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Week In Review: Tiny Dogs and White House Porn

What the hell happened this week? Some notes from the drunken blur.
What the hell happened this week? Some notes from the drunken blur:

Quote of the week, from the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz: "Well, we probably already know a lot more than any of us expected to know about Jeff Gannon's personal life. I didn't go into journalism, frankly, to be looking at Web sites like hotmilitarystud.com." Really, Howard? You're one of the few. (CNN)
TV Talk: the fair and balanced coverage of Jeff Gannon.
The dos and don'ts of an inaugural ball.
Richard Perle gets shoe thrown at him, ups cultural currency.
Loving the Daily Show loving itself and each other.
Now you will call John Negroponte "Mr. Intelligence."
Young Republicans love copyright infringement.
A really not-so-blind item by a former campaign staffer's jilted lover.
The CBS Three refuse to stop getting paid.
David Horowitz helps you root out the well-funded liberal mafia.
What Joshua Micah Marshall has in common with Paris Hilton: a love of economic policy and tiny dogs.
Henry Hyde pals around with Dick Thornburgh.
The Valentine's Day gift that keeps on giving: Jeff Gannon, nature's perfect whore.


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