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Portland Loves Freedom Party

The Northwest Constitutional Rights Center Invites you to a party to celebrate freedom and your right to dissent. Its on February 21st Monday from 8 to whenever and its free. Check out our flyer for details
Party with Portland's real finest--the honorable riff raff and respected dissidents at Berbatis Pan on February 21, Monday from 8 till whenever. Check out our attached flyer for details.

homepage: homepage: http://www.nwcrc.org

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21+ = :( 15.Feb.2005 08:23

friendly dave

Too bad the Pan isn't an all ages venue, which means that I won't be joining you at this little shin dig.

but 15.Feb.2005 08:50

eyes closed tight

Your old enough to go to Iraq. Ain't that something. No drinky, but yes killy.