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Bush... heh

how dumb can our presedent be?
Ok first of all im sick of seeing bushes monkey-like face everywhere who's with me?, ok so bush has really messed up this country including this once wonderfull state.anyone who says quote "I speak great Mexican (bush smiles)" is a complete moron,and that crappy little skit "I own a timber company? heh..heh.. want some wood? heh..heh.." SOMEBODY SHOULD STOP THIS MORON FOR A PRESEDENT! and if your with me on this plz email me...

James Heim

phone: phone: 503 235 1939

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you have seen nothing yet 15.Feb.2005 01:44


Just wait unil we have another surge in Amerikan nationalism. Then we will start seeing his ugly face on billboards kinda like Saddam Hussain's face plastered all over Iraq or Stalin's all over the Soviet Union back in the day or Herr Hitler's across the Fatherland. I would not be surprised if they started a campaign for this attack on social security with big adds showing his face on billboards telling us how great it is to have three part time jobs at wal-mart.

you mean stuff like this? 15.Feb.2005 05:02


In texas, the whole state is like a nazi bush stronghold(except in the cities). Everywhere you go, highway bush this, bridge bush that...what exactly have the bush's done for america except stolen money, murdered, and subvert american freedom for years. They have been after us ever since we busted Prescott. This is their payback time. "well show these fuckin' plebians, we'll talk god, we'll call them unpatriotic, and then we'll have them pay for monuments built and we'll be laughing all the way to the bank, dumb american sheep"

I would be hesitant to send anything to this person! 15.Feb.2005 15:01

Bird Dog

How do we know that it is not a government troll trying to get the mail address of people on this site?

Does anyone remember the patriot act and all their other bullshit?

Don't send them messages, just go to the meetings that are posted by this web site.

Groups that have already shown that they are fighting the government corruption are good places to start.

Always use good judgement and common sense and fight the good fight!

im no troll :-) 15.Feb.2005 17:02

James Heim

dont worry im no dam troll im just a 16yr old kid that hates to see bush period. :)

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