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The Free Tre Arrow Bi-Weekly Newsletter

February 18th, 2005
1 - A message from Tre Arrow
2 - Media as the Judge: the tour and the search for bail continue
3 - Benefit Show for Tre Featuring the Wassabi Collective
4 - John Graham Extradition
5 - Visiting Tre Arrow
6 - Write to Tre Arrow
7 - Donate to Tre's legal defense
1 - A message from Tre Arrow

Hello to everybody.

I am happy to say that I have been able to receive the rays from Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon for several days and nights now. I also have had a little spider friend keeping me company outside my window. To be somewhat connected to the natural world from which I am fairly isolated has given me great joy.

Ben and Mynah continue to travel and seek out a bondsperson. The speaking engagements are going well and they are making wonderful connections with several beautiful people throughout communities within B.C. My deepest love and respect to them for all of their dedication and effort. Unfortunately, this requires money. Therefore, we are calling upon anyone and everyone to make a donation of whatever amount they see fit in order to keep the tour going. I feel the more we can continue to get the word out about my case, the stronger the chance I can be released on house arrest. This money is essential to help manifest a bondsperson. For anyone in the U.S., please send your donation to the U.S. TALDF (Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund) account. For anyone in Canada or any other country but the U.S., please send your donation to the Canadian TALDF account.

Thank you all so much for your support and whatever contribution you could make.

A few more book recommendations: (please acquire books used or from a library in order to save precious trees and resources - thank you.)

The Juiceman's Power of Juicing - by Jay Kordich
The Sexual Politics of Meat - by Carol Adams
The Emperor Wears No Clothes - by Jack Herer
Reclaiming our Health - by John Robbins
Agents of Repression - by Ward Churchill
The Monkey Wrench Gang - by Edward Abbey
Prison Writings (My sentence is my Sun dance) - by Leonard Peltier
Reviving Ophelia - by Mary Pipher
Mists of Avalon - by Marion Zimmer-Bradley

Talk to you all soon.

2 - Media as the Judge: the tour and the search for bail continues.

The 'Media as the Judge: the case of accused 'Eco-Terrorist' Tre Arrow' Speaking Tour has officially completed a month of speaking events, benefit shows and coffee house discussions. The trip across the country has been exciting, challenging and very well-received by hundreds of people. Since our previous tour update, we have had fantastic and successful talks and benefits in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Victoria, Courtenay and on Denman Island. We are currently planning speaking events in the Kootenays, the Sunshine Coast and more of the gulf islands. As always, we are raising awareness about Tre's case and other similar cases of political prisoners who have been targeted for their ability to organize peacefully and effectively. We are also illustrating the Corporate Media's role in convicting Tre, an individual who has not yet faced trial for the crimes that he denies having committed. Thirdly, we are attempting to expose the hidden agenda of governments, the FBI and corporate interests in silencing public voices of dissent.

The support of the B.C. community is of the greatest importance right now. Tre is currently seeking a $300 000 surety in the form of cash or equity towards property or a home within B.C. Tre states, "To be free from these walls and fences which confine me would not only be an enormous blessing, but would also greatly enhance my access to resources and information." As part of the speaking tour, we are constantly engaging with new members of the B.C. community who may be able to connect us with Tre's potential surety.

Now back in Vancouver, as members of the Vancouver Chapter of the Tre Arrow Defense Committee, we are working diligently on Tre's case. We are doing legal research, communicating with media, creating proposals and planning the ongoing tour. The Tre Arrow Defense Committee is pursuing as many avenues as possible in order to have our brother free. In you have any leads to helping free our brother Political Prisoner Tre Arrow, please contact the Tre Arrow Defense Committee.

Freedom for all!
- Ben Shannon and Mynah Meagher, the Tre Arrow Defense Committee

3 - Benefit Show for Tre Featuring the Wassabi Collective

Wassabi Collective will be performing at a benefit concert for Tre in Vancouver B.C. on March 6th. Their intention is to play organic electro world beats in order to raise funds for their former roadie's legal defence fund. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at the door or at High Life Records, 1317 Commercial Drive. Hope to see you there!

Sunday - March 6th, 2005 @ 9pm
Backstage Lounge
Granville Island
585 Johnston Street
Phone number 604-687-1354

For more information on Wassabi Collective, visit www.wassabi.net

4 - John Graham Extradition

On Monday February 21 at 9:00am Pacific Time the Supreme Court of B.C. will come out with its decision on the extradition of AIM (American Indian Movement) activist John Graham who is currently residing in Vancouver under house arrest. He is a Canadian native man from Whitehorse and is being charged in the murder of Anna Mae Aquash (a Nova Scotia born Mi'qmaq woman and John's friend and comrade in AIM). As in the Tre's case, the United States is seeking extradition based on highly politicized charges, backed by trumped up 'evidence,' and they are putting pressure on Canada to blindly hand him over to face what will almost definitely be an unfair trial in the United States. In John's case, the charges against him and the reasons for wishing to silence him date back to the 1970s when John was involved, along with Leonard Peltier, in efforts to stop uranium mining on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. One need only look into the case of Leonard Peltier to discover the misinformation and irregularities that can be found in the case against Graham. Individuals who are in opposition to the attempts of the FBI, the United States government and corporate interests to silence dissent, are encouraged to join others in support of John Graham, political prisoners and First Nations struggles, at John's hearing. The Hearing will take place at the BC Supreme Court in Vancouver, 800 Smithe St. (corner Howe St.), on Monday February 21 at 9am. Ask at the information desk for the room number. For more information on John Graham please visit www.grahamdefense.org

5 - Visiting Brother Tre Arrow

Visiting Tre at the Pre-Trial Centre is an essential way to help. Personal visits are a great way to meet Tre and understand why he is being silenced. It also helps to lift Tre's spirits after having been locked up for the past eleven months. Please visit www.trearrow.org for directions and information about booking a visit. Or, email the Tre Arrow Defense Committee for more information:  tre@riseup.net .

6 - Write to Brother Tre Arrow

Writing to Tre is an empowering way in which to support him. Let him know that his good work and brave deeds have not been forgotten. Please note that letters have been rejected and returned to sender when they did not meet the North Fraser Pre-trial Centre's letter guidelines. For a general explanation of what the Centre will and will not accept, please visit www.trearrow.org . Also, Tre kindly and respectfully asks that you use scrap, post-consumer, or tree-free paper and envelopes when writing to him. Thanks!

Tre Arrow
CS# 05850722
North Fraser Pretrial Centre
1451 Kingsway Ave.
Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 1S2

7 - Donate to Tre's legal defense

You could hold a bake sale, benefit concert with local bands, have a multi-family yard sale, try your hands at busking, donate an hour's/day's wage or your tax refund. Get together with your friends, be creative and have fun! Please contribute whatever you can, as often as you can. No contribution is too small. Our deepest thanks to those who have already contributed.


Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund
P.O. Box 229
Roberts Creek, BC
V0N 2W0

United States of America

Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund
520 S.W. Sixth Avenue, #1010
Portland, OR 97204-1595

Please write cheques to:
Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund

This email has been officially sent by the International Tre Arrow Collective.
For more information on the collective or to do support work for brother Tre,
please email us at:  tre@riseup.net.

Visit Tre's web page at www.trearrow.org

To be removed from this list, please email us as well.

homepage: homepage: http://www.trearrow.org

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