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You'll all see the bats soon enough

Whether Dr. Gonzo has truly passed on or not will only be known by those on other planes. Whether the assorted paranoid freaks that Dr. Gonzo called out from his office who now purport to wield some sort of influence over the matters of this dimension had anything to do with the attempt to remove the man from our consciousness will only be known by those who seek the answers- and we all are those.
Recognize that Hunter has spoken, and all of us who have heard that word are called to yet another action, and that we must continue to push the flat-earth nutjobs off of the edge of the planet as they rapidly jump into the arms of a God who waits only to break the bough, cradle and all, and send the mindless minions to oblivion.

There's no secrets here. my fiends. It is all laid bare as day, and the question is- are we all on a bad trip, or are we bit parts in someone else's fouled drug experiences?

Beware of the bats.


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