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Michael Jackson's hospital admittance part of massive fraud to corrupt justice
Michael Jackson's admittance into a hospital for "flu symptoms" is just one more trick in his legal defense's bag of tricks. Most people grab the Tylenol and chicken soup, but the King of Pop needs intravenous intervention for muscle ache and sneezes. Perhaps the Astrology is unfortuitous for jury selection this week, and a dramatic ruse was just the ticket for a short reprieve from the inevitable. Jackson's defense witness list is a telling point. Of course Liz Taylor, queen of all child stars, and fairy godmother to the gloved one, will head the cast in lead role. The planet's two biggest publicity hounds will play a sweet concerto in the courtroom. Another classic example of sleazoid brotherhood will be represented by none other than Maury Povich, the prince of daily tabloid TV sickness. Maury's famed for presenting twelve year old hookers, thirteen year-old pregnant crackheads, and other assorted tragedies that even Springer wouldn't touch with a pole. How appropriate. Diana Ross will be there. After all, she claims (falsely) to have discovered the Jackson 5, and the relationship has kept her dried-up career from evaporating completely. Of course she is the template from which MJ surgically styled his 'face'. He is her clone in a way. Quincy Jones will be there too. MJ fired him way back for claiming all the credit for 'Thriller', but the lure of Jackson millions is bringing him ringside for the big bout. Even Stevie Wonder has gotten into the act. Everyone knows he didn't see anything. And Kobe Bryant! Someone must be guzzling bong juice in the Jackson camp. Nothing convinces a jury of your innocence like an accused rapist as a character reference. Maybe MJ is going to pay Bryant's jewelry bill off. Well known 'Psychic' fraud Uri Geller will be there too, sucking up the endless publicity bound to accrue. Publicity is the lifeblood of this crowd. Can you handle any more? Howzabout Deepak Chopra? What do all those incense burning Yuppies think of that? Their bestselling guruguy is vouching for a diddler. Not just a diddler, mind you, but a diddler who plys a cancer patient with wine first. Even Bram Stoker couldn't come up with anything so diabolical. Throw in professional masochist David Blaine, Bee Gee Barry Gibb, and Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn, and you begin to see a pattern. A pattern of media and legal insanity that promises to make the O.J. Simpson affair pale by comparison. If anyone doubts that fame and fortune is powerless when up against justice, look no further. Jackson is pulling out all the stops. I know that Dominick Dunne is taking notes. Will justice go down in flames in Santa Maria? Stay tuned.

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bait and switch 15.Feb.2005 23:16


I will bet you that the corporate media will make the Jackson hospital story top story to move away from the "Jeff Gannon"-Robert Novak-CIA ousting story.

We MUST not allow this to happen!

The "rabbit hole" (to use a Matrix reference) goes deep with this Gannon thing! I personally think there are connections to Alberto Gonzales as a torture survivor teacher when he was in the Air Force Accedemy. I think the link is military bondage fetishism. And this may include Rumsfeld, Bush, McClellan and even videos that were reported of rape of children and torture in Iraq and Afghanistan. I think these guys are into rape and torture fantasies. I think this maybe their final weakenness. I also think a cornered animal is a dangerous animal and would not be surprised that we were hit with another 9/11 like attack.

"JACKSON JIVE" 15.Feb.2005 23:58

whats up with this shit man?


I did not want to even touch that whole topic 16.Feb.2005 09:24


I saw the word "jive" and just thought... not even going to go there about it, but yes I agree "jive" might not have been my word of choice in this matter. If I was to word it it would have been "Jackson trial: TRIAL SABOTAGED BEFORE IT BEGINS" Or "Smoke Screens for the mdeia"

jive 5 16.Feb.2005 13:54


To be honest, after I posted this, I realized the title might be taken the wrong way. Sorry about that. 'Jive' just rhymed with 'five', that's all. But jive IS jive, and ignoring the crux of the article while berating the title follows the pattern of Jackson supporters, who cry 'racism' at every turn. But you are correct. It was a poorly contemplated title. I am certainly not a racist by any stretch of the imagination.

oh I did not even realize that 16.Feb.2005 14:03


I did not even think of the five-jive rhyme. Maybe if it had added "The" in front of "Jackson" I would have thought of the connection. Hmmmm...

Presumption of... 16.Feb.2005 15:17


I think the author is forgetting a little thing called constitutional guarantees and the presumption of innocence that is incorporated into our criminal system.

You have no idea whether or not Jackson did this, and neither do his supporters. However, if I were a betting person, I would wager on the side of the Nation of Islam rather than the corporate media (who want to persecute the peculiar man for being so). Whatever negative comments can be made about the Nation can not even come close to the racist tendencies of the media.

I think an important lesson is learned by the recent revelations of the panty thief here in Portland. all the time the DA was focused on this weirdo panty dude, some killer is walking around in the street. Let's not get the wool pulled over our eyes here by going after another weirdo. Sure, he may very well be guilty, but by giving press time to complain about Jackson's press time hardly solves the problem of too much press time being devoted to Jackson.

And as for delaying jury selection. Oh well. How dare he want to get better...as he does have the right to sit in court during an inquistion aimed at him (for so far just being weird).

YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKUP! 16.Feb.2005 18:19

whats up with this shit man?

Look dumbass, the "justice" system is not just in the first place. Whats up with the crying racism comment. There is NO justice for african americans in our system. Racism is a factor at every tern in this case and all its sourounding publicity. So is homophobia. He very well may be guilty. But alot of ugly crap like yours is going to spin out in the cutural fallout. YOu are a serious dumb ass.

Jackson again 16.Feb.2005 18:57


Are you saying it's too politically incorrect to even express opinions about Jackson's trial? I realize that the media needs a black person to crucify every now and then. From OJ to Barry Bonds, it seems someone of color is always a tabloid item. (I actually believe OJ was framed). But Jackson is in deep this time. He's been buying his way out of his pedophile karma for a long time. He's played the corrupt L.A. justice system like a violin. But Santa Barbara is different. The SBPD found lots of very incriminating evidence at Neverland, right where the victims said it would be. Anyone who is actually monitoring the events realizes that his situation is grave. As far as the Nation of Islam goes, they're the MJ equivalent of Howard Hughes' Mormon Mafia. Bought and paid for. (Didn't they murder Malcom X?) You say racism is the biggest factor in the Jackson trial. That card won't play in this game, although the MJ camp is pushing it for all it's worth. PS: You called me a dumbass twice,a F---up once, and described my posting as 'crap' and 'shit'. It's a pleasure to be critiqued in such an eloquent manner. California has a padded room waiting for MJ at the Vacaville Medical Facility, a maximum security state penetentiary for the criminally insane and others who could never function in a San Quentin. I'm not happy about any of this. I always liked his performances. He was still the best Superbowl show ever. It's a big bummer all around.

M. Jackson loves kids, especially boys 17.Feb.2005 03:17

Excuse me for not hating love

The above comment, posted by Rat, implies it's by the original poster, Felix the Rat. But the original post is full of rant, vitriol, bitching about celebrities, and seems to be entirely whining about Jackson getting away with something. On the other hand, "Jackson again" is rather thoughtful, and even-handed. Were these really written by the same person. And, if so, why wasn't the "news post" thoughtful and meaningful, rather than an emotional rant.

Excuse me, I thought this was a news site, not a chat room to dump emotions into. (If you wanted to inform us that you were upset - not really the kind of "news" that I think of as the purpose of the IMC) - why didn't you make your statement, "I'm not happy about any of this," in the "news item" rather than emoting meaningless drivel of dropping names from Liz Taylor to Steve Wynn? How do you happen to know who's on the list of Jackson's witnesses or courtroom supporters? "Of course she [Diana Ross] is the template from which MJ surgically styled his 'face'." Thank God we have you to provide us with psychological and physiological analyses of all the celebrities that you are apparently so jealous of.

Your concern about the "massive fraud to corrupt justice" seems as sincere as Dubya's committment to bring "freedom to the people of Iraq".

Michael Jackson loves boys and is being punished for it - even if he "wins" the case, he'll go through hell, even if it's less hell than poorer people accused of the same thing. You may not agree with how MJ expresses his love - and I may not either (I haven't observed his private actions, so I don't know what he does) - but you're not interested in any of that.

You are concerned about some kind of betrayal to you personally, and don't even get around to expressing that until the end of your comment.

Wackson again 17.Feb.2005 18:58


The list of supporters is in every daily newspaper, but I can tell you probably never read one. I'm not jealous of any celebrities either. I'm just sick of people defending a molester. You seem to think that's OK, 'loving boys'. Take it back to NAMBLA. I guess any descriptive writing style is frowned upon here. Too bad. Hollywood is a nest of garbage, and I'm proud to trash it's sick values any time I find it applicable. Yeah, poor poor Michael will "go through hell". But not nearly to the extent that his victims have. You're the one who seems to have a problem with 'celebrities' being the subject of any postings here. But if you take a hard look, you'll see that "Art & Culture" is a bonafide listing topic here, and this being the USA, 'celebrities' are fair game if the story relates to politics and justice. Guess I was a little pissed off in the first posting, but that's how I felt.

oh shit! 17.Feb.2005 20:35


The Network News channels are now reporting that the prosecution is now-stay tuned in possession of nude photos of Michael Jackson

not MJ-but just as bad 17.Feb.2005 20:47


OOPS! Actually they're photos of naked boys, according to sources close to the Santa Barbara D.A. And actor Corey Feldman claims MJ once showed him a photo album of naked people when Feldman was a child. These are being described as crushing blows to the defense. That's it for me with this thread!

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