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March 19th?

What is happening on March 19th? So far, I have heard very little about it. We need to set up a general meeting planning the protest, like what was done for January 20th
The police are growing strong on us. We need organization for every protest. There is still a war, and it is becoming worse every day. The public rely on the corporate media for news. We need to let them know what is happening. The brutality must stop. Thoughts of a Iran war are summoning. If no one is willing to do something about this protest I will organize it myself. It would be incredibly hard organizing it, partially because I have never done it before, but something has to be done. Please, will any one spread the word about March 19th and what is happening?

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Civil Disobedience 15.Feb.2005 21:34


Thank you for your interest Ben. A small collective of folks calling themselves students for peace are currently working on organizing; while we aren't directly involved with the logistics of planning a larger protest, any input and assistance is greatly appreciated. I imagine that through networking and planning the opportunity to get involved with other action will present itself. There will be a meeting on Sat. Feb. 19th at 11 am at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop. I'm hoping to have more info about the action up by tomorrow morning. Hope to see you there!

FINALLY 15.Feb.2005 23:28

oncapkid oncap1@hotmail.com

I thought everyone was burnt out or something. I have been trying to get people organized, to no avail. Many seem to feel that protests don't accomplish anything, so why bother doing it? I say, do SOMETHING. Let's try to make this one go past nine o'clock, okay, kids? It's a weekend! Let's take to the streets. See everyone Saturday, I guess.