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Love Makes A Family Youth Panel Discussion

On Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005, the Metro chapter of Love Makes a Family will have a panel of young adults at its monthly meeting. The young adults will share their experiences growing up with LGBT parents. The meeting will be held at Augustana Lutheran Church (NE 15th and Knott) , 6 PM - 7:45 PM.
A children's program will be provided for younger kids. For more
information contact Love Makes a Family (503)-228-3892 or email
About Love Makes a Family:

Purpose: To work for social change to create a supportive environment within our communities and to provide a public voice for all families, especially those subjected to social, economic, and legal discrimination due to sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

Love Makes A Family, Inc. has members nationwide and a nationally
distributed newsletter. Our speaker training program is offered nationally, and members around the country are involved in working within their own communities and schools to advance the organization's purpose.

We also now have a support groups in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver Washington, Washington County, and are affiliated with the Dad's Group. We also have an advisory Board member who does public speaking on behalf of Love Makes A Family in England.

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