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Quick Summary of 2004 Election Fraud!

Mandate my ass, you crooks!
Gore 2000 repeat voters + huge Democratic new voter registration in 2004 (Dems 57%, Repubs 41%) + huge jump of Nader voters to Kerry = a 4 to 8 million vote margin for Kerry that inexplicably disappeared on election day. (--2nd report by Dr. Steven Freeman.)

This margin was virtually unsurmountable--by Bush--as every other statistic shows:

Kerry won both the national and state exit polls by a margin of 3%. (USCountvotes report, by 9 Ph.D.'s, and all other expert reports.)

Impossible skew to Bush in the official results vs. the exit polls, unaccountable by any conceivable bias in the exit polls--conservative odds of 1 in 10 million against the Bush win (confirmed by numerous Ph.D.'s and expert statisticians putting their reputations on the line to say so publicly in peer reviewed reports, including the USCountvotes report).

The UCCountvotes report, by 9 Ph.D.'s at leading universities, also indicates that Kerry's margin was even larger than the exit poll 3%, since the exit polls were actually skewed to favor Bush (the exact opposite of what was reported in the news!).

Skew to Bush in electronic voting vs. other methods in No. Carolina (--Democratic Underground analysis)

Skew to Bush in electronic voting vs. other methods in FLA. (--UC Berkeley statistics dept, study headed by Dr. Michael Haut)

Skew to Bush in electronic voting vs. other methods at the precinct level (USCountvotes report, by 9 Ph.D.'s).

Secret source code in the central electronic vote tabulators, held as proprietary info. by BushCon companies (two companies, Diebold and ES&S, one run by Bush-Cheney campaign chair in Ohio, the other by a billionaire rightwing nut), no paper trail, and no recount or audit possible, in a third of the voting machines in the country--all conditions for fraud insisted upon by Republican politicians and electronic voting machine company salesmen.

Electronic voting machines proven to be extremely insecure, unreliable and hackable.

All reported vote suppression incidents were perpetrated by Republican election officials and Republican operatives against Democratic voters, mostly minorities. One investigator estimates that 2 million minority votes were suppressed.

57,000 incidents of machine malfunction or vote suppression lodged with Congress--virtually all favoring Bush and hurting Kerry.

Many reports of touchscreen electronic voting machines changing Kerry votes to Bush votes, and none the other way around--huge odds against this.

The intense BushCon efforts to skew the election in such baldfaced, illegal ways in Ohio, Florida and several other key states indicates their fear of Kerry's big new voter registration advantage and the enthusiasm of the grass roots campaign. It was looking like a Kerry blowout--so they had to use every fraud plan they had in place.

Bush's approval ratings prior to the election were dismal - hovering around 50% - not possible for a sitting president to be elected with such low approval ratings, according to highly reputed pollster, Zogby.

Bush's approval ratings today remain dismal - hovering around 50% - dipping to 48% on his Inauguration Day!--an unprecedented "vote of no confidence" by the American people in a recently "re-elected" president.

Americans greatly disapprove of Bush's major policies (nearly 60% disapprove of the Iraq war, now, today--and 63% disapprove of torture under any circumstances).


And here is the documentation.

Exit poll analysis: Astronomical odds against the Bush win.

Dr. Steven Freeman:  http://www.appliedresearch.us/sf/epdiscrep.htm

Dr. Ron Baiman: (PDF file)  http://www.freepress.org/images/departments/997.pdf

Dr. Webb Mealy:  http://www.selftest.net/redshift.htm

Jonathan Simon: http://www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/HL0411/S00142.htm

Nine Ph.D's from leading universities call for investigation of 2004 Election (PDF - clickable only in DU post):  http://uscountvotes.org/ucvAnalysis/US/USCountVotes_Re_...
- or -
 http://tinyurl.com/6e2yu (PDF -- link may not work using some download accelerators)

Florida: 130,000 to 230,000 phantom votes for Bush--paper vs. electronic voting: Dr. Michael Haut & UC Berkeley statistics team:  http://ucdata.berkeley.edu

Democratic Underground (ignatzmouse): (North Carolina: absentee ballot vs. electronic, inexplicable 9% edge to Bush in electronic:  http://tinyurl.com/52dzk

Democratic Underground (TruthIsAll): "To believe Bush won, you have to believe..."

Part 1  http://tinyurl.com/4pucs

Part 2  http://tinyurl.com/4gqg5

Part 3  http://tinyurl.com/6okrm

Democratic Underground (TruthIsAll): The Time Zone Discrepancy  http://tinyurl.com/6u3cg

Johns Hopkins report on insecurity of electronic voting:  http://tinyurl.com/6fwug

Easy demo of the how insecure voting machines are:  http://www.chuckherrin.com/hackthevote.htm

"Myth Breakers: Facts About Electronic Elections" (2nd edition): www.votersunite.org

Ohio vote suppression: www.bpac.info/Votefraud/keyfacts.html

Documentation of widespread machine fraud and dirty tricks in over 20 states:  http://www.flcv.com/ussumall.html

Greg Palast, "Kerry Won":  http://www.tompaine.com/articles/kerry_won.php

In progress compilations of various articles and materials on 2004 Election Fraud:




Note: The credentials of the Ph.D.'s who have studied this matter and have spoken out publicly is extraordinarily impressive. All of the Dr.'s mentioned above are tops in their field, at leading universities. In addition, here is the list of Ph.D.'s who did the USCountvotes report:

Josh Mitteldorf, Ph.D. - Temple University Statistics Department

Steven F. Freeman, PhD - Center for Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania

Brian Joiner, PhD - Prof. of Statistics and Director of Statistical Consulting (ret), University of Wisconsin

Frank Stenger, PhD in mathematics - School of Computing, University of Utah

Richard G. Sheehan, PhD - Department of Finance, University of Notre Dame

Elizabeth Liddle, MA - (UK) PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham

Paul F. Velleman, Ph.D. - Department of Statistical Sciences, Cornell University

Victoria Lovegren, Ph.D. - Department of Mathematics, Case Western Reserve University

Campbell B. Read, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Department of Statistical Science, Southern Methodist University

Kathy Dopp, MS in mathematics - USCountVotes, President

Also peer reviewed by USCountVotes' core group of statisticians and independent reviewers.


One last bit of info. Jonathan Simon, one of the leading analysts of the exit polls will be speaking at the Oakland, CA, ELECTION RIGGING TEACH-IN, Sat. Feb. 26. Here's the url for that event:


Peace Patriot  http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php... 203&topic_id=331151#331267

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