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The terrorists who murdered my brother

The terrorists who murdered my brother are still at large. But the terrorists who murdered my brother don't dress in robes or hide in caves. The terrorists who murdered my brother sleep comfortably at night, and their agents prowl the halls of power. However, my brother is not their only victim. The same terrorists have killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. Their crimes are estimated to be the fourth leading cause of death in this country.
The pharmaceuticals industry, according to Congressional testimony by the FDA's own senior scientist in charge of drug safety, has so penetrated the regulatory agencies and halls of power that they can intimidate any scientist at FDA who too often refuses to approve their products.

The latest CNN episodes this evening are reporting on the payoffs that drug companies have routinely been making to doctors for prescribing their products, disguising them as reimbursements for "clinical trials." Dr. David Graham, the senior FDA scientist just profiled on 60 Minutes, fought against the approval of Vioxx, which he correctly predicted was highly dangerous. Before its manufacturer, Merck, withdrew it out of fear of liability, he estimates it killed 50,000 people. But not before Merck collected billions on it, of course.

Iatrogenic injuries -- injuries caused by drugs used completely legally and as prescribed by doctors -- are estimated to be the fourth leading cause of death in the US, right after heart disease, cancer, and stroke. We know why. It is no secret when you can tune in to CNN and 60 Minutes to hear all about it.

Some of this deadly corruption that is killing so many Americans is not as well known about. Some of the most dangerous drugs are manufactured by companies owned by the high-powered Carlyle Group investment consortium, which is also the owner of some of the biggest military contractors, and whose board is completely stacked with infamous Republican ueber-politicos the likes of James Baker, Frank Carlucci, and none other than George Bush Sr. himself. Some of these drugs are forcefed to perfectly healthy enlisted men and women in the military in the guise of "prophylactic medication" to protect them against the microbial perils lurking in the hinterlands of America's far-flung and growing global military empire.

We will actually probably never be sure what killed my brother. He was an expert scuba diver who experimented with novel gas mixes and took deep decompression dives. But he died on a dive in shallow water, after only a few minutes under the surface, using no special or unusual equipment. He had a seizure under the water and was dead by the time he reached the surface. He was in perfect health, with no history of seizures at all. He was taking Lariam (R), a highly controversial drug, one of those very drugs that is forcefed to servicemembers. Lariam is considered effective as a malarial prophylactic. However, it is also known to cause dangerous nervous system effects, including seizures. It has also been known to cause frightening psychotic episodes. There have been any number of murder-suicides associated with the drug -- there have been multiple cases of servicemen with no known history of mental illness murdering themselves and their families while under the influence of Lariam. Unlike my brother, these men had no right to refuse to take the drug. Refusal would have constituted grounds for court martial. Talk about having a "captive audience" for your products.

After watching with my father the 60 Minutes and CNN episodes where some of these revelations were just made, he asked me, "How come they even let these things come out?" (Both CNN and 60 Minutes are heavily larded, between their official programming, with drug company ads.) While yet-another-announcement about the dangers of terrorism was playing, I replied, "What do they have to worry about?" It's not like they're going to spend more than 2% of their broadcast time talking about this. They don't have to keep it a secret. All they have to do is bury it amidst warnings about terrorism, ads for Levitra, etc. You can be damned sure they're not going to spend the next episode of Crossfire debating whether the CEOs running the drug companies should get death or life in prison for their crimes. Never mind that they have already killed more Americans than all the terrorists in the world will likely ever kill in history.

Now the terrorists are going after my niece, my brother's daughter, a charming, innocent little eleven year old girl with no serious problems in school or at home. They have her doped up on unnecessary stimulants (Adderall, to be specific, which is actually just a trade name for Amphetamines).

Some people will tell me I'm wrong to call these bastards terrorists. Afterall, they're not really out to scare people or kill them, just make some money. If they have to kill people in the process to do it, it's just "collateral damage." But I say they're wrong: They've sure got me scared as hell.

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Condolensces; they got my sister and my father too... 17.Feb.2005 05:37


but we kind of deserve it. I have lived in Africa, Europe and South America and in any of their countries they would have gone ofter the CEOs and in some cases just strung them up while in others bribes might have given them time to run across borders but in no case would we have had to sit and talk to each other like this retaining the frustration of not being allowed to do anything to these murdering psychpaths while they went on their next genocidal spree. Cousins of some of those same products that killed our loved ones are being used on the living in order to ensure that they never go after these devil-monsters... and 60 million dumb Americans are ready to fight against anyone that who says that these murdering bastards shold not do that. But their day is coming!!!! And I for one will piss on the graves of their leaders.

Condolences 17.Feb.2005 08:01


That's right. In China, a dishonest businessman would have been dragged out in the street and hanged......no lawyers.....no trial. I don't know if their standards are still that high, though.

Check out an article entitled "Drug Companies are being deregulated" posted a few
days ago on this site.

Bush Administration - Money, Politics & Drugs 17.Feb.2005 09:32


Bush wants to launch a mental health and disability initiative that recommends the screening and treatment for students K-12 in public schools. The plan is based on a Texas program known as the "Texas Mental Health Parity."

The Texas model has been implemented in other states,including Pennsylvania, where a government whistleblower, Allan Jones, has called it "a Trojan horse" for pharmaceutical companies. If enacted on a national level, the scheme would mandate widespread testing all across the country which would result in the recruitment of hundreds of thousands of new customers for the pharmaceutical Industry.


corporation as government 17.Feb.2005 11:55


"The pharmaceuticals industry ... has so penetrated the regulatory agencies and halls of power that they can intimidate any scientist at FDA who too often refuses to approve their products."

This is exactly what has happened between the timber industry and the state agencies that ostensibly "regulate" it. The timber indusry IS the state. Just like the oil industry is the Bush administration.

Is it not amazing! 17.Feb.2005 12:41

Bird Dog

That the reich wing corporate drug companys are willing to sell their poison to everyone that will follow them to the slaughter, but have made pot a natural hearb from the earth evil.

Are you begining to connect the dots yet?????

Why is it that the drugs that are most dangerious like herion that was made in our own military chem labs are so easy to get on the streets.
Almost all processed narcotics that they can make money on is legal in this country.

But something that grows like a weed that is a weed and that no one would be able to control the market on is not.
I could through some seeds out the back door today and pull in a harvest at no cost other than time a few months down the road.
They only want to stop anything that would help us think for ourselves.
Do some research and you will find that pot expands the mind as does payotee!

And we all know from the issues we are dealing with today, that the last thing they want is for us to be able to think for ourselves!

Hole in the bucket 17.Feb.2005 16:27

living dead

It's ok... You can get them off of heroin (which is also just a plant by the way) by putting them on morphine... but then that turns out to be way more addictive and have more side effects... So you can put them on methadone to get them off the morphine... Which turnes out to be 100 times more addictive than morphine and destroys your bones, brain, liver, kidneys and stays in your bones for up to a decade after you stop taking it... But that's ok because by this stage people usually just stay at home sleeping and staring into space like zombies.

I was in an illigal ridilan testing program. 18.Feb.2005 05:20

Michael b

I was in an illigal ridilan testing program. The shcool nurse and principal of my school were bieng payed to threaten kids and thier parents into a program that tested high powered ritilan cocktails. I used to study pharmacutical reaserch law as a personal persuit and would be very interested in talking with you. There is a law called the technology and transfer act of 1983 (if memory serves me) that contains provisions making government funded reaserch licences private property. Meaning that if a license used to develop an occupational safety guideline, or a pharmacutical license, or possibly a drug with military applications is bought by a private company you cant trace malfiesance back to corruption of the reaserch process. There have been frightening studies on the degree to which this happens. I would very much like to talk with you.

My number is 503-235-1072

my email is  mb@resist.ca

Make sure you document everything!! 18.Feb.2005 08:30

Truth Seeker

Give copyies to your close friends.

Do checks on the people you deal with to make sure that they are what they claim to be.

And not a troll looking to put out any fire you could start with your information!

drug tests 18.Feb.2005 09:58

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

while i was in army ait everyone who ate at one mess hall wound up on sick call. that can't be food poisening! i started having medical problems and siezures while in the military. but the siezure problem was never recorded in my medical records. every time the v.a. docs give me a new drug i check the pdr. it became known that the military was using service members as drug guinia pigs. and those guys we depend on for our countrys safty. shows about how much the government is worried about our safty!

( 812 ) 422-7765
1306 john evansville ind 47714

Karl did you write this article? 19.Feb.2005 10:25


Karl did you write this article?

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