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America’s Wimpy Left

Kick a liberal for liberty.
America's Wimpy Left

We're now living under a dictatorship. We should be rioting in the streets. The question is not whether we should revolt but why haven't we already revolted. I thought about this a lot last night, trying to sleep under Bush's boot. Thoughts of my experiences came to me. I remembered being at a protest. A group of about 15 Neanderthals from the Free Republic showed up to counter us. As I entered the venue for the protest, they were the first people with signs I saw.

I like arguing. In fact, the more heated the argument, the more I enjoy it. Most of all, I like proving to rightwing assholes that they know little about the world. Showing them their bullshit is what I do best.

I had no intention to ignore their taunts. I took it as an invitation to battle fascist assholes. Our argument grew heated and I was enjoying it. They were enjoying it too. After all, they were there to fight.

That's when it happened. A stupid liberal with a green arm band came up and announced that he was a peace keeper. He was "with me" he said, but he needed to keep the peace. He did his best to stand between me and the Neanderthals, not to protect me, but to stop me from arguing. He urged me to keep the peace and move away, over to the real protesters.

My desire was to deck this liberal piece of shit and knock him flat. After all, I have the right to argue if I want to. More importantly, I was there to stop a fascist pig dictator. Since that day, the US has grown even more fascist. People are detained with access to lawyers and without charges. Lawyers are being jailed. Free speech is gone. I regret not smacking the peace keeper. If he were not there, I could have expressed my self fully. After kicking his ass, I would have kicked the asses of a few freepers. If I and others did that, would the Freepers and the Protest Warriors feel so safe to infiltrate or protests, photograph us, defame us and harass us? I don't think so.

Liberals, take heed. I won't back down next time.

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Conditioned by democrats 15.Feb.2005 09:00


These people have been conditioned by democrats that being outspoken, means you have to get your hands dirty and it looks bad for America(or you may actually wake up and support the real opposition)...look at their champion, kerry the coward. What's worse, standing up to bush, or laying down for bush and his brownshirts.

PSA 15.Feb.2005 09:09


This public service announcement was brought to you bu the FBI. Since 1917, the FBI and subsideraries have brought disruption to the progressive agenda, and we will continue to fullfil that mission in the new century. From posing as real activists, to down right murder, you can rely on the FBI to continue to prop up the neo-con movement and their fascist allies. FBI, the antidote to real democracy.

Typical response, calling Red Shark a fed. 15.Feb.2005 10:45

Anyone who believes we should fight is a fed?

The feds would like nothing more than for all of us to sit down and whimper. I wonder if Che Gevarra was afraid of the feds?

Question for Red Shark 15.Feb.2005 12:59

politics as impossible

RED SHARK: as you were bravely standing up (verbally) to the liberal piece-of-shit peacekeeper, were you armed? Were the police controlling pieces-of-shit armed? Was your firepower (you and your comrades) anywhere near equal to the police in fire-power? Such practical questions must be asked before embarking on violent "revolution" -- anger and rage don't cut it, especially not when it is aimed at volunteer peacekeepers rather than at the actual active oppressive apparatus. My view is that the Russian Revolution really began when the troops in masses put down their guns and began walking home from the front -- and, soon thereafter when Trotsky went on board the Tsarist Navy ships in the harbor at St. Petersburg and ORGANIZED the sailors. I believe Gandhi noted that it isn't guns or lack of guns that makes action non-violent or violent (just as Martin Luther King refused to throw some gun-carrying marchers out of the march, although he asked everyone to be ready and willing for non-violent action or to go home). Non-violence isn't non-combat or non-confrontation, it embraces civil disobedience as one tactic, but it is always less "passive" than it is "resistance". Non-violence (quoting or paraphrasing Gandhi) is "fighting without fear" -- that is, without the rage that Red Shark finds enveloping him (or her, if the Shark is a woman). Ah, but the adrenalin rush! Fight or flight? I don't know if the capital "R" Revolution will require guns or violence or kicking ass, or non-violence and civil disobedience, or what, but I am sure that it will require absolute stone cold courage. I am also sure that fights within a crowd of protestors is something that the powers-that-be would like to see.

bad boy? 15.Feb.2005 13:53

a nony mouse

This is the exact type of mentality that ruled the streets of Paris during the Great Terror, or "Revolution", which was quickly usurped by Napoleon. The 'Mob' was mostly composed of rowdy tavern habitues, drunk with the rampage fever of street actions and sheer hatred of the well-off. They ended up guillotining thousands of completely innocent victims, most of whom hadn't the remotest ties to the true Aristocracy. Back in the 60's, it's true that government agencies started a lot of violent incidents to discredit the Left. But it's also a fact that many borderline hoodlums, angry at their lives in general, basically just enjoyed the violence and provoked the cops for kicks and 'revenge'. The cops just LOVE this stuff. They're always practicing techniques on each other. The real thing is what they live for. Red Shark and others thinking along these macho lines are living in a fantasy world. There's a vague suicidal air about this sort of musing. It's like completely giving up on even the possibility of dialogue. As if more violence can possibly help the situation. Smack a peacekeeper in front of me and I might just take a swing at you myself.

let go 15.Feb.2005 14:16


Since the 'peacekeeper' helped bring about this angry response, it should be examined just how well this person kept the peace.

And what is the peace? Is absence of obvious violence peace? Is keeping the peace helping if it merely keeps the lid on an explosive bottle without addressing the bottle being there? There is enormous rage building in this country. You can see it every day in intersections, as people drive their cars, in the lack of patience and tolerance, in so many small little ways. It is working towards an explosion. All the peaceful intentions will do nothing to stop it if the underlying causes are not addressed.

You can only dam up so much water before it breaks free and rushes in a torrent sweeping all before it. This country is very repressed. Peace is not the act of repression. Peace is a letting go of repression. When there is much repression, whether within the individual, or the society, the road to peace is not likely to be peaceful, just as the rushing water is not peaceful.

Let It Ripp! 15.Feb.2005 14:37

Bird Dog

Violence is the only thing they understand!

If you don't belive me take a look around the world at all the wars they start.

Just like a block bully, the only way they will back down is when you knock them on their ASS!

I say let it begin!

JFK 15.Feb.2005 16:12

U. Sam

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

MLK also used this in a speech. So if dubsy is ready to flip 1/2 this country off and totally disregard his own people, he is setting himself up(and us) for a fall. He can send his fatherland security out there and start imprisoning people, but this will only make things worse for everyone. This will lead to civil war or tanks on every corner. I wonder how far Americans will allow themselves to go, probably to the point where there is no turning back. Unfortunately, I feel we are close to the point of no return. People are experiencing cognitive dissonance en masse. "no, not my bush" or "no, not my Kerry/Clinton"...it's become easier to believe a lie, then accept truth.

kick em in the shins 15.Feb.2005 19:08


i got yer 6:00 yo

american politics = adolescent shit 15.Feb.2005 21:13


So what would you prove by going WWF on the freepers? (or the liberal?) Only that you are just as much a sucker for the adolescent nonsense that passes for political life in this country as the freeper, or the liberal, or for that matter, the idiotic commenter here who darkly warns about your post being "cointelpro." All these are just symbols and examples of the same idiotic, adolescent nonsense.

Your mistake is in thinking that "the left" in this country "is wimpy." The problem is not that it's wimpy, it's that it's nonexistent. To quote Joe Bageant, this country doesn't have a "left," it has people who wish there were a left.

By left, presumably one means organized opposition. If there were an organized political opposition in this country at all, it wouldn't be in the state it is now. We're not in a state of political discourse that resembles pre-Nazi Germany, were in a state of political discourse that resembles Germany long after the Weimar Republic disintegrated, and no serious organized political opposition could be detected, in either the media, or the halls of political power. But that was true years before the Bush junta took power, and unlike 1930s Germany, it didn't even require brownshirt stormtroopers to make it happen. That's the truly scary part. At least Germany HAD a powerful, organized left during the Weimar Republic. In fact, it came within inches of an all-out proletarian revolution. In fact, it was precisely that revolutionary threat of an organized, militant left and organized working class that convinced the bourgeoisie to put aside their doubts and support Hitler.

If you want to create a left opposition that doesn't currently exist now, you need to spend your time trying to help organize people to do something that actually stands a chance of impeding the agenda of the powerful. Brawling with the freepers ain't it. In fact, the powers will be happy to have you dissipate your energies on such meaningless juvenile antics. Hell, they'll even put it on tv if the brawl is colorful enough. They eat that shit up. What's a show like "Crossfire" like if not just concentrated essense of "WWF" masquerading as "debate"?

Here's a clue you can use to tell you whether you're being effective with your tactics: You won't ever see it on tv -- except for maybe the briefest, contextless glimpses. When the Bolivian peasants kicked Bechtel out of Cochabamba and took back their water supply by calling a general strike and occupying the government ministries, there were people shot in the streets by soldiers before the victory was won. And you can be damned sure none of them will ever be invited on Geraldo.

JUICE 16.Feb.2005 16:48

denizon from the deep end

O K so you've got some juice , that's a good thing. But don't squander it bro !!
All energy is valuable in a struggle against the odds that we face now . That's why i say use your juice wisely and effectively , but most of all righteously ! Be a righteous warrior , not just another wwf meathead. Use your mental and physical strength defending those who have courage enough to
stand against the fascists but may not have the physical prowess to defend themselves against assault from the thugs that single out only those they know are weaker.
And another thing , we both know that if you come to blows arguing with a fascist meathead , you are the one who will find his ass in jail. You represent a threat to the system , the meathead does'nt. So don't take yourself out of action for no good reason. We need you to righteously represent on the front lines. See you in the streets.

and this is why... 17.Feb.2005 16:59


...were we to have mass protests, sustained protests, rev0luti0nary protests, we'd fall on our fucking asses.

Violence isn't the answer, no matter how tempting it is, that's what the System WANTS us to do, they WANT us to fuck shit up, because then when they arrest us, they can get public sympathy, and say it was justified, say "we started it"

Well look - why are you protesting? Isn't the point to gain the sympathy(and by that I do not mean pity, but solidarity) of the REST OF THE PEOPLE?

How's it gonna look when they paint the protesters as the enemy?

How much harder is that going to make everyone's job?

Let the System flail pointlessly at us. Let it strike and swear and spray its gas. Let us be stronger than that, but use our strength to stand firm and not be moved. Let THEM be the violent ones, let THEM humiliate themselves on the televisual stage for all to see - do not stoop to their level!

Are you "ANTI WAR" or "PRO PEACE?" Do you know why these two things are not synonymous?

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