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"Gannon" scandal leads to link between high-level Republicans, high-level Democrats

Nader's fault? Moral values? Tough on terrorism? Strong on national security? None of the above.It's time to open up that can and unleash the fury of the American Resistance to Fascism.You want to taste liberty, smell freedom, and breath truth? Use your independent mind and critical thinking to awaken your neighbors, your friends, and your family. The house of cards is tumbling. Huff, puff, and blow that house down! Knowledge is Power.

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"Gannon" scandal leads to link between high-level Republicans, high-level Democrats

by Carol Rawle, Unknown News

Over the weekend, while pursuing information that might lead to uncovering connections between the Bush White House and the 'non-reporter' Jeff Gannon, aka James Guckert, a blogger may have stumbled onto information that could begin to uncover a possible alliance between the Republican and Democratic leadership.

On Saturday, Feb. 12, a blogger, going by the screen-name "Do You Ever Wonder", posted the first of his discoveries as a thread on
Democratic Underground.com.

The evidence shows that John Kerry had hired the Washington lobbying firm Quinn Gillespie & Associates to do work for his 2004 campaign. The firm's two founding partners are each political heavy-hitters,
Jack Quinn for the Democratic Party and Ed Gillespie as 2004 Republican National Committee chairman.

From information gleaned from the firm's web site, it was learned that Marc Lampkin, a Quinn Gillespie lobbyist, was a Bush campaign manager, while another employee of the firm, Bruce Andrews, was political director for the Kerry/Edwards coordinating committee in Pennsylvania. Yet another employee, Manuel Ortiz, was involved in the overall leadership structure of the Democratic Party, including both policy and fundraising, raising money for Kerry.

A large, influential public relations firm such as this might normally have clients of all political persuasions, and were it not a presidential election year, it would raise nary an eyebrow. However, for the chair of the Republican National Committee (even though Gillespie officially took "unpaid leave" from his firm to work on Bush's 2004 campaign) to be just one degree removed from the Kerry campaign, casts a shadow of suspicion regarding possible collusion between the Democratic and Republican parties. At the very least, it represents an obvious conflict of interest.

For those of us who find the entire manner in which the Kerry campaign was conducted "odd", including Kerry's abrupt concession, this is simply more evidence to support the suspicion that
Kerry threw the 2004 election.
Quinn Gillespie
& Associates

Jack Quinn

... Before co-founding Quinn Gillespie & Associates, Mr. Quinn ... served as Counsel to the President of the United States [Bill Clinton] from November 1995 to February 1997. At the time of his appointment by President Clinton, he was Vice President Gore???s Chief-of-Staff and Counselor, a position he undertook in June 1993. Between January 1993 and May of that year, Mr. Quinn was the Vice President???s Counsel and deputy Chief-of-Staff. ...
Ed Gillespie

... Gillespie is one of the most prominent and successful strategists in the Republican Party. In 2002, he was general strategist for Elizabeth Dole???s senate campaign in North Carolina, in which Dole garnered the biggest margin of victory of any Senate candidate in the state in over 25 years. Dole and former Clinton chief-of-staff Erskine Bowles combined to wage the most expensive senate race in the country last year, and the Dole campaign has been cited by numerous political analysts as one of the best of the election cycle. ...

Crimes and Corruptions of the NWO

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this story could be the burglary break in in the Watergate scandal 16.Feb.2005 13:08


Yes there is alot of sex scandals and secrets in Washington DC... and its not just a silly blue dress with a cum stain. The real scandal is all the secrets behind the sex especially when you mix fascism with homoeroticism. because of the forbidenness of homosexuality in Western Christian thinking it tends to get hiden with all the secrets to interge and power. Then added to that is the element of power from fascism with hidden desire to dominant others. This scandal will reach the prisons in Iraq, Cuba and Afghanistan. It will open up for a breif moment the underside of the international links between prostitution and the military-industrial complex to even the pharmaceudical industry with security culture. Names that may come up in homoerotic bondage fetishism could be Rove, Gonzales, McClellan, Rumsfeld, Novak and many others including Dubya himself. And all this may even lead to 9/11 in some very sick ways. If we just dig deep enough. Remember how obsessed Keneth Starr was for Bill Clinton to the point that it seemed more like a homosexual stalker? Remember GW Bush's comments on the two Scotts? Could the ties between the bin Laden and Bush families be more? What are the connections between Robert Novak and "Gannon"? Gannon getting by the SS and CIA security could have been authorized by McClellan or Rove. Gonzales as a training officer sounds like the tortures in Iraq, Cuba and Afghanistan. Seymour Hersh reported that Rumsfeld and others viewed prison videos of childen being rape and torture and forced sodomy of raqi detainees. Is it possible that this all connects to military homoeroticism of closet gay Christo-Fascists? Is the attack on homosexuality really a cover for their internal conflict with bigoted religious views? Is their love for seeing and causing suffering their stimulate for masterbation?



Links to the "Conspiracy of Silence" video:





Randi Rhodes Show:

"A caller to the Randi Rhodes show this afternoon recounted that Gonzales was his sergeant during the "this is what will happen to you if you are taken prisoner" training at the Air Force Academy. Said Gonzales dropped out after two years there (any longer ... and he would have actually had to serve real time in the military).
He said Sgt Gonzales was a real SOB disliked by all, and expressed the opinion that the methods used at Gitmo and AG sounded quite a lot like what AFA students were taught to expect in the way of torture at the hands of enemies. RR later confirmed that Gonzales had indeed been at the Academy, and was a Sgt in charge of that training. So he had far more first hand experience of the subject than I would otherwise have expected given his educational background as extrapolated from institutions he graduated from. I sure wish someone had had the chance to ask him about those years at the Air Force Academy."
( http://dailykos.com/story/2005/2/2/9383/04499)

thanks >^v^< 16.Feb.2005 14:35

eyes closed tight

The points you bring up, remind me of a movie I recently saw called "the magdalene sisters"(based on a true story). The movie is about the Irish orthodox magadalene sister asylum.

One girl is raped by her cousin, she trusts a family member and when the news spreads amongst her family, she's swooped up and sent to this asylum. Truely awful. There are other women in this movie who are sent to this very abusive and sadistic prison where they are tormented by the "sisters". Some also do sexual favors for the priests, because they think that is god's will. Everyone remains silent, and this abuse was carried out for decades within those walls. The women are deemed "sexually subversive" by the community and that's how they get there.

The points you bring up are exactly why guys like shandley who just went to jail, are able to do what they do. I recall an article by Lisa guiliani here a few days ago. She talks about her mom and her cognitive dissonance. That is exactly what is going on here, I'm not sure if the conspiracy is 9/11, or silence. It's as if someone feels personally responsible for the actions of others because they were lied to. I was lied to, but I know a duck when I see it. It's my responsibility to speak out or I am no better then the priests who molest the children. Failure to speak out makes me a willing accomplice.

If the will of the majority wants a big brother gov't, that's fine. But hitler even said it, the bigger the lie, the more people will accept it. However I think he was wrong, the bigger the lie the more people are afraid to speak out, especially if it directly effects them. In this case, 9/11 effected everyone, and thus, trying to convince someone that all the stumping they did was based on a lie, is like trying to get a mom to admit that the sunday school she sent her kid to, the place she trusted, ended up being a place where their child was molested. It hurts, but a mother's silence hurts their child more. Getting over that hump is the hard part. I have met many survivors/victims of molestation through support groups when I helped a friend of mine when her mother refused to. Her mother actually said, "get over it, it happened to me to". This was unacceptable to me, so I helped her find others who could support her. Some are better off then others because their parents supported them...others are traumatized for life, not because of the actual act itself, but from the silence of the people they love. So those who do not speak out, become part of the abuse, wether they realize that or not.

I think all your points are extremely valid. You point fingers when you are guilty, because it's easier then accepting responsibility. King george's reaction to 9/11 foreknowledge says it all. There is also a mini documentary on the dvd with interviews of the women that the movie was based on. Most all of them had renounced god and the church after their abuse. I think the fundamentalist see the global shift in attitude towards organized religion and once again, it scares the shit out of them,(like the flat earth), so they are trying to bring us back to the dark ages. fear is a powerful thing.


. BohemianGrove, male envy of birth/womb, Abomb='little boy' 17.Feb.2005 20:01


Is this significant ? underlying primal archetypes?

She collected some extremely interesting facts confirming the perinatal dimension in nuclear warfare. In her own terminology, these facts confirm the importance of the motif of "male birth" and "male creation" as important psychological forces underlying the psychology of nuclear warfare.

Even more explicit was the coded message used by Japanese ambassador, Kurusu, when he phoned Tokyo to signal that negotiations had broken down with Roosevelt and that it was all right to go ahead with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. He announced that the "birth of a child was imminent" and asked how things were in Japan: "Does it seem as if the child might be born?" The reply was, "Yes, the birth of the child seems imminent." Interestingly, the American intelligence listening in recognized the meaning of the war-as-birth code.

Particularly chilling was the use of perinatal language in connection with the explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. The airplane was given the name of the pilot's mother, Enola Gay. The atomic bomb itself carried a painted nickname, Little Boy, and the agreed-upon message sent to Washington as a signal of successful detonation was, "The baby was born." It would not be too far-fetched to see the image of newborn also behind the nickname of the Nagasaki bomb, Fat Man.

Since the time of our correspondence, Lloyd deMause has collected many additional historical examples and refined his thesis that the memory of the birth trauma plays an important role as a source of motivation for violent social activity (see, e.g., deMause, 1982, 1996).

The issues related to nuclear warfare are of such relevance that I would like to elaborate on them using the material from a fascinating paper by Carol Cohn (1987) titled "Sex and Death in the Rational World of the Defense Intellectuals." The defense intellectuals are civilians who move in and out of government, working sometimes as administrative officials or consultants, sometimes at universities and think tanks. They create the theory that informs and legitimates US nuclear strategic practice—how to manage the arms race, how to deter the use of nuclear weapons, how to fight a nuclear war if the deterrence fails, and how to explain why it is not safe to live without nuclear weapons.

Carol Cohn attended a two-week seminar summer workshop on nuclear weapons, nuclear strategic doctrine, and arms control. She was so fascinated by what had transpired there that she spent the following year immersed in the almost entirely male world (except secretaries) of defense intellectuals. She collected some extremely interesting facts confirming the perinatal dimension in nuclear warfare. In her own terminology, these facts confirm the importance of the motif of "male birth" and "male creation" as important psychological forces underlying the psychology of nuclear warfare. She uses the following historical examples to illustrate her point of view:

In 1942 Ernest Lawrence sent a telegram to a Chicago group of physicists developing the nuclear bomb: "Congratulations to the new parents. Can hardly wait to see the new arrival." At Los Alamos, the atom bomb was referred to as "Oppenheimer's baby." Richard Feynman wrote in his article, "Los Alamos from Below," that when he was temporarily on leave after his wife's death he received a telegram that read, "The baby is expected on such and such a day."

At Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, the hydrogen bomb was referred to as "Teller's baby," although those who wanted to disparage Edward Teller's contribution claimed he was not the bomb's father, but its mother. They claimed that Stanislav Ulam was the real father, who had all the important ideas and conceived it; Teller only "carried it" after that. Terms related to motherhood were also used to the provision of "nurturance"—the maintenance of the missiles.

General Grove sent a triumphant coded cable to Secretary of War Henry Stimson at the Potsdam conference reporting the success of the first atomic test: "Doctor has just returned most enthusiastic and confident that the little boy is as husky as his big brother. The light in his eyes discernible from here to Highhold and I could have heard his screams from here to my farm." Stimson, in turn, informed Churchill by writing him a note that read, "Baby satisfactorily born."

William L. Laurence witnessed the test of the first atomic bomb and wrote: "The big boom came about a hundred seconds after the great flash—the first cry of a newborn world." Edward Teller's exultant telegram to Los Alamos, announcing the successful test of the hydrogen bomb "Mike" at Eniwetok Atoll in the Marshall Islands read, "It's a boy." The male scientists gave birth to a progeny with the ultimate power of domination over female Nature.

The Enola Gay, Little Boy, and "The baby was born" symbolism of the Hiroshima bomb, and the Fat Man symbolism of the Nagasaki bomb were mentioned already.

Carol Cohn also mentions in her paper an abundance of overtly sexual symbolism in the language of defense intellectuals. The nature of this material, linking sex to aggression, domination, and scatology shows a deep similarity to the imagery occurring in the context of birth experiences (BPM III). Examples: American dependence on nuclear weapons was explained as irresistible, because "you get more bang for the buck." A professor's explanation of why the MX missiles should be placed in the silos of the newest Minuteman missiles instead of replacing the older, less accurate ones was, "You are not going to take the nicest missile you have and put it into a crummy hole." At one point, there was a serious concern that "we have to harden our missiles," because "the Russians are a little harder than we are." One military adviser to the National Security Council referred to "releasing seventy to eighty percent of our megatonnage in one orgasmic whump."

Lectures were filled with terms like "vertical erector launchers," "thrust-to-weight ratios," "soft lay-downs," "deep penetration," and the comparative advantages of "protracted" versus "spasm attacks." Another example is the popular and widespread custom of "patting the missiles," an expression of phallic supremacy but also homoerotic tendencies. It clearly is quite appropriate for feminist critics of nuclear policies to refer to "missile envy" and "phallic worship."

Full essay=
Planetary Survival and Consciousness Evolution:
Psychological Roots of Human Violence and Greed

Stanislav Grof, M.D.*


legitimacy, legitimacy LegItImacy


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