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just noticed the revamp of the IMC world list along bioregional lines, thanks!

Just a note of recognition and thanks to the editors for separating out the dull blur of the alphabetical list of IMCs into a clearer geographic clustered framework. Thanks!

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yes, love the new imc location categorization! 15.Feb.2005 09:52

avid reader

huge improvement, especially the categorization of europe and turtle island. well done!

great idea! 15.Feb.2005 10:01


we might want to use "Katuah" along with the word appalachia because that is what the locals call the bioregion!

SF in the southwest? 15.Feb.2005 10:53

The Geography Department

OVER-ALL I like this new category by geography scheme.

But I bet most people in San Francisco might take exception to being classifed as being in the the southwest, don't you think?

I mean it actually has always struck me strange that the term Northern California gets applied to SF and has become accepted, because for me I always think of Northern California as starting at about Redding and going north from there -- this being the southern border of yet another geographical region which we call the State of Jefferson...

California 15.Feb.2005 15:08


There are actually like 6 different bioregions in CA.

Cascadia Goes down to Trinidad Head (the southern most point of puffin nesting habitat)

Then you enter Shasta Bioregion which includes the bay area.

Jefferson 15.Feb.2005 15:17


And the State of Jefferson is from Sutherlin to Redding, from Brookings to Lakeview

Shasta - Cascadia 16.Feb.2005 13:58

A Cascadian

Maybe its just me but I always thought of Shasta sa ecoregion within Cascadia (which is a bigger bioregion)... but then if you really want to get picky Cascadia goes as far east as the coninental divide which would include Idaho and western Montana as well as a sliver of Alberta. And we need an indy media for the panhandle of Alaska... ok ok all this is very picky. Maybe we need a map of bioregions and ecoregions.

But no matter .. GREAT! to see this divided along bioregions. Hopefully this will sneak into peoples' minds to see themselves in bioregional identities.

as people have noticed 16.Feb.2005 17:03

regional encounter

Bioregions can have vastly different sizes. So, clearly it wouldn't be useful to categorize each imc by it's bioregion because there would just be a long list of bioregions. So, compromises need to be made to try and group things logically, using bioregions where appropriate and more general regions (like "southwest" and "southeast") when not. It strikes me as a good compromise so far, at least a good step in the right direction. I can't think of any specific suggestions to improve things at this time but I'll give it some thought.

to PIMC tech? 17.Feb.2005 02:31


how about a US link-click map? Just a suggestion. You might be able to find a better watershed/bioregion map than this though here is an idea for the inspiration file:
EPA watershed map (main ones listed, others get smaller levels of nested code)
EPA watershed map (main ones listed, others get smaller levels of nested code)

"northern california" 17.Feb.2005 17:18

what a problematic concept

Everybody north of Malibu thinks they live in "Northern California" and that NoCal starts right where they are, and doesn't include anybody to the south. People in Redding don't think it includes Sacramento. People in S.F. don't think it includes Monterey (that's "Central California," you see). It's not about any kind of collective identity consciousness, it's just about hating L.A. -- and if you're north of Marin it's about hating the Bay Area too.

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