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Tell Target To STOP Selling FUR

Here is a great, and oh-so-easy way to stand up against fur which is unfortunately making its way back into fashion. :(

Apparently, Target has not been carrying any fur products...until recently with the the arrival of a rabbit-fur purse. Many customers are upset and voicing their opinion about it. Below is a letter that you can send to Target via email. Below the letter is a link to Target's website, where you can instantly write a product review that everyone e-shopping will see. There are 6 product reviews on this purse right now, and 5 of the 6 are showing their disappointment with Target's decision to sell dead rabbits. They have some scarfs, shawls, and ponchos too-
Voice your opinion too so that Target can't help but listen!

Target Stores
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403
ph: 800-440-0680
email:  guest.relations@target.com


Please accept my complaint regarding the introduction of fur-trimmed
garments and accessories at Target stores. As a customer who
appreciates Target's fashionable new lines at bargain prices, I am
dismayed to see the inclusion of genuine rabbit fur handbags.

I recognize that consumer demand dictates retail inventory, however
an ethical company must draw the line at endorsing products derived
from extreme animal abuse. Whether you market "only rabbit,"
"only decorative trim," or a wide range of animals, ALL fur represents senseless cruelty. Please replace real fur items with sophisticated and warm faux alternatives.

Fur bearing animals are not covered under the Humane Slaughter Act.
Most ranch-raised animals are electrocuted through their genitals. A
metal conductor is lodged in the animal's throat and an electric
prod is pushed inside the rectum to transmit a 240-volt electrical
shock. The alert animal convulses for two or more minutes before
succumbing to the force of a massive heart attack.

To minimize expenses, other animals are injected with pesticides or
asphyxiated with carbon monoxide from unfiltered engine exhaust.

The rabbit fur in Target's Black Rabbit Fur Handbag and Green Rabbit-Fur Bag by Luca comes from rabbits confined in dingy waste-soaked enclosures on fur farms. Some perish from dehydration, exposure, starvation or self-mutilation. Neck breaking, bludgeoning, and throat slitting are among the unregulated slaughter methods. Rabbit fur is not an innocuous byproduct of the meat industry. Rabbits raised for meat are a different, larger breed than those bred for fur.

I sincerely hope Target will rejoin the growing list of fur-free
retailers, including Forever 21, Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, American
Eagle, Zara and others. Like many shoppers, I cannot in good
conscious patronize a store that sells fur and/or fur trim items.
Please reinstate a no-fur directive, so I may once again feel
comfortable purchasing your merchandise.

Thank you,

*your name*

*To write an online review of Target's Black Rabbit Fur Handbag or
Green Rabbit-Fur Bag by Luca, copy and paste the following url. Then
follow steps for entering your comments. Everyone who pulls up this
item will see your anti-fur comments. I did it. It's easy.

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Want to make a difference? 15.Feb.2005 23:51


How 'bout boycotting unnecessary shopping? How 'bout boycotting multinational corporations like Target--and don't even get me started on Forever 21--because they contribute to the disgusting mass consumerism and the throwaway American lifestyle (in addition to the useless massacre of innocent animals)? The best thing you can do is buy local, buy sustainable, and buy USED...If you must buy at all.
P.S. Ever found yourself describing an inanimate object in a store as "cute"? That's emotional advertising getting to you. Resist the shiny plastic thing! Resist the sweatshop-made clothes! You don't need it. Go out and live instead.
P.P.S. If you;ve never heard of him, check out the Reverend Billy. He's my hero.

Don't shop at Target 16.Feb.2005 11:15


Also, they're big contributors to the Republicans. For more info see www.buyblue.org which has lists of companies and their political contributions.

Put compassin in your fashion 16.Feb.2005 13:52

Susan Stelljes

This has been the winter of fur. Every newspaper in Portland has been featuring it in their fashion articles and advertisements. (Today's Oregonian) Protest as much as you can, especially to the stores and to the designers themselves. (They are the ones that arbitrarily decide fur is in) Fur is not an acceptable way to make a profit.

"Hey, lady, you have a dead rabbit in your purse"

leather! 16.Feb.2005 19:59


leather is sold at almost all large retailers. don't shop them also.

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