2005 15:14

radical anti-authoritarian student

I think that all this electoral politics in our school is just pure bullshit. There is no point in saying that you're going to be a "radical" alternative while still playing in the dominant framework of student government. We don't need the student government, or you to lead us in some vanguardist action like pawns. What us students need is the conciousness and the resources that we can pool to create a grassroots power. Who should be in control, you political fucks or the students? Why do we need to you to kiss Berstine's ass? We don't! Your resources could actually be better used empowering people into taking control of their own life and their own schooling instead of involving yourselves in petty bickering about who is the best person to have a position in the student government (which doesn't really have power anyway). Students are the solution to the One Account, rising book costs, rising tuition, and and a decrease in the quality of our education. Look at the students in Paris '68, they were going somewhere.

"Let knowledge help the masses"

i 2nd that bullshit call 01.Mar.2005 19:27


you are right on... student government has no power and is not going to productively change anything. as a current student i dream of someone empowering us to make change instead of a few upper class students kissing bureaucratic ass on our behalf. and who the fuck cares if the library and food court are open 24 hours? sure, it would be convenient... but what about the real issues (rising tuition costs, the dumbing down of our education)? i'm a grad student right now and am appalled at how easy everything is! i am not challenged at all academically and whenever someone whines because a paper is "too hard" the standards are lowered or we just don't have to write any. hello! i am here to learn... is anyone else?

Well well well!!!! 01.Mar.2005 20:21


What did Barron/Craven's College Republican buddies do today in Smith Center? Only a large display comparing the Devaney/Woon slate to dictators like Lenin, Stalin, and other Communist badguys. So much for "ethics!"

I'm definitely voting Devaney/Woon now, because they don't stoop to having their friends run a smear campaign on the side(where student elections can't do anything about it apparently.)


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