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It's Abbie Hoffman Time

Every generation when in their youth sets the cultural paradigm for decades to come. It is now time for the offspring of the baby boom generation to set their cultural paradigm and lead us to brighter future. My advice to all young people who read this article is "Seize The Day".
It's Abbie Hoffman Time

By Lloyd Hart

I wish people would stop describing the Bush agenda as a great set of blunders by incompetents who couldn't tie their shoe laces if they tried when in fact international terror and domestic chaos is at the heart of their strategy. They have erased your hopes for a progressive america and invoked their so-called generational rite of passage, the right to go war. In this case to grab whats left of the world's basic resourses under the guise of the War On Terror.

The ruling class are doing this for one reason and one reason only, their own survival. Not yours, not mine, but there's.

The Modernity Plague:

Western technological, industrial and consumption modalities have failed so completely to provide there promise let alone our basic needs and have so completely damaged the fragile eco systems on the surface of the earth that the food and fresh water supply are collapsing at an alarming rate. The effects of global warming are beginning to become catastrophic and widespread starvation is setting in. Only those that can afford to eat eat well in the West's globally imposed ownership economy that is owned by the ruling class.

The the generals and politicians accept this as the truth and are all quite willing to use military force to prevent America from suffering the same fate of the people that the Western powers threw into poverty in the colonial era and today they keep there by globalization.

The strategy:

There is nothing incompetent about what the Bush regime is doing. There is however something extraordinarily sinister about all of their actions.

The strategy that the ruling elites have laid out for themselves so as not to suffer the fate of empire's past is to simply become radically and ruthlessly violent to show the world that they mean business. In order however for the strategy to succeed they must secure the strategic oil supply, the easily processed light sweet crude already on tap in the Middle East. This phase of the operation is pretty much complete.

With access to the oil supply the U.S. military can fly jets and helicopters, drive tanks, troop carriers and ships to all the corners of the earth without affecting domestic consumption. With construction of permanent military bases in Iraq all that the U.S. has to do is saber rattle to get what it wants from Iraq's neighbors. All of this backed up by the world's largest strategic nuclear weapons supply on board nuclear submarines and the world's largest Navy.

The next phase is to physically secure the world's fresh water supply which is already under way and has been for many years with World Bank and IMF water supply privatization lending dictates which will soon be backed up by roaming bands of special operation hit squads that will operate under the authority of the new intelligence czar the butcher of Central America ambassador Negroponte. With control of the freshwater supply, for only those that can afford to irrigate arable land to grow food will have access to food, the ruling elite's can starve off anyone their little hearts desire to.

The multinational corporate control of the seed stocks through genetically modified patents, control of the arable land and the fresh water supply to irrigate the land to produce food exports back to America and chosen allies supported all the while by a ruthlessly violent military is the goal. This imperial construct has worked successfully in the past, why should it not work again?

If you don't think that the ruling class has sat down and worked this out in every detail then you are not paying close enough attention to the history of the Western powers. We are being returned to the economic structures of 1890s by a time machine called brutal and violent hegemony.

Domestically, the strategy is to slash and burn social services with the excuse that we can no longer afford to carry the old, the weak and the infirm our backs because we are running record deficits as a result of the war on terror. We cannot afford to regulate business and the environment because we're running record deficits as a result of the war on terror. In fact we must raid the Social Security fund by pitting the young against the old in order to artificially prop up the stock market (which blew their cash up their collective noses and on their mansions in the eighties and nineties) because we're running record deficits as a result of the war on terror. All the while claiming "big government" in the form services and regulations are bad for you.

To do all of this however the ruling elite's had to and must steal presidential and midterm elections along with all future elections in order to secure the artificial mandate for propping up a ruling class that neither has the imagination nor the humility to accept their total and utter failure as human beings. So it's genocidal monsters they will be.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. The most important part of the strategy of course is control the message. In other words purchase and control all television media outlets. Replace all semi real journalists with people who will say anything for paycheck and exposure on national television.

And don't forget the pretext for the War On Terror on that day in September 2001 when the entire Air Guard in the U.S. was sitting around smoking pot, drinking beers and jerking off to online porn instead of fulfilling their contractual FAA obligations by intercepting the suicide hijackers the FAA warned everyone in aviation about months before and blowing them out of the air as the Air Guard manual clearly states they must.

But guess what, it's working. Their strategy is actually working. Not for you. Not for me, but most definitely for them, the ruling class.

No one on the left in the U.S. has done anything effective enough to get out in front of this ruling class power grab. The liberals have capitulated joining the War On Terror program, the progressives are in disarray and under attack after betting all their money on a stolen election and the enlightened left are broke. Well, the enlightened left are always broke.

This is why I am putting forth this one idea that could get baby boomers and their offspring who are the largest generation in history of the world to come of age, to work together in what is probably the only hope to build widespread serious noncooperation and resistance to the ruling class aims and goals. This idea has worked in the past but when left unsupported withers and dies very quickly. This idea of course is the reformation of the counterculture.

In case you weren't watching the Grammys last week as it turns out one of the best-selling albums in America is by a punk band called Green Day and the album is called "American Idiot". This album is overtly political and full of rebellion. I've been a Green Day fan for many years and am so pleasantly surprised at Green Day's popularity that it has inspired me to actually purchase a CD which I have refrained from doing since the corporate music business started suing children for downloading tunes on the Internet.

The Youth Get It.

The largest generation in history of the world is coming of age as I write these words and they're coming of age in to a minimum wage economy. They have no future, literally. I have a son who is 27 another son who is 22 and a daughter who is 24. I also have two grandchildren. I spent a good 15 years protecting these children and their friends from the fascism of law enforcement the youth of this nation have had to endure in the new improved drug war. There has never been a more harassed, over organized, overstructured till they bleed Ritalin generation in American history. I think the youth of this nation are much better prepared to deal with the man than the aging baby boom generation are.

It was primarily the youth of America that caused for the first time in decades the voting age public participation in an election to approach nearly 56 percent up from 47 percent in 2000. A great accomplishment by a generation who are now pissed that babyboomers have stolen not just there childhood but the very democracy they told them to believe in.

There is only one thing we can do to regain credibility with America's youth and build on recent successes of unity and movement. Put on as many counterculture live music events with the youth in mind as we can (which we can broadcast live to satellite to the world and over Free Speech TV and other alternative media outlets so babyboomers can Tivo them). There is no greater catalyst to an enlightened movement than the combination of youth and music. Abbie Hoffman understood this especially after working his ass off on voters rights in the south producing very few lasting results. Abbie Hoffman learned the things that have lasting impact are music, art and litrature.

If I go one more peace rally only to here another litany of speeches explaining to me how wrong the Bush regime is I am literally going to vomit. Not that the speeches weren't useful and inspiring leading up to the war but they have run their course. Hell I even filmed and edited a feature documentary called the Peace Movement based on all those speeches but the time for speeches is over, it is now time for a massive culture war. It is now time to engage in a culture war against the ruling class with the goal to aid and abet and already beginning and inspired youth rebellion.

Every generation when in their youth sets the cultural paradigm for decades to come. It is now time for the offspring of the baby boom generation to set their cultural paradigm and lead us to brighter future. My advice to all young people who read this article is "Seize The Day".

Because it's most definitely Abbie Hoffman time.

Yippie Workshop Speech by Abbie Hoffman (1968)


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Thanks for the Abbie Hoffman link 20.Feb.2005 12:55

politics as impossible


This article is excellent, EXCEPT about "There is nothing incompetent about what the Bush regime is doing. There is however something extraordinarily sinister about all of their actions."

While it is planned and intentional, also extraordinarily sinister, it is ALSO characterized by incompetence and corruption. Such incompetence and corruption are the Achilles' heels of fascism (Bushism or military dictatorship, whatever you want to call it). When loyalty to a party line and platform becomes the over-riding requirement for funding and for appointment/advancement, there can be no efficient system of management. In and of itself, of course, such incompetence combined with corruption cannnot defeat the fascist system/regime. Look, for example, at Argentina -- after their defeat by the UK in the Falklands Islands war, the Argentine military dictatorship could no longer disguise the enormity of the incompetence and corruption that led, ultimately, to the collapse of the Argentine economy (helped along by the machinations of the World Bank imposing its "neo-liberal" or "free market" requirements upon Argentina).

Operation GLADIO 20.Feb.2005 15:39

look it up!

The ruling class made sure that it always had it shadow government. European governments blew the whistle on operation Gladio; ex-cia Philip Agee - one of the few men with a conscience- blew the whistle on who really are the "terrorists". People's hard earned tax money is financing the end of the working class. The idea is to do away with all this excess manpower out there. Keep some for slaves and as consumers; pay well some techno geeks without a conscience and kill off all the older ones (chemtrails and vioxx and celebrex...); train children to be pharma-addicts and obedient robots...Welcome to the new world order of the illuminati/P2 massons/skulls and bones/opeus dei!

maybe.. 20.Feb.2005 20:00


from "another world is possible" to "another World Order is possible".

This treachury has to be countered directly and openly. The label/stigma of "conspiracy buff" or "theorist" has to be shed like a dead layer of skin, which obviously, it now is.
This shadow government has hidden in its own shadows for far too long....

Cretin simplicity 20.Feb.2005 20:20


"incompetence and corruption are the Achilles' heels of fascism"

Guess who taught you that.
And why.

Abbie roads 20.Feb.2005 22:00

Red neck

Abbie is one of my heroes, Big influence, such a decent person. Unlike most Jewish activist he didn't flee the movement as soon as the Left started criticizing Israel in the 60's. He over came that narrow outlook, stuck it out, put his life on the line. Unfortunately history does repeat itself as these last few years have shown. Like liberals and even progressives who could bring themselves to come out against the war in Vietnam for fear of being considered pro-Communist, many progressives still can't make that break with the system... As soon as we step outside of the narrow confines of accepted American political discourse, not only does the venomous attacks begin, but also the defections and betrayals. ...But I do think you have the key, this generation really doesn't have any future. If we can only can cut through all the clutter and instill that message. We might start going somewhere.

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