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no cred + no heart = total war

the Bush-Cheney junta is spinning dangerously out of control
A) the Bush - Cheney administration PAYS to corrupt journalists, PAYS to distort the truth, PAYS to spew lies to everyone. they have ZERO credibility.

consider the case of "Jeff Bulldog Gannon"

and the more sordid details about Mr. Bulldog's escort services:

B) the Bush - Cheney administration pretends to defend democracy and freedom while slaughtering entire cities of innocent people. they have no COMPASSION of any kind whatsoever.

consider the case of Fallujah:

C) does anyone wonder about Syria? Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld have been champing at the bit to attack Syria. Seems like they are moving into the endgame. Would Syria blow up Hariri, in order to bring the raging insanity of Bush & Cheney stamping down on their necks? Hah! Only a bound and gagged slave (ie the United States Corporate Media) is going to believe this without looking any further. Any WILL the corporate media look any further? Did they even ask any questions about Gannon? The male prostitute who had White House Press Corps access and fed pre-written softball questions to McLellan? DID THEY EVEN ASK? SAY ANYTHING?

Let us get it straight: No Credibility + No Compassion = Total War

We have got to pull the sreaming twitching monsters out of their hidey holes and prosecute them for war crimes. There is no longer any reason for any American to support the insanity fomented by the Bush-Cheney-Rove overt fascist criminals. Deal with this disaster America. Now.

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