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Wal-mart is planning to open a 145,000sq ft. store in the Portland Suburb of Cedar Mill. Residents such as myself don't want it, but I can't imagine there is anyone in Portland for it.
Show your suport and come to the plan presention meeting.
Wal mart is comming to Portland. They are already here, obviously, but we want to stop their expansion. I live in the small community of Cedar Mill, a suburb of Portland. Wal Mart is planning an enormous store of 145,000sq ft in one of our small commercial areas. Residents don't want it, and we need all the support we can get from Portland. Please come and help us stop the Walmart growing in our great city.
The meeting is on Thursday March 10th, 2005 at 15450 SW Millikan Way, (Near Sw 153rd drive.)
COme out and show your support of our cause and your dislike of Wal-Mart.

homepage: homepage: http://www.savecedarmill.com

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best of luck 24.Feb.2005 18:40

in fighting this behemoth

Wall-Mart is a scourge on the planet. I hope the fight is successful.
I can't be at this meeting, but will try to do what I can. Thanks for the alert!

meh 24.Feb.2005 19:25

vote with Yer pocketbook

Linky no worky.

BTW, several communities have been successful in defeating Walmart.

Where? 24.Feb.2005 19:43

Father Time

I live in the area, and hadn't heard this. Do you know exactly where it's being proposed?

The amount of "growth" (uh, commercialization) in the Cedar Mill area during recent years has been appalling. Ever since Cedar Hills Blvd. was extended north between Highway 26 and Cornell Rd., decimating a beautiful forested area and wetland in the process (as well as greatly increasing traffic and new construction), things have been on a downward spiral.

While no Southeast Portland, I nonetheless remember when Cedar Mill was a rare Westside enclave comprised of small owner operated businesses and quiet neighborhoods. Wal-Mart would be the final nail in the coffin for me...

More Info 24.Feb.2005 21:34

Phil felldownthewell@netscape.net

It will be accross fromt he hollywood video on the undeveloped piece of land on the corner of Barnes and Cedar Hills. Their plan is to utelize the widening of the freeway to bring in shoppers which will just add to the already terrible congestion at that intersection. I forgot to add that the meeting is at 7pm at the Kingstad center. Im glad to hear about the sucess of others and i hope we can repeat it. Thanks for the support. Ill post the outcome of the meeting for those who can't make it.

Duh . . . . . 25.Feb.2005 15:04

wal mart sucks

If you don't convince people to not shop there, they will win. Stop sniveling and start boycotting.

march 10th meeting 26.Feb.2005 20:38


crap, I have tickets for an event that night that I already bought. Shoot. But, if someone has a petition going anywhere in the Beaverton Area, post something here if you can, and I will come sign it. I'm going to print flyers to put in the mailboxes of my neighborhood about the meeting.

wallmart is a bad thing 01.Mar.2005 19:57

sarah pike 4wbush@comcast.net

wallmart would ruin our property value and destroy the small buisnesses in our comunity

citizens against walmart 02.Mar.2005 14:43


check out www.savecedarmill.com

for info and petitions against walmart

the group will also be picketing on friday, march 4 between 4-6 at the site.

More picketing 07.Mar.2005 12:08


I was at the picket on Friday and it seemed to go very well. Lot's of support from motorist's and good news coverage.

There was talk of doing this every Friday. How can we get people that were honking in support to park their cars and join us on the corners?

No walmart 08.Mar.2005 19:43

No walmart

I have lived in this (used to be quiet neighborhood)15 yrs...Walmart would be a nitemare!!!!

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