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3 days of rain, booze, and bike filled events, all free.
In honor of all the people who ride bikes all winter long, ZooBomb presents, Mini-Bike-Winter, from Feb. 18-20.

Friday night the 18th will be a Drunkin Public Bike Crawl. meet at 9pm, colonel sumners park, near the b'ball courts. byo-Everything. we'll drink and ride to all our favorite outdoor spots. the world is our bar.

Saturday the 19th will be the alleycat race (starting at pioneer square) to a Bike'n Booty dance party at CO 7 gallery on SE 7th and Harrison, with Laundry Day going on at 10:30 and Show Me the Pink going on at 11, DoJe & hELLEBORE after midnight till late.
the race will finish at 9-ish at the party.

sunday the 20th will be the mini-bike-winter-olympics. a day full of ZooBomb-style olympic events, culminating in the Tour da Bomb, the official ZB race from the top of the hill (3.0) to the fountain. start training now in your bike class. there'll a 16cc class, 20cc class, and big bike class, and trophies for the winners. the Olympics go from 1-5pm @ nw 19th and Savier, the Tour Da Bomb begins at 9pm on the Hill. don't know where on the hill? meet at roccos @ 8:45.

and as per ZB tradition, IT'S ALL FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

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