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The Real Disgrace Of The Nation

Since George W. Bush has taken office, we have seen many things from him:
A Growing deficit, out of control spending, war perpetrated on lies, lies to congress, violations of the U.S. Constitution, weakened border security, destroying our nation's credibility and dignity, dividing our nation, just to name a few. In my opinion, this is what I call a disgrace to the nation.
Today, a new story ( http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2005/2/20/93437.shtml) hit the right-wing presses of NewMax, which makes a claim that George W. Bush, during his first campaign for president, referred to then President Bill Clinton as a disgrace to the nation. Reports also have it that Bush called his opponent Al Gore a "pathological liar". Now, in his second term with roughly half of the country against him, George W. Bush stands as the true pathological liar and one who has bestowed disgrace to our nation.

With his inability to tame his out of control spending and growing deficit, he has left this country's economy vulnerable. Couple that with a war perpetrated on his false claims and misrepresentations to congress and George W. Bush has disgraced this nation far worse than Bill Clinton. There can be no comparison between a man that has an extramarital affair and lies about it to a man that lies about reasons to go to war and sentences thousands to death or a life of pain.

Regardless of what a right-wing shame newspaper says, the facts stand, George W. Bush has disgraced this nation in so many ways and continues to do so with his lies and destructive policies against the elderly and poor.

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U.S.A. Inc. 20.Feb.2005 17:33


The Empire's Scapesheeple 20.Feb.2005 17:46


The Emperor will tolerate no criticism

OR Psychiatrist Banned For
Mentioning NWO To Patients
World Net Daily

A state government panel in Oregon has barred a psychiatrist from practicing medicine because he talked to his patients about the "new world order," saying such discussions could cause "emotional duress."

George F. Wittkopp, M.D., 60, signed a disciplinary order by the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners on Feb. 3, agreeing to stop practicing medicine due to "unprofessional conduct and repeated acts of negligence," according to a report in the Portland Oregonian.

"This is all about religion and politics," Wittkopp told the paper. "It's not about competence."

The controversy began in 2002, when Wittkopp, in an interview with the board's investigative committee, defended his use of "reality testing" on patients. The report states that to help some patients, Wittkopp gave them information on the "new world order," which he considers an international effort "to establish world government and a world economic system and a world religion."

In October, the regulatory panel placed Wittkopp on probation and suspended him from practicing. The board said it would stay the suspension if he paid $5,000 and completed a monitored, mandatory program.

Wittkopp refused, leading to his signing the order this month.

According to the Oregonian report, a review of the medical charts of six patients by the board showed a pattern of inappropriate prescribing of medicines. In addition, the board said, he sometimes used treatments without adequate explanation or medical rationale.

In 2003, the board decided Wittkopp's practice of talking to patients about the "new world order" reflected "poor medical judgment that could be destabilizing and cause patients to suffer mental and emotional duress."

"They say I talk about things they don't like me to talk about," Wittkopp told the Portland paper.

Under the disciplinary order, Wittkopp cannot resume his medical practice until he complies with the demands of the board.

Who would have thought 21.Feb.2005 03:08


Who would of thought that this thing would be taken so seriously. I wrote about it when it broke and now it seems it blew up into a mess for old George.

It was pointed out in an article today that Bush is enraged over private tapes his so- called buddy made public. Why he cares, I don't know except to say that some statements he made in those tapes may anger the evangelical armpit of this nation.

According to the article, it appears that Bush said he wouldn't "kick gays", which is clearly a violation of the trust his christian base put in him with their vote. In all fairness, the evangelicals must be complete idiots for believing that a politician would care about them anyways. I mean, these folks are the joke of the nation and have always been. Ever since Christian Coalition founder, Pat Robertson tried to run for U.S. President, the "moral majority" has been viewed as fanatics and nuts. Even their own brethren in the U.S. House and Senate don't take them seriously.

There is no telling how the Falwells and Robertsons of the evangelical mental disease are going to react this morning, but I suspect there will be more idle threats backed up with fire and brimstone, with a topping of faux morality. One thing is for sure, our "Commander and Chief" must feel like a complete heal after the old fashioned back stabbing his "close" friend dealt him.