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Diagnosing the Green Party: Narcissism Runs Rampant

An example of the ruin: In Minnesota, the Green Party has enjoyed majority status since 2000, but is now heading back to the political fringe. Cobb's poor vote total disqualified the Greens from $400,000 in public subsidies and automatic ballot access in the state.

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The grass is always greener . . . 24.Feb.2005 23:48


"Talk about schmuck" 25.Feb.2005 00:18

George Bender

I can't take the Greens seriously any more. You either fight or you don't fight. There is no third alternative.

... 25.Feb.2005 15:12


they "fought" for a clean vote count in ohio. that's more than the dems did.

that's really the only thing left to do in this "democracy."

otherwise why even bother with the charade.

What a joke! 25.Feb.2005 21:40

Dr. Strange

It's really sad that people are attacking the Green Party on the basis of false information. The Green party has a grassroots peace movement that has clearly represented the people more than the Democrats or Republicans ever have.There are the 10 Party platforms,the countless campaigns against war,poverty, corruption,... and the movement to create a world of peace and justice. When you are in a corporate society that keeps people brainwashed through its fake media and its corrupt policies I wonder what odds a grassroots movement might be facing? First off third party candidates rarely get media coverage to relay their views(which drastically affects their enrollment); they are not included in the debates ( David Cobb standing up for democracy, and got assaulted/arrested); Democrats and Republicans take millions in corporate donations(compared to Public financing by the Green Party,which is limited by it's enrollment)... We are in a serious struggle for peace and survival in this country TODAY! We can either follow the Democrats and Republicans down with the rest of the empire in a matter of time, or we can face the challenge of supporting movements that are for a better world... like the Green Party!

Green Party Lost Raison Detre 26.Feb.2005 03:35

Robert Halfhill rhalfhill@juno.com

125 Oak Grove, Apt 41, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55403

The Green Party Divide 26.Feb.2005 06:08

Dennis Kobray DBachmozart@aol.com

Evergreen writes that Cobb and Nader are very close in political philosophy. I guess the issue of caving in to the Democrats is just a trivial difference. Liberal Democrats threw the Cobb faction onto the defensive after the 2000 election - " you put Bush into the White House!" Many of these greens are on the payroll of liberal NGOs and non profits and scurried to find a way to avoid antagonizing their friends in the future - it was called "safe states."This was the idea that an independent party doesn't have to be independent on election day if the Dems are in a close race. Nader, for all his shortcomings rejected this capitulation and fought for a total break with the corporate duopoly, including election day!Hence the venomous attacks by liberals,ABB leftists, and the frightened wing of the GPUS.
Dennis Kobray

total disinfo on greens above 26.Feb.2005 10:19

I know why!

Greens and Libs are the only parties that actually fought for your right to vote in the past election, while sheeple mostly were fed lies of the collusive Republicans and Democrats--to the present day!

Dean is still a joke: the ex-"Democratic" VT Governor who represses civil rights? Come on people, you are the victims of a nationalized "good cop, bad cop" psyops campaign: and it's all leading back to the same people.

Hello? Gannongate? This leads back to a single PR company that conducted both the Bush and Kerry campaigns.

Hello? in 1992 the national election managers of the Bush I and the Clinton campaigns married each other directly after the 1992 campaign.

Hello? Kerry, "the other Skull and Bones candidate," threw the election and you are blaming the Greens?!

No one is really fooled though I think by the first post in the thread. Some one simily feels threatened by the truth that is all. And that truth is that the Demo/Repubs are the same one party fascist state running under two tickets, though always leading back to the same corporate and police state funders and tactics...

Love the Greens 26.Feb.2005 16:21


I agree with Evergreen. Great analysis. Love the last line, so very Green:

"The important thing is to get beyond the rift, not to perpetuate it!"

Fuck George Bender. Who fights more than the Greens?

George Bender 27.Feb.2005 06:25


Wonderful! 27.Feb.2005 19:11

Bern Haggerty

What a wonderful, passionate display of democracy at work! Open, on-line bickering like this is a really good sign of grassroots democracy. I personally have never been involved in any worthwhile grassroots effort that went smoothly, with only pleasant emotions all around. I see this almost every time someone posts a "Green Party" item on PDX Indymedia. BAM! Twelve posts! Good work! Here is my suggestion to improve these threads in the future: Please do not imagine the Green Party as an American Political Party, with only a small number of cliques or factions. When you join the Green Party, you become part of a global movement--really the only global political party. Remove your nationalistic blinders. If democracy means anything it cannot be limited by national boundaries. The European Greens lately formed an alliance with the Socialists to nix a right-wing EU administration, including a corporatist resources minister and a homophobic justice minister. Now that's a "Green Alliance"! And, don't worry so much about the National Green Party and the Green Party Presidential candidates. Go to a local Green Party meeting and fix you mass transit system, your abusive police system, your corrupt local politicians, etc. Plant Your Garden. Ride Your Bike. Run for School Board. The two giant political party bureaucracies that control the US elections cannot possibly survive much longer. Their war consensus (nearly 500 billion dollars a year for war!) has imposed a miserable new world order--killing, maiming, irradiating, impoverishing, too many people for anyone to forget. Get involved, get organized, and get ready to replace them when they collapse. Bern Haggerty.

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