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And so I was all, "Whuh?!?"

Yeah, I know, this never would have happened if I had been listening to KBOO...

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don't you know? 24.Feb.2005 15:47

crazed righty

tearing down the flag is the same as wiping your nose on it. And the flag is the symbol of our blessed soldiers of freedom, so that little commie kid is out there wiping his snotty nose on our troops, right when they need us to support them, SUPPORT THEM DAMN IT!

rubbing your nose in it 24.Feb.2005 17:25

Chalky & Noz

I promise I will never wipe my nose with the US flag. I'll just wipe my butt with it.
Now put that up your flag pole!

crazed righty without a brain! 24.Feb.2005 17:42

Tired of your BULLSHIT!!

Do you remember the boston tea party?

Do you know how our country was started?

By descent!!

When our neo-nazi, Reich-wing corporate government gets out of control, it is our duty to put up a fight against the evil they create.

You belive in the lies that were spoken to start this war?
Then get your ass to Iraq and Die for the lies you support!!!!

You are nothing more than another sheep being sent to slaughter.

satire 24.Feb.2005 18:04


that's what I think it is. Good work, crazed.
Anyway, I was laughing there....

That's another $5000 for China 24.Feb.2005 18:11

10th Gen

All that faux patriotic crapola is made in China anyhow.

Maybe they could order a replacement from Wal-Mart?

The guy who ripped down the flag is RIGHT ON!!! He's a true American! 24.Feb.2005 18:28


d00d.... 24.Feb.2005 19:17


...who's dumb enough to pay 5 grand for a flag that's only made up of maybe $20 worth of materials by sweatshop laborers who get paid 10 cents a day huh?

Yes that's right, our symbol of America is made in China or Korea or Indonesia...

Weird eh?

... 25.Feb.2005 22:17


maybe the "victim" is claiming a ridiculous value for the flag in
order to get the suspect charged with a more serious "crime" ...

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