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publishing and searching functionality restored

After a string of problems portland indymedia publishing is back online.
On sunday one of our servers suffered a critical hardware failure which was followed by a prolonged network failure which slowed the recovery efforts substantially. The focus has been to get publishing functionality restored so that people can be empowered to write the news that they find important. Though this functionality has been restored there are likely to be problems with the site that will be ironed out over the next few days. Publishing may also be considerably slower (at least it is at the moment though I hope to improve that shortly). So don't be alarmed if something doesn't work, or doesn't work quickly and feel free to contact us or to post to this thread with any problems that you encounter.

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spoke to soon 24.Feb.2005 10:32


Looks like we got hit with some database problems as well. They seem to be resolved now.

welcome back up...you've been missed by 24.Feb.2005 11:00

us out here

glad to see thing's are back up 'n' running. Cheers!

thanks for yr hard work 24.Feb.2005 12:42


cause i know y'all are busy and had to take extra time out of yr days to fix things. the work is greatly appreciated.

continuing database issues 24.Feb.2005 13:05


Clicking on the thumbnails for the PDX Loves Freedom & Hunter S. T. Party goes to an error page instead of showing the pictures.

Thanks. I'd hate to be the one having to fix things after the crash.

You expect me to believe it was a coincidence? 24.Feb.2005 16:47

a friend

How likely is it that the whole system would crash with exactly (and no other) article at the top of the newswire than "You'll see all the bats soon enough" ? ? Next you'll be telling us that the Hunter Thompson suicide wasn't faked . . .

Yeah 24.Feb.2005 18:11

March Hare

I didn't have anyplace to grouse for awhile. Thanks for commin' back.

update 24.Feb.2005 18:24

indy geek

Any new comments made to articles published during the past month or so are not lost, however they are cirrently not displaying under the articles. This is being worked on.

comments 25.Feb.2005 01:25


unable to post comments in mozilla or ie browser

testing 25.Feb.2005 01:41

indy geek

testing to see if comments are working

testing 25.Feb.2005 01:41

indy geek


comments 25.Feb.2005 02:19


unable to read or post comments to just a few of the articles, like, Hunter: a memoir and one other one, but i forget already...otherwise working

sunday? 25.Feb.2005 07:37


how come comments made as far back as a month didnt come up?

Yep 25.Feb.2005 09:12


is working

Idaho Indy 26.Feb.2005 02:53

Trapped in Spudland with no Indy. nospambutsendmoneywarmonger3@hotmail.com

What the heck happened to Idaho Indy? I have not been able to access that site for over three months. Can anyone else verify that they can access it?

I am going to start blaming the @*(&%$#@$%%$ Mormans!


ANOTHER ISSUE: search function down? 26.Feb.2005 10:29


search function down?

Some feedback 26.Feb.2005 17:55


I found that the search was not working, and I tried to click on to the newest Gannon/Gukkert posting, and got a "Web site not responding" page, then I tried the Bush/Putin posting and got the same thing. Then I clicked onto another posting that shall remain nameless, and that one connected. Then I doubled back and went to the Bush/Putin posting and that one connected. When I first clicked onto this posting I got the "Web site not responding page" then tried again and connected.

ANOTHER ISSUE: subsections fail to register/sort new articles? 26.Feb.2005 22:37


I only noticed this on the 911investigaton area, though likely the same in all subsections?

missing 27.Feb.2005 01:06

author bluehand4u@hotmail.com

my creative piece went missing from the newswire, Hunter: a memoir, posted around 1400, 2/24...where did it got to?

newswire column not displaying 27.Feb.2005 14:28

mozilla browzer

newswire column is not displaying, but other features are working

Search Function still getting Error 27.Feb.2005 20:13

Joe Cool

That's all for now except for PSU students: VOTE AMANDA BARRON FOR PRESIDENT!!

Search function 02.Mar.2005 17:27

how are you doing

Are the indymedia techs aware the search function is still not working

two other issues....freeze-ups in older article comment capacities? 02.Mar.2005 20:42


another issue: I think people are unable to add comments on older posts at all. For instance, I wanted to add more examples of court cases against the Bush regime. More than 24 hours later, they still have yet to appear. Both were lost I think, despite the website going through the motions of saying that they were successfullly submitted. This was the example I was updating:


Second, I've noticed other older posts that are entirely MISSING their red 'add a comment' blurb/link, entirely!

Posting problems 04.Mar.2005 17:57

George Bender

It often takes a long time to have articles or comments posted. Sometimes they don't appear until the next day. Sometimes they don't appear at all, and I don't see them in the compost bin either.

Anyone 07.Mar.2005 11:27


is anyone working on the issues with this site?

updates? 07.Mar.2005 17:43


I miss the functional site... ;-(

any updates from PIMC?

test 08.Mar.2005 09:00



cannot post story 09.Mar.2005 01:59

poster boy

or are you ditching reposts from mainstream media?

if so, pls put prominent notice that you've made this unwise decision...

if its because you want a local wire, you just make a new thread/link/etc for it.

whats going on? this was a major story, that heinz-kerry has said the election was hacked and you wont post that?? better vet your people for infiltrators...

Publishing issue 09.Mar.2005 21:13


Every single time I try to publish my story, it says error. I've tried at least 7 times now. Luckily I saved it on microsoft word, but others will lose their stories. Please, fix it asap


get well soon 09.Mar.2005 21:36


even thus thread lost a previous comment of mine....

hope to see the PIMC healed soon.

Enough 11.Mar.2005 08:19


Still can not add new comments to old post, PLEASE HELP WITH THIS

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