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Protest Tuesday: Build Community, not Brownstones, in Urban Greenspaces

Urgent call out for short-notice protest at the office of the developers who want to replace the gardens at the TLC Farm with asphalt. Eveiction proceedings have been under way and are going to conclude, soon! Meeting time and place: NE Corner of Pioneer Square, SW 6th and Morrison,
at 12:30 on Tuesday the 22nd
Sun Breaks at the Farm
Sun Breaks at the Farm
Flyer for Tuesday Protest in Word Format
Flyer for Tuesday Protest in Word Format
In southwest Portland, there are conservationists renting a farm who have
committed to building a Sustainable Community. Lots of people have already
gotten involved in the farm in the first year of the project, and there is
so much potential there you can feel it.

However, the land has been sold to a developer, and the Community is right
now in the process of being evicted. All of the work and potential is
about to be bulldozed into the ground, unless we act immediately. A new
group, called Greenspace Not Brownstone organized a call-in day last week
to urge the developer, Randy Myers of Brownstone Homes, to reconsider his
plans. The eviction is still proceeding, and we are calling for an office
protest on Tuesday to reinforce that message.

One group has a positive, economically and ecologically sustainable plan
for this amazing 7 acre parcel of private land nestled into the west side
of Tryon Creek State Park. If we don't act now, this group will be
decimated, as they are forced to leave the land they are working so hard
to preserve, and bulldozers will soon move into to clear away the trees
and build 23 upscale Brownstone townhouses directly adjacent to the
forest. Sustainability is hard to define, and so much harder to achieve,
but this is certainly not it.

The single most important action we can take to save this land at this
stage of the development process is to support the Community that has
offered their stewardship. They want to turn it into a Sustainability
Education Center, with demonstration permaculture gardens and experimental
agricultural test site. This would be an amazing resource for Portland,
and could inspire a local explosion of sustainability, and attract
visitors from all over the world. The residents have been raising money to
buy the land, and have a lot of influential supporters for the project.
But time is running out, and just like with the Burnside Bridgehead, and
the Community Gardens Program we need to show the developers what that the
people of this city value life over profit, community over "big box".
Otherwise they will continue to landfill and sprawl and rip and saw at the
land, failing even to realize the damage they are doing.

So we are calling for a rally. A protest. A visionary change to the way
these developers do business. The single most important action we can take
to preserve the land at this phase of the development, is show them that
we don't want it. No one knows if the city will grant a development permit
to destroy the land, no one knows if the tiny but expensive houses will
sell. There is a lot of rational opposition. Join us in showing the
developers just a taste of what they expect down the road. Brownstone
Homes and WRG Design will not be forgotten in Portland - we will always
remember their conduct towards this wild headwaters of Tryon Creek.

So please come with us, if you know the land, or you might ever want to
participate in an idealistic community that values the balance between
civilized and wild, or might want to experience the paradise on Earth that
will someday fall out of the farm. Bring your friends. We're aiming for a
positive, fun, safe, and important gathering at the developer's office. We
will be meeting at 12:30 on Tuesday the 22nd, at the NE corner of Pioneer
Square. If you want to ride the bus with us, we can provide a ticket. If
you want to drive, please contact us to get your car filled up, or drive
by the meeting spot at SW 6th and Morrison to load up with passengers. We
might want to make some noise, so bring your favorite instrument if you
have one, and we'll have plastic bucket drums, so bring a wooden spoon or
such to pound it with. We CAN make magic happen!

Thank you so much for your support. Write to us at  gnb@truffula.net, or
talk to one of our local organizers to find out how you can help. Check
out the TLC Farm's website at tryonfarm.org to see more of their vision
for sustainability. We'll have a website of our own soon, and an email
list for future events, so please stay in touch!

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