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false flage in lebonon

what do you think?
never too late
never too late
After a long tern of relative lebanese calm shit is happening in lebonon. Really right on the heels of our house nigger. Who? You know condi. Now masters field niggers are beginning to wonder what's going on?

A "Sunni Muslim billionare"[1] got wacked with his gang of thugs(consultants) the US pull ambassader(620 am? i think). This guy relatives must be happy as clams with there inheritence, but it may not be an inside Job. This guy also has a saudi citizen ship too. Perhaps a company plan?

So a company plan? Yeah you know your man from uncle. Uncle sam that is. Yes our little boogie man Osama may have pulled this job. Looks to me it could also be a Isreali false flag manuver in the works too.

My bad senario is isreal moves up to syria thru lebanon sealing syrian border with Jordans cooperation. US moves to Iran with its back covered.

But hey I am a conspiracy nut. How else can you make a profit now days?

PS have you seen those wmd's?

[1] http://story.news.yahoo.com/fc...

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the yanks are comming 16.Feb.2005 12:17

same dude

spiring offensive or shake down

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