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Ward Churchill yanked from UO Conference

The right wing has just won a victory on the campus of the supposedly "liberal" University of Oregon by silencing a critic of the Bush administration. This victory must not stand; we must fight back ... NOW!
The University of Oregon has canceled an appearance by University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill, who has come under a McCarthyist-style attack from the right wing for an essay about the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Churchill, an ethnic studies professor, was scheduled to appear at an April 1 conference on race and immigration issues in the post-Sept. 11 era. The UO's Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics yanked him off the schedule, thanks to the braying of right-wing radio and TV personalities such as Bill O'Rielly, Lars Larson, and others.

Say what you will about Churchill -- I take issue with him myself. What is happening here is nothing less than a full-frontal attack on free speech and the right of dissent. The right wing is succeeding at shutting down and marginalising a vocal critic of the Bush administration and the policies of U.S. imperialism. I don't agree with everything Churchill says, and I'd be willing to argue with him myself over the "Eichmann" comment.

Nevertheless, there is a principle to be defended here. At the moment, Ground Zero is the supposedly "liberal" campus of the University of Oregon. Let's take the fight to them, comrades. The director of the Wayne Morse Center is Margaret Hallock. Her work phone number is 541-346-3699, and her email address is  hallock@uoregon.edu. A web page listing other contacts with the center is located at:



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Suggestion 15.Feb.2005 08:53

eyes closed tight

Call him up, hold your own speaking event at the same time, flyer the campus. If he wants to speak, he may come if you can sport him a ticket. Are there enough people that will put up 5 bucks to buy the guy a plane ticket and meal? I'm not sure where he is but a ticket across the country or points in-between can go from 200-500.

just a suggestion, take it or leave it.

Eyes closed tight has the right idea 15.Feb.2005 09:58

al buggari

Rent a hall and bring him out for a privately funded event. I'm sure you could get a VFW Post for not too much...oh wait....

Please Write Letters and Call In Support of Free Speech! 15.Feb.2005 10:16

Angry Colorado Native dadaone@fastmail.us

Ward Churchill is facing extreme racial discrimination from Colorado Gov Bill Owens and other Republican santion that wish to silence the voice of anyone who speaks the truth. His personal life and professor status are being smeared because his views are not politically "correct" in the eyes of the right. The point of the 1st Ammendment is to protect against controversial speech, not what everyone wants to hear. I was present through the weeks of his ousting in Colorado and now am in Oregon. Please contact Margaret Hallock and fight along side to get Ward back in the conference. His voice needs to be heard!

Yes, please contact Margarat Hallock - right now! 15.Feb.2005 10:41

wes brain

What does it mean "to have tenure" these days? Its seems that academia is
under attack with the new patriot-act style McCarthyism... I watched Ward
Churchill's delivery at the University of Boulder, it was carried on
C-SPAN just last week. Yes, he was radical. Yes, he didn't pull any
punches in his indictment of the Bush Admin. for making the world a more
dangerous place. But, his and other's voices are so, so much needed
during these times. There are so few it seems who have the backbone to
stand up. And if they get rid of those few...you know what the end game
starts to look like...

Do get ahold of Margaret Hallock and ask her to support FREE SPEECH and
reconsider backing the visit of Ward Churchill at the UofO. Tell her, "It
may not be the most popular position to take, but I hope you will join
in taking it and in knowing that a cornerstone in our democracy is
our freedom of speech."

And all this as our democracy continues to crumble.

In unity,


A Writer

Friends and comrades, defending Professor Churchill's right to free speech and academic freedom is THE single most important thing any of us can do today. Do NOT let Bush and his loud-mouthed media whores win this one in Oregon! Demand that he be put back on the UO's agenda! Demand that he be heard! This woman Margaret Hallock .... BOMBARD her voice mail and email!!! Write her at:  hallock@uoregon.edu. Call her! Call Blowhard Larson and give him an earful. Call everyone you know and get them into this!

the New Fascism 15.Feb.2005 11:40


we are losing our footholds against 21st century fascism people !!!!!!


just called her 15.Feb.2005 12:36


I just gave Margaret a call and let her know my concerns. She seemed willing to listen, though not willing to reconsider the decision. As I introduced myself as a college teacher, and spoke in a reasonable tone, I was able to have an extended conversation with her about the issue. I hope others will take this tack, letting her know that this decision will likely cause more controversy for the U than it will avoid.

thanks to the original poster for keeping us informed about this.

Re: Angry Colorado Native 15.Feb.2005 12:40

al buggari

"Ward Churchill is facing extreme racial discrimination from Colorado Gov Bill Owens...."

How so? Please provide quotes demonstrating said racial discrimination.

"The point of the 1st Ammendment is to protect against controversial speech..."

What does this mean?

"I was present through the weeks of his ousting in Colorado..."

He was not ousted from anything. He is still a professor.

just an idea 15.Feb.2005 12:49


Why not have a huge gathering in either Portland (where we would get more numbers) or near UO with Ward Churchill and others as guess speakers? The event could focus on Civil Liberties and Academia could call it "Freedom from Fascism" or something. We could see if Noam Chomsky or Howard Zinn could come too. Hell we can pass out white roses like the White Rose Society did under another Fascist regime a half century ago. Just an idea.

It should not be surprising as people like Ward Churchill are silenced the fascists are totally free to lecture and push their ideas like Medved and Perle.

details please 15.Feb.2005 12:53

need to know

To comment author "Who". What seems to be lacking in the article and string of comments, is any clear, specific explanation of why Ward Churchhill's speaking engagement at U of O has been cancelled. As a college teacher who was able to personally contact Margaret Hallock and have an extended conversation, is it not possible for you to provide details of the conversation you had that might enlighten us in this respect? Seems as though she might have given you some very specific reasons for taking this provacative action, that all should know about.

The new McCarthyism: the witch-hunting of Ward Churchill 15.Feb.2005 13:10

David Walsh

The witch-hunt spearheaded by the ultra-right, with the assistance of the media, against University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill has dangerous implications for academic freedom and free speech in the US. It represents the latest manifestation of the new McCarthyism, the drive to suppress and silence critics of Bush administration policy and its "global war on terror" in particular.

For the full text of this article by David Walsh of the World Socialist Web Site, please visit:


details 15.Feb.2005 14:44


Ms. Hallock seemed a bit defensive, at first. She asked right away who I was and where I'd heard about this. When I asked why they had cancelled Churchhill's participation she said that she was trying to avoid controversy. I suggested that banning him from the event might create more controversy. She said that Churchhill's wife had called them first, and that was how he ended up on the list of the conference. If they had invited him without solicitation, she said, then the situation might be different. She felt that, given the controversy right now around Churchill, his attendence might make the conference about him, rather than about race and immigration issues. I asked her to consider again that banning him might become the central issue of the conference, whereas letting him participate would keep the focus on the conference issues. I also said, my harshest statement, that it looked to me that the UofO was caving in to right wing pressure. She acknowledged that it might look like that to some people. She repeated that if he had been a keynote speaker or something, then their decision might have been different.

That was about it.

*MUST* read Colorado AIM article and more... 15.Feb.2005 15:23


Even though Ward Churchill accepts—while I do not—the 'official' 9/11 story (that 19 Arab hijackers and their radical religious organization were behind the attacks) [see  http://vancouver.indymedia.org/print.php... for damning evidence to the contrary], I can well understand the almost irresistable desire to do so in order to give voice to those harmed so horribly over the centuries by U.S. actions around the world.

So, into the midst of this fire-fight, I toss this URL:

It's a heavily referenced article entitled "Why do you think we call it struggle?" by Faith Attaguile of Dark Night Press, which takes on the Ward Churchill attackers through the years (even long before 9/11), and is posted on the Colorado AIM site.
[BTW, apparently, there are two AIMs. As Faith Attaguile states:
"Today AIM consists of two fundamentally different movements.
One wing, with all the trappings of an organized political party, describes itself as National AIM, Inc. (NAIMI) and is headed by Clyde and Vernon Bellecourt....
The other wing of the movement consists of a loosely knit collection of local groups describing themselves as the Confederation of Autonomous Chapters of the American Indian Movement (autonomous AIM)."
This article comes from the latter camp. Guess which one is tossing the anti-Churchill barbs...?]

A lot of the charges levelled against Ward Churchill are taken to task here and rigorously exposed for the disinformation memes (which always must include elements of truth to establish credibility) they really are.

Again quoting from the article:
"Whether systematically introduced by outside agitators or stemming from authoritarian or competitive tendencies from within, innuendo and rumor mindlessly repeated as 'facts' have several devastating effects. They lend a progressive veneer to motives formed by the very values and aspirations they claim to scorn. Their easiness further absolves members of the movement from committing to the hard and deliberate work necessary to yield informed judgments."

While this article is an absolute *must* read, so is "The New Pearl Harbor" by David Ray Griffin [see Vancouver Indymedia URL above] and "Crossing the Rubicon" by Michael Ruppert for overwhelmingly documented and referenced evidence that the attacks of 9/11 were very much an 'inside job,' regardless of how much genuine motivation was held by others on the 'outside' to do something similar.

Also, here is an unverified report that the flame-engulfed Churchill story may have been a set-up via Clear Channel KHOW and an unnamed "faith-based think tank" to "frame the Left, the anti-war movement, and the 9-11 truth movement into one package", which could then be trashed and discredited all together:

And finally, Kurt Nimmo's take on Churchill and broad Left-acceptance of the 'official' 9/11 storyline:
Keep the truth flame alight!
Keep the truth flame alight!

speech speech 15.Feb.2005 15:34

wah wah

Check out Churchill's awesome speech at CU last week in mp3 format (you can listen on yer ipod or other mp3 player or just on yer computer)


satanic panic 15.Feb.2005 16:21

eyes closed tight

Well then, just as who called this woman, someone needs to get a statement from churchill no?

There are two sides to every story. Blow this up to be controversial if it is. If not, you can do what you want, but get the other side too to see. I like the fact that she said "where did you hear this"...heheh. Nice.

Are we all little Eichmanns? 15.Feb.2005 18:38

luna moth

Yes, most of us are little Eichmanns. When we benefit from US imperialism, we are complicit in the war and military terrorism that effects other peoples negatively..

Petroleum is so much a part of our lives that we cannot avoid it. While we aren't personally responsible, we feed the war machine almost every time we spend currency..

However, some people are more willing in their support of imperialism than others. Here is where the comment "little Eichmann" relates to the stockbrokers in the WTC. These wealthy suburbanites were consuming and contributing to US imperialism much more gleefully than the reluctant janitor from the Bronx..

Many German people went along with Hitler's war regime because it was rewarded, and overt resistance to Nazis was punished severely..

We see this today under GW Bush also..

One other point;

The "little Eichmann" debate leaves out the sacrificial nature of the WTC collapse, that the pawns were lost for a better move, namely the invasion of Afganistan and Iraq. CIA involvement in the 9-11 WTC collapse needs to be remembered also, not a simplistic focus on "justified retribution" and arguements about "little Eichmanns". What we may be seeing is timed and channeled aggression in the form of Al-Queda, puppets of the Saudi Royalty and the CIA/Mossad. Yes, even little Eichmanns braying into cell phones are expendable in the eyes of US imperialism..

To those in control... 15.Feb.2005 19:38

Pravda or Consequences

When speech is outlawed,

Only outlaws will speak.

Canary in the mine 15.Feb.2005 23:42

mother of Sam

It's not just about Ward. We just notice it because we know who Ward is. This is just one glaring example of the oppression we are increasingly experiencing under the Bush-Cheney regime. Why not use it - grab ahold of a clear situation and act on it? I'm all for an event with Ward. I'd also like to suggest that folks consider the Lynne Stewart verdict and how it also represents the political oppression that has become ubiquitous.

despicable use of S11 as revenge 'tool' dwarves any words meant to teach,heal ! 16.Feb.2005 10:12


The Practice of Ritual Defamation

How values, opinions and beliefs are
controlled in democratic societies.

Laird Wilcox
Defamation is the destruction or attempted destruction of the reputation, status, character or standing in the community of a person or group of persons by unfair, wrongful, or malicious speech or publication. For the purposes of this essay, the central element is defamation in retaliation for the real or imagined attitudes, opinions or beliefs of the victim, with the intention of silencing or neutralizing his or her influence, and/or making an example of them so as to discourage similar independence and "insensitivity" or non-observance of taboos. It is different in nature and degree from simple criticism or disagreement in that it is aggressive, organized and skillfully applied, often by an organization or representative of a special interest group, and in that it consists of several characteristic elements.

Ritual Defamation is not ritualistic because it follows any prescribed religious or mystical doctrine, nor is it embraced in any particular document or scripture. Rather, it is ritualistic because it follows a predictable, stereotyped pattern which embraces a number of elements, as in a ritual.

The elements of a Ritual Defamation are these:


SkinnerISM tapping inTO WORSE can happenISM
SkinnerISM tapping inTO WORSE can happenISM

An E-Mail 16.Feb.2005 13:06

March Hare

As someone who grew up in the state of Oregon, I find it objectionable that you have apparently bowed to the bantering of such small minds as Bill O'Reilly and Lying Lars Larson. I am speaking of the cancellation of Ward Churchill's speaking engagement. In the interests of free speech I ask you to repudiate the thought police who are trying to suppress free thought in the United States. The harm that might come from Mr. Churchill's speaking is much smaller than would occur than your giving in the whining of "Right" wing ideologues. Please reconsider your decision.

Contact Info? 17.Feb.2005 09:51

made up

Could someone post contact ifo for Margaret so the rest of us can try to contact her?

I heard on NPR that Ward had other speaking engagements cancelled due to "threats of violence". I wonder what would happen if there were threats of violence if he is not allowed to speak?

The e-mail addresss 18.Feb.2005 10:18

March Hare

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