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corporate dominance | imperialism & war

anyone want to help me write this paper?

i'm looking for particularly damaging quotes on the part of the u.s. neocons prior to march of '03. anyone know any good ones?
hey y'all,

what i'm asking for help with here is finding some blatant quotes made by american neoconservatives to magaziones like the National Review in the months prior to the War. I used to have the National Review where either Wolfowitz or Perle stated that the seizing of a substantial amount of oil to shore up the USA's reserves was a high priority... but then I lost it. And now I cant find that quote anywhere. Can anyone remember one like it?

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Dude 24.Feb.2005 15:32

check the source

Read PRESENT DANGERS: it's the full plan and rationale for the Project for a new american century.