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Lars' cartoon

Farse Larson is blasting around a cartoon that he had commissioned and "thinks is hilarious."
Be sure to let the author know how much you like his work. Here's the original message from Farse.

-----Original Message-----
From: Lars Larson
Sent: Wednesday, February 16, 2005 1:23 PM
To: Lars Larson
Subject: new lars cartoonist

I thought you might like to see some work by our new cartoonist…James from Salem
Let him know what you think…and I believe he’s selling signed copies


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New Cartoonist 16.Feb.2005 15:39

Lyle Wallace

It's a good hire for Lars. Simple imagery, little text, virtually no originality. Perfect for his fan base. I see great things in the kid's future ... possibly a job at "fair" and "balanced" FAUX News.

I think it's funny 16.Feb.2005 16:36

DJ Shadow

I think the Democratic Party has blown it, and Lars seems to agree. This cartoon is making fun of a party that has lost it's soul, it's direction, and can't even get a decent figurehead to carry the flag. Only Democrats that are blindly following that withering flag should be offended. My biggest concern about it is that progressives and liberals will think that Howard Dean can make a big difference, and will continue to waste their time on this party that takes them for granted.

Blowing It 16.Feb.2005 21:43

Lyle Wallace

I agree that the Democratic Party has blown it, but not for the same reason as Larson.

The Democrats have spent the last three decades throwing overboard virtually every pretense it ever had of representing ordinary working people and defending democratic rights and is instead hell-bent on trying to morph itself into a "friendly" version of the Republican Party, which is increasingly made up -- at the top of the ticket right on down into the trenches -- of neo-fascists and lesser political reactionaries.

This isn't news to anyone on this board, obviously. But look at virtually every single piece of outrageous shit that Washington D.C. has lobbed at the American people and the rest of the world recently, everything that everyone generally blames Republicans for, and the Democratic Party opportunists are always there, happily shoveling it alongside their GOP friends: welfare "reform," the Crime Bill, the embargo of Iraq, the invasion of Iraq, Medicare "reform," NAFTA and GATT, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, etc. Now they're looking to get a piece of the religion pie. Absolutely shameless.

That's not why Larson hates Democrats. He's pissed because there are still a few left who haven't consistently and uniformly fallen into line behind his own reactionary party. God knows what the man wants: his guys run the White House, the Supreme Court and both houses of Congress, not to mention most of the media. To listen to him, you'd think he was Custard at Little Bighorn.

Here is Lars 17.Feb.2005 07:31

To a tee


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