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election fraud

I now fully accept that Bush won the election fair and square, because...

I now realize that the final, "weighted", cooked exit polls must be exactly correct, since they adjust the initial "raw" data to the "pristine" vote count, which of course we know is always 100% accurate. That is especially true now that we have fancy new Diebold/ES&S touchscreen computers . . .

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Excellent Election Fraud Coverage at 26.Feb.2005 01:57

A. Citizen

Gary Beck's website (He made the map I stole above.)
Solar Bus - Election Fraud and Reform Center
Mounting evidence about the theft of the 2004 Presidential Election.
Election Reform.

I am starting to agree Bush "won" 26.Feb.2005 02:02


I am starting to conclude that Bush won, because the average voter is totally media-literate and trained sheep that would walk in front of a firing squad if you had a discounted McDonald's "flabby patty" there or told them that they are patriots if they stood there. What a country full of morons! If this was anyother country people would have been out in the streets fighting to take back their country.

More Vote Fraud Links 26.Feb.2005 03:23

U. Sam

Oregon registration fraud and tricks 26.Feb.2005 05:15

D. White

Various counties

With Digitized Data, Your Right To Vote is where?

Some food for thought. A post I saw:

"As a voter-by-mail, I've had many doubts concerning the accuracy and integrity of everyone's vote being received, scanned, and tabulated correctly. My only peace of mind in doing it for the last few elections has been the simple fact that our Secretary of State has always been a Democrat. Oregon is not that "blue" of a state, in reality.

"On top of the actual voting system itself, Oregon voters must remember to update their voter registration if they've moved to a different mailing address. I'm not sure there is a process in place for those who forget to do that prior to an election, and I would imagine that many "registered" voters lose their right to vote each election as a result of it.

"Vote-by-mail also pretty much eliminates the use of exit polls as a way to cross-reference the vote. Accurate exit polls, that is. Without exit polls, you better be damn sure that their are no loopholes for vote tampering. Not that it helped Kerry out in Ohio, but they do raise a red flag for investigating.

"I assume that each county courthouse has a scanner and tabulator to count the mail-in votes. Do you think it would be worth it to run a mock ballot count a day or two before each election and verify that each county has accurate machines? After which,of course, the scanners and tabulators are mechanically locked for the real deal."

IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE 26.Feb.2005 05:34


Chuck Herrin's hack-the-tabulator demo. Chuck is a true computer-security expert, and far, far from being someone whining about a lost election.


"Would you trust your bank account balance if their systems were this easy to hack? As a result of my hands on testing, I have absolutely no faith that my vote was counted or will be in future elections where this software is used. It is simply too easy to change! Any motivated insider or Hacker of moderate skill can change hundreds of thousands of votes with very little effort and almost no chance of being caught.

"The best part is that if anyone tries to question the results, you can ridicule them and call them sore losers! Conspiracy theorists! But won't this be caught in a recount? First off, if you're going to the trouble, you'll want to make sure you add enough votes so you can call a recount a waste of time, and with the new machines, recounts are very difficult, if not impossible! There's no paper trail, and a recount of the DREs will only tell you what the software has been programmed to report. It's the perfect crime."



access from here:  http://www.chuckherrin.com/main.htm

You know this country is FUCKED UP!! 26.Feb.2005 07:55

Bird Dog

When we have Forrest Gump in the whitehouse!!

Speaking of voter fraud... 26.Feb.2005 08:53

Buckman Res

...Let's not forget how Oregon voters were denied the chance to vote for
the candidate of their choice when Oregon Secretary of State Bill
Bradbury went to court to keep Ralph Nader's name off the ballot.

Working directly with Democratic Party lawyers Bradbury took the
blatantly partisan step of appealing the first court decision that allowed
Nader on the ballot. Let's make sure we point out all the fraud and
disenfranchisement in the last election.

Selection 2004 results in _*_ 3-D _*_ 26.Feb.2005 09:14


check it out:

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