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Witnesses of police brutality?

Looking for witnesses to police incident
Anyone witnessing a confrontation between Washington County sheriff deputies and a 5'7", white, gray haired, 74 year old male with a white Toyota in the QFC parking lot (corner of SW Barnes and Miller Rd), on Wednesday 2/23/05 10:00 am, please reply to  tfagin1@yahoo.com. Victim was not allowed to seek witness contacts at the time. Thanks.

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better be careful with those 25.Feb.2005 12:51

Washington County Deputies

as they're JASON SEARY-types...they--for the most part--all go to the same church he did and
have the same goofy belief's...like they are on a MISSION FROM GOD and go about their job's in
that sort of mind set. Be careful with these dirty men, as they're not really what they seek
to make themselves out to be...they'll cover-up, cover for each other, and tell all manner of
lies to protect their version of the Blue Wall. If you get 'em on the run, keep 'em running
and don't stop till they've dropped in their shoes...that's only way to deal with these crazy
fundamentalist religious wackos! Good luck, and hope to hear this case bust wide open soon!

I know them and you are wrong 25.Feb.2005 15:07


I am just a working guy. I help people to buy their homes, or to get a lower interest rate on their mortgage. I've done this for hundreds of people over the last nine years, helping them use the money they make more wisely, helping them keep from having to just give the banks thousands of dollars in interest payments that these good hardworking people have earned, and should be able to keep for their families' sake.

Several of my clients have been Sheriff's deputies for Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington county, especially. Some are religious, some just aren't. They are nothing like you mischaracterize them at all. You treat them with respect and fairness - not prejudging them (like you don't want to be either) and you will get the same from them in return. Sure, there are one or two bad apples here and there; sometimes human beings just have a bad day, too, you know!? That is true in any line of work. It is just way more obvious when one of them steps over a line.

Show a little of the tolerance and understanding our side is supposed to be known for, eh?

hey working guy 25.Feb.2005 16:15

you're wrong

I am a middle aged white woman with all average features, and who looks like every other woman (I know, because I get mistaken for someone else all the time)---and I was stopped by the Beaverton police on my way to the Beaverton library to drop something off that was due that day. It was at night, and he acted like there was some curfew. He told me he wanted to search my bag and get my identification information because he suspected that I was looking in people's mailboxes. If it was legitimate, he would have had the legal right to arrest me and search my bag. Instead, he just tried to intimidate me, which told me that he was not looking for any suspect in the first place.
It was really wierd. He basically just plucked me off the street as I, a very nondescript and low profile person, was walking down a neighborhood street. I didn't let him search my bag or see my ID, and that bothered him. I gave him a little reality check by putting the situation in perspective and telling him that he was stopping me for going to the library, in a pretty forceful voice, and somehow that had some psychological effect on him and shamed him. I got the idea that he was raised in an authoritarian family, and that he did not respond to REASON, only to "force." It was sad, because this is really dangerous. He did not appear to be very smart at all. But he did back off.
The Beaverton police really do have something wrong with them.

me thinks that 25.Feb.2005 16:39


is buddy-buddy with the Washington County PoPigs...we got a squeal out of him/her. Good work!

not what you think 25.Feb.2005 17:16



My "relationship" with Wa. Cty. Sheriff's dep's is business only, and limited only to what I have described in my letter. I have been invited to barbecues at one guy's place - another asked me if I wanted to go game bird hunting with him and two of his friends (who were not in police work). I declined both invitations and have never done anything with them socially. I choose my own friends outside of my office - they ain't cops.

The Beaverton cop the other lady is talking about is a perfect example of the "bad-apple" type I addressed. They do exist, and I have heard other cops talk about them. They don't like them either, because those types make it harder for the rest of them to do their job.

I find your "accusation" nothing other than funny. If you are trying to provoke outrage on my part, sorry you just aren't good enough at it. I was just standing up and saying something that I had personal knowledge of. I don't really have an axe to grind, or a horse in the race, so to speak. All I can say to you is Peace out, believe what you're gonna believe.

"bad apples" 25.Feb.2005 18:09


The issue is that here in Oregon we tend to have rotten trees instead of "a few bad apples". What I can't, for the life of me, figure out is how insane a group of citizens would have to be to acknowledge that there are "bad apples" and not do anything about it. Really, when did it become ok for those who are incompetent at their jobs to be given guns, the ability to kill, and operate with little to no oversight or accountability. And hence, we have the problem that though I like to think that there are "good apples" on the force, they are clearly not "good enough" to toss out those wastes of tax-payer dollars and community harming individuals. I suppose that they must feel so in the minority that they don't feel it's worth the trouble. Still, at some point the community is going to clean house; of that there can be no doubt.

I quite agree with you there TAXPAYER 25.Feb.2005 20:10

a taxpayer 2

I'm no longer shocked with the antics of these ill-bred joke's that get into police work. Sad!

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